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My Story On How I Stopped Snoring With My Own Invention

No matter how kind, patient, and understanding you are, if you live with someone who snores... Or if you are a snorer yourself... You know that snoring is often the death of otherwise happy, loving relationships “It makes me want to smother my boyfriend.

Snoring A Relationship Killer?

No joke… I need my sleep. When he’s snoring, I’m cranky and irritated because I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m tired the next day, so it is a BIG deal… Some nights he ends up sleeping on the sofa. I keep sending him information for devices that will help his snoring problem...
He also gets grumpy when I nudge him every few minutes to get him to stop snoring… But of course, he’s dead asleep and has no idea…” This is Sandy’s story. Maybe it sounds familiar to you Lizzy said, “I only slept two to three hours a night for years. This led to irritability, depression, and weight gain.
I almost broke up with him early on, but he got his tonsils taken out for me. It helped for awhile, but when the snoring came back, he said that he’d done all he could.. I felt stuck and guilty.

husband snoring and partner upset

Surgery Didn't Help

He underwent surgery for us and it didn’t help ” With all the research that’s been done about snoring - - You’d think the medical profession would have conquered this affliction by now. Well, there are some snoring remedies, but because there are different types of snoring, some remedies depend on the type of snorer you are. You may be snoring because of a blocked nasal passage... Or you could be a mouth breather… Or your tongue could get in the way when you lie on your back… , when you don’t get enough sleep at night, you suffer from sleep deprivation all day.
But maybe YOU aren’t the one who snores…

Maybe it’s your sleeping partner who sounds like a revved-up chainsaw... keeping you awake... hour after miserable hour… Sleep deprivation isn’t just about not getting enough sleep... It’s also not getting enough of the right kind of quality sleep that your body needs to function well.
In 2003, neurologists at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who were awake for 88 hours in a row - the equal of three nights - or who slept less than six hours a night for 2 full weeks, had trouble thinking . Some even had hallucinations and long-term memory problems.

Sleep Deprivation

Other studies have also found that sleep deprivation can lead to chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, high blood pressure, and frequent illness due to a weak immune system. Poor sleep over time also makes drivers more prone to car crashes. And if it happens to be your partner who bears the brunt of your nighttime noise, They may lose precious sleep every night for years. This side effect of a regular partner snoring is known as “spousal arousal syndrome”, and as you can see from Sandy’s and Lizzie’s stories, It’s a huge problem that prevents your partner from living a healthy, productive life.

In fact, when asked, about 59% of people say their partner snores
What would your partner say? When I asked myself that very same question, I had to admit that my snoring was a big problem for my girlfriend. I could see she wasn’t the happy l woman I had first met and dated. She was less patient with me… a little short-tempered… less understanding. And I certainly yawned my way through my day too.

A Solution To Snoring

My name is David. This feels a little like one of those 12-step programs when I tell you… I was a snorer. It’s something that bothered me for years. At night I would sometimes hear myself snoring, only to feel my girlfriend nudging me with her elbow. And I would hear her heavy sigh, as she rolled away from me. That was on the good nights. On the bad nights, I’d have to get up and sleep on the sofa.

A couple of times she stopped nudging or arguing, picked up her pillow and a blanket, and went to the couch herself. I hated that. I felt like it was all my fault. My snoring was destroying our relationship and making both of us feel unrested. Desperate to save my relationship and my health, I had tried everything… Body pillows...weird anti-snoring contraptions, losing weight, even though I wasn’t heavy to start with… I tried nasal strips, which helped, but didn’t solve the problem. I even considered whether surgery was the right option for me. That seemed drastic and potentially dangerous.

I found that all these other so-called “remedies” were just like surface bandages. The only option that seemed like a good idea was an oral appliance. A device for my mouth. So in 2009 I went to a dentist in New York City. He wanted to charge me $3000 for a custom-made device. Somehow I managed to pay for the darn thing… and it worked for a few months. Then... ... it broke. So I looked online for something cheaper. Something reliable. Something that worked, and wouldn’t break. I tried some other products, but none of them worked very well. Or they were terribly uncomfortable. I did finally try a cheap device that was made in China. It worked to a minimal degree.

After this long, fruitless search, I came to the conclusion that I needed to create a brand new device. And because I had become familiar with many other snoring sufferers and their partners, I knew I needed to make this available to a large audience. I worked with a medical doctor to create a totally new oral appliance. We made it out of moldable, medical-grade, FDA-approved thermoplastic.

