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Waking Up With Dry Mouth and Snoring

If you find that you are constantly waking up with dry mouth when sleeping during the night and drinking water because you have a dry mouth there can be several reasons for that. Most people experience dry mouth when they are nervous or under stress, like when you have to give a speech, but if you are experiencing it often then you might have some serious health problems.

Saliva has enzymes that help you digest food and it prevents tooth decay from teeth and gums so it is essential to good oral health. If you have a need to frequently wake up during the night needing water then you should analyze why this is happening so frequently.

Some of the causes of dry mouth at night are:

* Taking medications including antihistamines, decongestants, diuretics, high blood pressure meds, muscle relaxants, painkillers and others – with over 400 medications listing dry mouth as a possible reaction to the drug.

* Breathing through your mouth while sleeping can cause dry mouth because it usually causes snoring that tends to dry out your mouth and can even cause a sore throat.

* Emotional stress and treatments for diseases often result in dry mouth that is often exacerbated by snoring.

* Consuming too much caffeine and smoking can also contribute to dry mouth and snoring.

Dry mouth while sleeping can result in symptoms such as:

* Difficulty swallowing, chewing or tasting and speaking.

* A dry sticky feeling in the throat resulting in frequent need to drink water.

* Sores in the mouth or split skin and cracked lips.

* A tingling and burning sensation in the mouth and tongue.

* Hoarse voice and dry nasal passages and sore throat.

* Bad breath and tooth decay.

If you are experiencing frequent symptoms of dry mouth you should consult a physician to ensure that you understand fully the reasons for the dry mouth condition.

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