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Laser Treatment For Snoring– Will It Stop You From Snoring?

Most people who snore have tried all the home-grown remedies and quick fix options available to stop snoring. In some cases these treatments or solutions have results and with some people they don't work at all.

Is Surgery a Viable Option for Snoring?

Snoring can be very mild or it can be very loud and bothersome to those who reside in the same household. It can sometimes be medically necessary to have surgery to correct the problem. However surgery involves anesthesia, incisions and scarring and the recuperative period that can be burdensome and lengthy in some cases.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Snoring

Many people opt instead to have a quick and easy laser treatment that is hassle free and often significantly reduces the frequency and volume of snoring. Laser treatment utilizes photo coagulation so there is no bleeding even if the tissue is vaporized to widen the throat area. A local anesthetic is sprayed on the treatment area that might include the tonsils, the uvula and soft palate - all to enhance the airflow.

laser treatment for snoring

How Does Laser Treatment for Snoring Work?

For the laser treatment a CO2 pulsed laser is used which is an instrument that is very safe and extremely accurate. The energy beam is aimed at the area to be vaporized. Laser treatment is fast and convenient as it is done on an outpatient basis with no psychological stress from the surgery. It is less traumatic and quick as it requires usually no more than thirty minutes of your time and is often completed in one session. More complicated cases might require two or three more treatments.

Some patients suffer from laryngitis or soreness following the procedure which might require some medication to soothe the discomfort. Sometimes analgesic therapy is used to solve the soreness. There is usually no post operative recovery time needed as in traditional surgeries the patient would be released to go home immediately.

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