Vital Sleep Snore Relieving Device

As soon as I started using the device, my life changed completely. I mean… completely. I IMMEDIATELY got a good night’s sleep. That meant I had more energy and focus during the day. My mood lifted. I wasn’t feeling negative or depressed anymore.
In fact, I didn’t even know how depressed I’d been feeling… until it went away. And the absolute BEST part of conquering my snoring was how it affected my relationship with my girlfriend. She had gotten so exhausted herself, she had started visiting friends and family as often as she could, just so she could get a good night’s sleep a couple times a week

vital sleep snoring device

We were getting closer and closer to breaking up, which would have sent me into deep depression, knowing it was all my fault
. But it didn’t happen. Since I started using the device over seven years ago, we’ve hardly ever been apart at night. It had such a profoundly positive impact on every single area of my life, I knew I had to find a way to make this device available to everyone.

So I started the Snore Reliever Company, and named the device the Vital Sleep mouthpiece. I knew it was absolutely critical that this product be not only comfortable, but affordable for everyone. I didn’t want anyone else to have to pay thousands of dollars for something that doesn’t even last very long. It was also important to me to create the device with materials from the USA, and have it made here in the US. Being made here at home would make it easier to respond to customer feedback. In fact, we recently responded to feedback by creating a size small, especially for women.

So now there are two sizes, which makes them even more comfortable. And the Vital Sleep mouthpiece is also $30 to $50 less than any other mouthpiece on the market. None of those other mouthpieces can match our high quality design, whose sole purpose is comfort, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Everything comes back to this core human need: A good night’s sleep, night after night…

Sure, now there are a few other oral devices on the market. But Vital Sleep has been serving hundreds of thousands of people for 10 years. And I’m going to tell you why VitalSleep is better than all those other devices. You see, in addition to the two sizes, and the affordable price, and the comfortable fit… Vital Sleep is also adjustable. The screw on the device allows you to create a perfect fit… for you.

Our very own Acu-Adjust System is a custom fit, just like a dentist would offer you… ...but we don’t charge $1000 or more like the dentist would. If you’re wondering how it works, the VitalSleep device gently moves the lower jaw forward, opening up the air passageway at the back of your throat.

In fact, our customers love Vital Sleep.

Robert wrote to tell us: "Honestly, this is the best and most comfortable oral device I've tried and I've tried them all, including a $700 dentist fitted device. It also happens to be the most affordable and easiest to fit. Simple and effective."

Dr. Alan Hedge told us, “I've been a snorer all of my life. I've tried throat sprays, nose sprays, breathing strips and nothing worked. I couldn't believe the results with VitalSleep. The first night I didn't snore, my wife slept through the night and I slept through the night" We’re confident you’ll love Vital Sleep too. And because we know there are always some people who ask, “What if it doesn’t work for me?”, I’m here to say, “Don’t worry.”


We have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it. We’re pretty confident you’ll see results. Fast. We will also send free replacements for any reason, for 1 year.

Customer Christopher Reynolds said, “The mouthpiece has helped by stopping my snoring from being so loudMy wife can sleep. With the mouthpiece, I have been able to sleep on both sides, my back, and my stomach again.” So if you’re ready to give VitalSleep a try, you’re in luck. It is currently on sale for $69.95 at

Discover what Glenn Burke discovered: “I am a huge fan of the product. The dentist version which I had was $1000 and I could not adjust it.” After receiving her mouthpiece, Kayla wrote, “I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! My boyfriend slept in the same room with me last night!!! That has not happened in 3 years due to my snoring!”
Gregg Kesloff wrote, “Got me back in bed with my wife and saved my marriage. I definitely have more energy throughout the day and I’m not so sleepy all the time… My dentist wanted $700.” This is why the Vital Sleep mouthpiece is going to change your life: It’s fully adjustable - up to 8 mm - by easily turning two screws.

This increases the opening of your airway by moving your lower jaw forward, resulting in improved, breathing during sleep. It’s available in two sizes. Regular for men and small for women. The plastic is moldable, for an individualized fit. You don’t have to sleep in any particular position. Sleep the way that is most comfortable for you. It seems pretty clear that while you do have choices about how to solve your snoring problem… And some of them do work for some people… You’re unlikely to find a device at this price, that’s FDA-cleared , that is this comfortable and effective.

Give us a try… Imagine that within three days, when the device arrives in the mail, you and your partner will be sleeping SOUNDLY for the first time in years! And instead of the goat on the couch in the other room… You’ll be the hero! Visit to order your snoring solution today.


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