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DIY Snoring Mouthpiece | Make Your Own Snoring Device

An easy way for a do-it-yourself mouth piece to treat snoring requires 2 sport guards such as a football or boxing mouth guard a pot, water and some glue.

Purchase two mouth guards and heat them as instructed to create custom fit. One will only be for the top teeth. The other one will only be for the bottom teeth. Read the following steps to learn how to make your homemade device for snoring.

Since mouth premade snoring mouthpieces move the lower jaw forward to open the airway, we will be creating the same effect using this method for much less money.

After fitting both mouthpieces to your teeth you want to take the glue and glue one mouthpiece to the other. The lower tray mouthpiece should be approximately 5mm forward or advanced compare to the upper tray.

This will cause your lower jaw to be in a forward position when sleeping and help to open your airway and quiet your snoring.

Please let us know how your DIY custom fit anti-snoring mouthpiece helps your snoring problems. Contact us at