Homeopathic Snoring Remedies

For people who snore and those that sleep with them finding a homeopathic snoring remedy that works will be a cause for celebration. That is because many times it is unknown exactly why you snore just that you do.

That are a variety of snoring remedies that have been tried and work and others that have failed but each person is different and the reason they snore might be easily solved or require more research especially if it is not a medical reason. Here are a few homeopathic remedies for snoring that work for some and maybe you too!


Aromatherapy - Many people have tried this simple remedy and have found it to work by using one essential oil or blending different oils together. Marjoram oil is one of the most popular and is sold in a jar that you open at night and allow the scent to fill the room. Some of the other oils like lavender might come in small bottles with a dropper so you just place one or two drops underneath the nose or massage it into the neck area.

Neti Pot

Neti Pot - Used in India for thousands of years a neti pot is shaped just like Aladdin's Lamp and is effective in flushing allergens out of the sinuses by naturally cleansing and refreshing of the nasal passages. To use it you mix non-iodized salt or kosher salt with eight ounces of warm water and you flush out the nostrils to keep them clear. This in turn should relieve your snoring.

Simple home remedies for snoring that are known to reduce snoring in some people or may just be Old Wives Tales but apparently they work for some:

o Boil sage and gargle with the liquid after it has cooled.

o Take two to three sips of olive oil before going to bed.

o Homeopathic medicine for snoring such as - rub peppermint oil on the side of your nose before bedtime. It has an anti-inflammatory effect that will reduce the swelling in the membranes lining the nostrils. 

o Sing before going to bed. It tightens the muscles in the throat.

o Sew tennis balls to your pajamas so that you don't sleep on your back as the discomfort will wake you up when you roll onto the back.


Lyocpodium is a flowerless plant that is sold as a lycopodium powder or herb that can be used as a tea with minimal evidence that it stops snoring. It has been used to treat locomotor system disorders, urinary tract infections, kidney problems and gout. 

Eating garlic to stop snoring may also be effective due to garlic's anti-inflammatory properties.  The soft tissues of the airway and throat can become inflamed and when this occurs they swell and decrease the passage of air resulting in snoring. 

Finding a homeopathic snoring remedy might not be easy but it could be very simple so it is worth giving these homeopathic solutions a try.


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