OAP Anti-Bacterial Mouthpiece Cleaner, Bamboo Brush, Canvas Pouch

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  • Kills 99% of bacteria, fungus, and viruses within 1 minute.
  • 1.5 oz pump bottle - 45 day supply foam mouthpiece cleaner with all-natural ingredients.
  • Persulfate and chlorine-free safe formula.
  • FDA-registered. Avoid lengthy soaks and expensive cleaning equipment.

OAP Foaming Cleaner is the newest generation of mouthpiece cleaners that do not contain the chemical Persulfate. You can use OAP Foaming Cleaner on all removable dental appliances. It has a fresh mint scent.

OAP Foaming Cleaner is easy to use. Just dispense one pump of the luxurious foam onto your mouthpiece and brush with a soft toothbrush, a cotton swab, or a soft cloth for 60 seconds; then rinse. That's all there is to it! OAP Foaming Cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungus in 60 seconds, as confirmed by independent lab testing. Proudly made in the USA. Only available to ship outside the USA when ordered with a VitalSleep mouthpiece.

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How often should I use OAP Cleaner?

We advise using our product at least once a day. Bacteria and nasties will build up on removable dental appliances pretty quickly, so for added hygiene and added appliance protection, clean as often as possible.

How many pumps of OAP do I need to per cleaning?

Usually 1-2 pumps per appliance will be enough to provide full coverage of the mouthpiece.

You get one 1.5 ounce bottle of OAP Foaming Cleaner, plus full instructions.

OAP Cleaner does not contain Persulfate. SLS-sensitive individuals please note: this product does contain SLS.

Safe for all types of dental appliances: Hawley retainers (metal and plastic), Invisalign, Essix Retainers, Bridges, Partials, and even Dentures! Safe for Hawley retainers that contain metal solder.

Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses in just 60 seconds.