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How It Works


1. Order Your Size

Choose men's or women's size (10% smaller). Your order will ship the same day and shipping is free.


2. Get A Personalized Fit

VitalSleep easily molds to your teeth by heating it in hot water for a comfortable and secure fit.


3. Adjust The Lower Tray

Micro-adjustments in 1mm increments open the airway and allow air to move freely during sleep.


4. Wear VitalSleep To Bed

Go to sleep and wake up feeling well-rested and enjoy a more productive day.


Snoring is caused by a partial obstruction in the throat. VitalSleep opens your airway to improve breathing. It allows air to flow freely without the unhealthy and annoying sounds of snoring.

Benefits of Using VitalSleep


Improve Your Breathing

Quality sleep is critical to your health. Breathe quietly and get a restful night's sleep with the help of VitalSleep.


Accu-Adjust System

The only snoring mouthpiece with the patented Accu-Adjust System that advances the jaw to increase the size of the airway in the throat.


Custom Teeth Impressions

Easy boil-and-bite fitting process creates customized teeth impressions for comfort and effectiveness.



A doctor-recommended, FDA-cleared snoring solution that has helped hundreds of thousands of snorers for 9 years experience superior sleep.

Choose From 2 Sizes For A Comfortable Fit

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VitalSleep Snoring Solution

$69.95 USD

60-Night Money-Back Guarantee

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Treat Unhealthy Snoring for Improved Sleep

Deep, restorative sleep is essential to your health and well-being. Lack of sleep causes tiredness, health issues, and relationship problems. Improve your sleep with the doctor-recommended, FDA-cleared snoring solution.

  • Tackle snoring and wake up feeling well-rested.
  • Improve breathing and without uncomfortable devices.
  • Sleep in any position, breathing through your mouth or nose.

"My snoring is effectively gone. It is quite miraculous."

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Andy Bass Forest Hills, NY

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What Makes VitalSleep Better?


Perfect Fit Impression Trays

Individual teeth impressions create a custom fit - like a dentist made oral appliance.


Personalized Jaw Adjustment

Precise adjustable jaw positioning, based on your snoring intensity, hold your jaw and tongue forward to widen the airway and improve breathing

Features for Improved Breathing and Quality Sleep

Features of VitalSleep
adjustable snoring device with adjustment tool
mouthpiece in hot water to be molded boil and bite

Custom Thermal Fit

Easy boil-and-bite fit molds to your teeth. It can be reheated and remolded if needed.

mandibular advancement splint

Adjustable Lower Tray

Advances the lower jaw and tongue. It's adjustable based on your snoring levels.

400,000+ Happy Customer and Counting

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money back guarantee for 60 nights

100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty

Try it for 60 nights. If you're not fully satisfied you'll get a 100% refund. You'll even receive a free return shipping label. VitalSleep provides 2 years of free replacements giving you the best warranty in the industry. We want you to experience the best sleep possible.

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