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“I used to sleep like a sawmill and wake up feeling dead tired… Now I sleep quietly and wake up every morning feeling invigorated.”

How one woman unlocked the secret to unrestricted nighttime breathing...

transforming her health, saving her family, and resurrecting her career in the process

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, 45% of adults snore. Most nasal serenarios are blissfully unaware of (though their bed partners have to suffer) their condition…

Until they wake up in the morning feeling like they've barely slept at all.

You see, snoring is not simply a noise pollutant — it’s a serious health concern. 

snoring couple

Research published by Science Daily suggests that snoring might be an early-warning sign that life-threatening health problems (such as cardiovascular disease) might be part of a patient’s future.

You could be waking up 20 times per hour during the night

When we lie down and fall asleep, our tongue and throat muscles relax and fall back back into our airway — blocking the passage of air.

If any breath can get through, it passes from the lungs over the soft palate and pharynx and vibrates like a clarinet.

This is how you can sleep 8 or 9 hours per night and still wake up tired. It’s not the quantity of sleep you’re getting that is the problem — it’s the quality, specifically the freedom of your breathing, in the night that determines how well you sleep and how you feel in the morning.

From ‘Sawing Wood’ to ‘Sleeping Like a Baby’

For 35-year-old Marcie Hughes from Long Island, poor sleep caused by breathing difficulties had a serious effect on every part of her life.

As an elementary school teacher, Marcie needs the patience of a saint to get through her day. But after not sleeping well for years, her patience was wearing thin:

“I was so stressed at work. Super-easily irritated. The other staff and the kids noticed it.”

Hughes’ snoring was so loud her 9-year-old daughter Zoe (even though she sleeps down the hall) could hear nighttime rumbles.

“She wasn’t getting her sleep and because of that she started acting out. She was grumpy in the mornings and didn’t want to go to school. My husband works long hours as a finance manager at a car dealership and he wasn’t getting his rest either.”

Marcie knew she needed to do something for herself and for her family:

“My doctor told me that I needed to lose some weight because maybe the fatty tissues were constricting my breathing. I was hardly obese — 139lbs at 5’2”. Anyway, I lost 10 pounds but it didn’t make any difference to my sleep.”

She thought maybe her sinuses were the problem so she started leaving the bedroom window all night.

The New York winters put an end to that so Marcie started spraying saline water into both nostrils before going to bed and wearing nasal strips: “It helped a bit but not much.”

She then focused on the bed: “I changed to a foam pillow thinking it would help. It didn’t. Then I tried no pillow thinking it would improve my neck and spine posture in bed and open up the airway. But it just gave me a stiff neck in the mornings.”

“I didn’t want to look like Darth Vader all night”

Next, Marcie visited an orthodontist who told her that sleeping on her back might be the problem: “I tried sleeping on my side but I still had problems and sleeping on my front just squashed my face.”

She was so desperate she considered buying a C-Pap machine: “But when I looked they cost around $1000. My health insurance didn’t cover it and I couldn’t afford it on my own. And I didn’t want to sleep with a Darth Vader mask on my face all night.”

Marcie zeroed in on what the orthodontist said — keeping her tongue and jaw forward and up.

“I concentrated as I lay in bed. My breathing was easier as long as I was conscious and awake. But as soon as I drifted off to sleep, my tongue fell back down and I began gargling and I would wake up. It was easy to do while conscious but I couldn’t control my tongue and throat muscles when unconscious.”

The solution came from her sister.

“My sister Emma was getting divorced and I was helping her move her stuff from her old house. As I was packing things I picked up what looked like a gum shield case from the bedside table:

‘I didn’t know you had started Boxing’, I said.

“Oh that’s an anti-snoring device that helps me breathe during the night” she said.

Marcie had found her Rosetta Stone

“When I got home I googled around. VitalSleep had the device that had the best reviews — over 40,000 of them. I liked the fact that it was adjustable. With a 60-day day guarantee and only forty dollars, I thought ‘what the hell’ and ordered one.”

A couple of days later the package arrived - mouthpiece, instructional booklet, carrying case, and hex key to adjust the lower guard. Marice followed the simple instructions to customize the mouthpiece and wore it for the first time that night.

“I remember waking up at six am — for the first time in years I woke up before my alarm. I felt that I had reached a new level of depth in my sleep. I’d gone a lot deeper than I had in years. It’s hard to describe but I thought, ‘Wow! If I can sleep like that everything then I’m bound to see home huge life changes.’”

Three months later Marcie's house is quiet all night. Her daughter is well rested and is more pleasant to live with. She and her husband get along better. She is pleased to be at work every day and radiates positivity.

“I feel that I can face any challenge the world throws at me as long as I have had a good sleep the night before. I’m stronger and more resilient now.”

All thanks to VitalSleep.

Do you want to get more out of the third of your life you spend in bed?

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