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Simple and Effective Methods to Stop Snoring that Work

Everyone knows that living with someone that snores is not pleasant. Sleepless nights because your partner keeps you awake can be stressful so it is important to be able to find a cure for the snoring. There are many devices and products sold as snoring remedies that vary in their effectiveness but they work differently on each person.

What Methods Help You Stop Snoring?

Snoring is an affliction that most people suffer from at one time or another. There are lots of simple solutions that are worth giving a try to cure the snoring. Here are some treatments for snoring that generally do not cost a lot and are easy to use as well:

  • Nasal strips are a nasal breathing aid designed to make it easier to breathe through your nose. They simply tape to your nose.
  • Nasal decongestants will clear the nose so that you can breathe easier.
  • Anti-snoring pills are designed to reduce congestion of the nasal passage and clear it of mucous secretions to make it easier to breathe. They are taken each night before bedtime.
  • Nasal sprays are used to lubricate the muscles of the throat so that they tighten and become less congested making breathing easier.
  • A device that can be worn on the wrist that gives you a small pulse to make you change position when you snore is called a biofeedback meter.
  • Hypnosis has been known to cure snoring through the subconscious mind.
  • Olbas oil is an inhalant that is used as a decongestant which can work to make breathing easier so there is less snoring.
  • A stop snoring mouthpiece device that positions your lower jaw forward which increases the opening of your airway.
  • Changing your sleep posture from the back onto the side. There are a number of devices available to help with this or something as simple as a pillow can help.

What Are Some Other Methods to Stop Snoring That You Can Use At Home

Some other easy snoring home remedies for the partner of the snorer to use include:

  • Ear plugs can be worn by the partner of the person who snores to cut down on the noise level.
  • White noise generators or sound machines can be used to stifle the sound of the snoring and create another sound that obliterates it.
All too often a cure that works for one person won’t work for another - but the important thing is to try – and sometimes the simple solutions work the best!