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What Makes VitalSleep Better?

adjustable snoring device for snorers

Adjustable Jaw Positioning and Custom Teeth Impressions

VitalSleep’s patented Accu-Adjust System enables you to adjust the mouthpiece’s lower tray to open the airway for maximum effectiveness based on your snoring intensity.

  • Heat it in hot water for 45 seconds to mold to your teeth for a personalized fit.
  • VitalSleep uses the same method to treat snoring that doctors and dentists use, without costing you thousands of dollars.
  • It works the first night to improve breathing. You'll wake up feeling well-rested without the groggy effects that snoring can cause.

Sizes For Men and Women

Not all mouth sizes are the same. Choose from our standard size recommended for men and our new women's size which is 10% smaller and designed to fit women.

  • We are the only over-the-counter oral appliance for snoring that is available in 2 sizes.
  • For effectiveness and comfort, you'll get an easy-to-achieve personalized fit.
  • VitalSleep is adjustable and remoldable if desired. Plus, you'll receive free replacements for any reason for 1 year.
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60-Day Sleep Guarantee

Try VitalSleep to decide if you like it.
If you’re not 100% in love after the first 60 nights, returns are free and easy.

Best Value SnoreRx® ZQuiet® PureSleep®

Adjustable Jaw Advancement

Up to 8mm of jaw advancement to open your airway.
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Custom Teeth Impressions

Easy boil-and-bite thermal fit for personalized teeth impressions.
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Free Replacements for 1 Year

1 year warranty provides you with free replacements for any reason.
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60-Night Money-Back Guarantee

100% money-back guarantee provided if you don't love it.
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Complimentary Same Day Shipping

We'll pay the shipping cost and ship your order out same day when ordered by 1 PM EST.
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1-Year Warranty

365 Days of Coverage
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Men's and Women's Sizes

Choose from 2 sizes for a more comfortable and effective fit.
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10 Years of Helping Snorers

We've helped hundreds of thousands of snorers worldwide for more than a decade.
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Free Sleep Guide

Get '33 Secrets To Better Sleep' ebook with your purchase.
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It Works The First Night To Provide Quiet Sleep

VitalSleep Snoring Solution

$ 69.95 & Free Shipping
  • Easily Customized to Your Mouth and Teeth
  • No Uncomfortable Contraptions, Drugs, or Surgery
  • Patented Design, FDA-Cleared, And Made in the USA

VitalSleep Features and Benefits

Its Innovative Design Has Been Helping Snorers For A Decade
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    Personalized Teeth Impressions

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    Opening For Easy Breathing

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    Slim Design For Comfort

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    Similar To Dentist Fitted Devices

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    Easy To Adjust Jaw Positioning

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    Protective Travel Case Included

60-Night Money-BackGuarantee

VitalSleep is proudly manufactured in the USA. It's FDA-cleared and made with safe, medical-grade materials approved by the FDA.

Free Replacements
for 1 Year

We will replace your VitalSleep anti-snoring solution for any reason for 1 year. You don't even have to return the used device.


Get Restful Sleep

Say goodbye to unhealthy and annoying snoring. Our patented design has helped hundreds of thousands of adults sleep in comfort and enjoy snore-free nights

Sleep in any Position

VitalSleep is designed to help you sleep better wheather you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.

Customized for your comfort

Get the best results by making VitalSleep fit just for you. Experience a fit that rivals professionally made devices, ensuring both comfort and efficacy.

snoring people

Effects of untreated snoring:

  • Daytime sleepiness

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Greater risk of high blood pressure

  • Increased risk of car accidents

  • Heart disease and stroke

  • Morning headaches

  • Reduced sexual drive

  • Excessive urination at night

  • Poor REM sleep patterns

  • BPA and latex free

  • FDA-cleared and USA made

  • Works for over 90% of users

  • Experience improved sleep fast


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Actual Customer's Snoring Reduction Level

VitalSleep greatly reduces snoring times and instensity as shown by a snore recording app.


Without VitalSleep

Very Low

With VitalSleep

Breathe Better, Sleep Better

"I love this product. This mouthpiece has helped me and my husband sleep better throughout the night. My snoring was so bad without this my husband was waking me up constantly all night. Now, on the first day even, we can sleep all night because I'm not snoring. It's also easy to breath with it in."

Miriam M.

Free Worldwide Shipping

We pay all shipping costs. Your order will ship out the same day when ordered by 1 pm eastern time.

Proudly Made In The USA

We intentionally make VitalSleep in California, USA. Help us sustain and strengthen our economy and provide American jobs.

60-Night Money-BackGuarantee

Try VitalSleep risk-free. Don't love it? Let us know and you'll receive a 100% refund.

60 night money back guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you'll sleep quietly with VitalSleep. If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know and we'll refund 100% of your money. You don't even have to return the used device. Every order also includes free replacements for 1 year!

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