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Anti-Snoring Chin Strap

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➤Why We Snore?
While sleeping, the muscles in our necks relax. Sometimes, they relax so much that the upper airway partially closes,
narrowing the passageway in which air travels to our lungs. This narrowing of our airway causes a vibration in the throat when you breathe, which causes the sound of snoring.


➤Easy to Use
①Adjust the strap on the top of your head.
②Adjust the length to make sure your mouth is close.
③Let the side straps go around your ears.


➤Adjustable Design
Fully wide adjustable Velcro strap makes sure that you can easily adjust the length and tension of this anti snoring chin strap according to your need. Scientific design can be stably fixed throughout all night without sliding off. Our stop snoring chin strap is breathable and not oppressive, revealing your ears to give you more comfort.


➤Comfortable Material
Anti snoring chin strap Snoring Solution is made of high-quality and breathable material. This chin strap for snoring perfectly keep your mouth close and you will breathe through your nose all night’s sleep. 


➤Clean Tips
Using normal temperature washing water, then drying by air.


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