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How to Stay Awake Naturally

Most of us have jobs that keep us busy with little thought of sleeping or falling asleep on the job. But there are times when we were up late the night before or didn’t sleep well and we have difficulty keeping focused and awake to get our jobs done.

People Who Need Help Staying Awake Naturally

Still others have jobs that are on different shifts that don’t always correspond to a “normal work day” such as night shift workers, bus or truck drivers or other people who do not live on a regular 9 to 5 schedule. These people too need help in keeping awake during a long shift that might be dragging a bit.

Tips For Staying Awake Naturally

The trick is to use something natural to keep you awake rather than using caffeine or other stimulants that might give you an initial surge of energy, but will give you a major letdown later. Here are a few tips on using natural cures to keep yourself awake when you need to:

  • Let your eyes rest – If you are sitting at a computer screen you can experience sleepiness and fatigue easily and cause eyestrain that will have further health consequences. Drivers can experience fatigue from driving as well especially at night. Take a rest from the computer screen or from driving. Take a walk or pull over to rest a few minutes. A quick nap can help tremendously or just resting the eyes will help to let you refocus when you return to your job.
  • Move around frequently – Anyone who has a job that keeps them stationary for long periods of time – at a computer, a desk or in a truck – needs to take a breather every few hours. A brisk walk will do wonders even if you just walk around the building it will help and provide you with an energy boost. If you are driving, pulling over is always a safe and prudent thing to do and stretch your legs to get some circulation back in them.
  • A healthy snack – Many people think that an energy bar will help but unfortunately it gives you a high that then descends into a “low” so you are better off with yogurt, nuts or fresh fruits. Peanut butter on crackers or celery sticks or carrots with a low fat dip will refresh you and give you more energy.
  • Drink lots of water – If you become dehydrated it will cause fatigue. Drink lots of water to keep your body nourished and replenished. Fluids, fruits and vegetables are all good alternatives.
  • Quality Sleep - New studies show that the quality of your sleep is more important then the length of time spent sleeping. Poor sleep due to sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and snoring can cause a person to experience disrupted sleep patterns and cycles that will have detrimental effects on their levels of vitality.