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3 Ways to Solve Snoring Problems with Your Partner - Our Guide to Better Sleep

There’s nothing more relieving than going home after a long day and plopping down in bed with your partner. Sleep allows you to escape from your hectic routine and rewire your brain, which largely influences your overall physical and mental health. 

It’s that one time of the day where you can cuddle next to your partner, sit back, relax… only to find them snoring while you end up tossing and turning for the better part of the night. Some couples can easily sleep off the reverberating sound of snores, but most struggle to get a wink...

Our Guide to Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece & It's Benefits - What to Know

Quality sleep plays a pivotal role in maintaining good health throughout a person’s life as it has a direct influence over one’s mental and physical health. It can make or mar an individual’s quality of life, which is why sleep can determine the mood, productivity, and energy for the day ahead. 

Unfortunately, habitual snoring affects millions of people across the world. This primarily affects the person’s partners, which results in a night filled with tossing, turns, and cranky mornings. It’s a common problem that remains unresolved, which is where anti-snoring mouthpieces come into play. 

How Does...

5 Simple Ways to Know Whether or Not You Snore in Sleep - What to Know

Did you know that about half of people snore at some point in their lives? In fact, about 40 percent of adult men and about 24 percent of adult women are actually habitual snorers. As you may or may not know, snoring is often the loud or harsh sound you produce through your nose, mouth, or a combination of both, while sleeping. This occurs when the airflow makes the tissues in the back of your throat vibrate as you breathe.

Light snoring may not necessarily impact the quality of your sleep, but it can still be...

How to Politely Tackle Snoring Problems with Your Partner - Our Guide

Snoring can be disruptive in more ways than one - it can compromise sleep quality, which puts your health at risk. In addition to degrading your ability to manage mood, stress, and fatigue, the constant honking of a snoring partner can also cause a strain in your relationship. 

With that in mind, finding ways to properly discuss the loud situation at hand is a must. Bringing the issue to light will not only give you a much-needed shut-eye, but it can also improve your partner’s health down the line. Consequently, here are some ways you can...