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Do Snoring Chin Straps Work? | Snoring Chin Straps

Snorers are constantly looking for a solution to their problem so they will try just about anything to make it go away! Anti Snoring chin straps are not a new solution but it is one that has been around in various forms for awhile. Basically a snoring chin strap is fabric strap that hooks on the chin with adjustable straps that go over your head – sexy it is not!

Anti-Snoring Chinstraps -- Do They Work?

But do they work? The basic principle is that the chin strap supports your lower jaw so that it stays in a closed position while you sleep. Otherwise when you fall deeply asleep you lose muscle tone everywhere in your body – that includes your jaw and your mouth opens. It also means your tongue and airway surrounding your throat relax and this causes constriction of your airway which could lead to snoring.

Disadvantages of Anti-Snoring Chinstraps

It keeps your jaw forward and your tongue from dropping back so that your snoring reduces or stopped. What is great about this is that it is an affordable option that is easy to use and should provide you with immediate results. It is also better than trying nasal sprays and taking medicines or other pharmaceutical “fixes” for snoring relief.

Many people claim that it is a winner but there are some drawbacks as follows:

  • You have a silly looking device wrapped around your head each night that we already know is unsightly to say the least – particularly if you have a partner sleeping with you.
  • It could be uncomfortable to have something wrapped around your head particularly if you don’t want your hair to be a terrible mess in the morning.
  • With straps to adjust the fit the chin strap might come off or not be placed correctly to be effective.