What Is The Mute Snoring Device

Mute zero snore mouthpiece is a nasal stent made from ultra-soft medical-grade polymers that is intended to open the user’s nasal cavity to allow for increased nasal breathing. Using patented technology, experts at Rhinomed developed the Mute anti-snoring device to help those who struggle with snoring related to nasal blockage. Learn more about it in the below product review.


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Rhinomed originally developed the Turbine nasal device intended to help athletes breathe easier during sports. After receiving feedback from athletes, they came out with a third version of the Turbine and, ultimately, the Mute anti-snoring nasal dilator, technically known as an Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure (EPAP).

Nasal Breathing

For many people, having difficulty breathing through the nose can be the result of anything from a deviated septum to narrow nasal passages. For some, it may not be evident that they have a deviated septum or they may be unaware their nasal breathing is not optimal.

Inadequate nasal breathing can lead to snoring because individuals will naturally breathe through their mouths when the nasal passages don’t allow for adequate breathing.

The Mute is designed to assist with opening the nasal passages to allow for more full nasal breathing and, thus, reduce open-mouth breathing and the consequential snoring that occurs.

How Mute Works

The Mute EPAP is made with soft, medical-grade plastic and has two paddles that can adjust to accommodate different nasal passages.

Users will hold the bridge of the device and insert the curved arms and paddles into the nostrils. The paddles are designed with special ribs that help it stay in place when inserted properly.

This will then help open up the nasal passages to allow for fuller breathing, reportedly increasing airflow up to 38 percent. This will help individuals that snore because they are not able to breathe properly through their noses night.

Mute comes in three different sizes - small, medium, and large - and is adjustable to ensure it stays in comfortably. You can purchase a trial pack that includes each of these sizes to determine which size is best for you.

Does Mute Work?

Mute is a good option for those who have breathing difficulties due to their nasal cavities. Individuals who have issues such as a deviated septum, narrow passages, or other nasal problems that cause mouth breathing at night, may find relief from snoring by using this device. 

If the size you choose is not appropriate, you can feel either discomfort or the device will fall out while sleeping. It is suggested in either case, that you try a different size and/or adjust it to your needs.

Mute is good for approximately 10 uses of eight hours, according to their FAQ after which time, it should be replaced due to the risk of bacteria building up on it.

If you or your bed partner are getting less sleep - and experiencing poor quality sleep - due to open-mouth breathing, the Mute is a viable option.

Pros And Cons of Mute

Mute can be effective at warding of snoring but it is not for everyone. Here are the pros and cons of the Mute EPAP.



The trial pack that includes one of each size can be purchased for $19.95 while a 3-pack of any size will cost $27.95. 

Simple Design

With a simple design, most users are able to easily adjust and fit the device.


While Rhinomed is an Australian-based corporation, Mute can be ordered online as well as purchased at many different locations around the globe.


Can Damage Nasal Cartilage

Frequent and/or constant pressure on the nasal cartilage can result in permanent damage of the alar cartilage of the nose.

Can Be Uncomfortable

For some - particularly those with a deviated septum - the fit can be uncomfortable, even after adjusting.

May Not Stop Snoring

The Mute EPAP is not effective in helping with sleep disorders such as sleep apnea or other common causes of snoring.

No Refunds

Because the device is inserted into the nasal cavity, there is no refund if it does not work, unless there is actual damage to the device. If it is defective, the cost of the device will be refunded if returned within 60 days.

Ultimately, for those with difficulty breathing through their nose, the Mute is a viable option to help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality. However, it will not be an effective anti-snoring device for individuals who snore due to a blocked airway in the throat.

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