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Sleep Library / Knowledge That Can Help You Stop Snoring

Knowledge That Can Help You Stop Snoring

Knowing why you snore

The information in this article has general information that can help someone stop snoring. In trying to understand why you snore you will need to understand general causes of snoring and indirect causes that could lead to snoring. If you snoring are due to these causes, by applying some of the remedies that are explained below it are entirely possible that you could stop or reduce snoring. If you snore you are not by yourself, it is believed up to 25%, of the population snore. Almost everyone has, at least a few times in their lifetime, snored.

Direct and indirect snoring causes

To stop snoring a person needs to know why they are snoring-the causes of it. From knowing the causes of your snoring you can find a workable solution. Keep in mind the cause could be direct issue that snoring is created from. Or an indirect symptom that because of that, affects something else that causes snoring. Indirect snoring causes can be nasal congestion that causes a person to breathe though the mouth. Or in more serious cases, sleep disorders which the byproduct of them is snoring- one such disorder is sleep apnea.

Direct causes of snoring

Direct causes of snoring are usually when the membranes in the mouth cavity vibrate when you have irregular or obstructed breathing. The uvula and the soft palate are the most common parts in the mouth that vibrate; this vibration causes the snoring sound. Because these two are in line physically with each other the soft palate in front of the uvula (in the top on the mouth) and the uvula the tissue that hangs down in the throats center. The breathing airflow tends passes directly over them, with any obstructions to clear breathing snoring may result. The tongue itself can be another cause of snoring, if it partially blocks breathing by falling back in the throat. A possible cure for the tongue falling back is to simply change sleeping position from your back to your side causing the tongue to fall away to the side. Other direct snoring causes can be a dry throat that vibrates or even (more rarely) the nose itself.

Common cures that can help reduce snoring

There are ways to reduce snoring, below is a partial list of six possibilities.

Changing your sleep position can help to avoid the tongue falling back into the mouth.

Other cures involve reducing nasal congestion (usually an indirect cause) so we are breathing through the nose rather than the mouth. Over the counter nasal sprays can help to reduce nasal congestion. For congestion caused by allergies, antihistamine sprays can help. Nasal strips can also improve nose breathing from opening the nostril from the outside. Chin strap is another aid that encourages nose breathing it fits around the jaw is secured behind the head.

Other cures

Other cures, to stop snoring are singing, mouth and tongue exercises.

Listed are some exercises for snoring that can provide clearer breathing.

Tongue stretching up or down and hold. Jaw hold, gently hold your jaw with hand and pull back with jaw and hold.

Nutrition is an alternate remedy along with weight loss, especially if person has an enlarged neck (fatty tissue in the throat). Losing weight will reduce breathing obstructions in the throat.

For more serious problems consult your doctor Your doctor or dentist need to be consulted to address the more serious problems that cause snoring directly or indirectly. Health professionals may suggest sleep study participation, to analyze why you snore, to find remedies or solutions. Surgery is another option, for serious advanced cases of snoring. You would need to guidance from a medical specialist, for surgical options and procedures. With knowledge, trial and error, most simple or intermediate cases of snoring can be solved with the above remedies.