Survey Shows Snoring Can Lead To Your Partner Leaving You

Millions of Americans snore at some point in their lives, and many consider it a minor nuisance. However, a new survey has brought to light the surprisingly negative impact of snoring on people's romantic lives.

The 2022 survey results indicate that besides contributing to daytime drowsiness and potential health issues, like high blood pressure, snoring may lead to serious relationship problems and even break-ups.

Why Does Snoring Cause Relationship 


Snoring has the potential to wreak havoc on your relationship, whether it's you or your partner who snores. When both partners are grouchy from being woken up by snoring, it can put a lot of strain on their romantic attachment. Irritability can lead to couples fighting more than usual and feeling annoyed with each other over small things.

Snoring also creates and exacerbates health problems that impact not only the individual who snores but those around them. The sleep-deprived bedmate can also develop health concerns.

Ignoring or brushing snoring off as unavoidable can be detrimental to both partners' careers, hobbies, health, and relationships. 

As illustrated in the graph below, about 32% of survey respondents said their partner snores, and around 21% stated that they've attempted to help their partner find out how to stop snoring. 

survey or partner snoring


Figure 1. Source:Google Surveys


survey of helping your partner stop snoring

Figure 2. Source: Google Surveys


What If My Partner Snores?

The sounds of snoring can be frustrating, especially to the bed partner.  It is annoying, and disturbing, and often causes chronic fatigue which can lead to problems focusing throughout the day.

If your partner snores, we encourage you to be one of the 20.97% who try to help their loved one find a solution. You can start by urging them to see a doctor to rule out any potential medical causes of snoring. Once any underlying medical issues have been ruled out or addressed, steps can be taken to reduce or eliminate snoring.

Snorers often experience sleepiness, headaches, sore throat, and other symptoms upon rousing that may affect their mood and behavior. These symptoms can make life miserable. However, it's crucial for the snoring partner to understand that their nighttime noise affects their significant other, too.

Regular snoring harms both partners in many ways, but the most obvious is by affecting sleep quality. Good sleep quality is paramount for maintaining good health, a stable mood, and alertness during the day. People who don't sleep soundly because their partner snores might do poorly at work or school, drive carelessly, and feel sick or grumpy during the day.

As shown in the image below, a shocking 13% of respondents said they'd considered or actually left a partner due to snoring! 

survey on leaving a partner due to snoring

Figure 3. Source:Google Surveys


There's no reason for such drastic actions when simple treatments, like the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, can mitigate snoring to help you achieve quality sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when the tissues at the back of the throat vibrate or rattle when the person inhales or exhales, which can happen for a number of reasons, including genetics. Some people are more likely to snore simply because of the shape or size of their neck and airway or their mouth anatomy. 

Other common reasons for snoring include:

  • Obesity
  • Jaw problems
  • Nasal congestion
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Use of alcohol 
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep position
  • Deviated septum
  • Poor sleep posture

If you are male, have a family member who snores, carry extra weight, or have a soft palate or large tonsils, you're more likely to snore as well. 

Treat Snoring to Save Your Relationship

Snoring should never go untreated, especially when treating snoring is often as easy as making a few lifestyle changes or using products available over the counter or online.

Here are a few ways to reduce or eliminate snoring:

  • Use a mouthpiece, like the VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece, to open the airway and improve breathing
  • Maintain or achieve a healthy weight (a weight recommended by your doctor)
  • Raise your bed's head area
  • Reduce alcohol or sedative intake
  • Treat nasal congestion as appropriate
  • Use nasal strips to increase airflow

For severe cases of snoring, CPAP therapy or surgery may be necessary. However, most doctors wait to recommend surgery or CPAP therapy until you've tried more conservative treatment options, like an oral appliance.

How Does an Oral Appliance Work?

Doctors and dentists often recommend mouthpieces and other oral appliances to alleviate jaw pain, reduce snoring, and prevent sleep apnea. 

By repositioning the tongue and jaw, anti-snoring mouthpieces like VitalSleep prevent blockages in your airway. This makes it easier to breathe quietly and peacefully so you don't disturb your partner's slumber. 

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is adjustable up to 8mm in 1mm increments, so it works comfortably for a range of snoring intensities, and it comes in two sizes to meet the needs of different body types. It's customizable, and users can mold it to their teeth for a perfect fit.

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is made in the USA with FDA-approved, hypoallergenic materials, and its metal-free design promotes optimal comfort.

With treatments like this mouthpiece readily available, there's no reason to snore or sleep next to a snoring partner. 

The Data on Snoring

More than 200 people responded to the snoring survey, with slightly more females (51%) responding than males (49%). The survey received responses from all adult age groups, starting at 18 and ending at 65+. But the majority of responses were from people aged 35-44.

Answers came from U.S. residents living in various states across the country. Although this survey showed no clear geographic patterns of snoring complaints,another recent surveyconducted by OnePoll found that people living in the Northeastern United States are most likely to say they're affected by snoring–whether they snore themselves or have a partner who does. 

Google Trends also reveals interesting patterns about snoring, some of which align with OnePoll's findings. While the data is ever-changing, the northeastern state of Maine may currently hold the number one spot for the snoring capital of the U.S., with Maine residents searching "how to stop snoring" more frequently than any other state. South Carolina comes in a close second, and Hawaii and Mississippi are presently tied for third.

It's unclear what makes these states leaders in snoring. But it is encouraging that people who live there are looking for solutions to their issues. By receiving treatment, snoring sufferers can improve their quality of life and maintain healthier relationships.

Seek Treatment for the Sake of Your Partner

If you're one of the millions of people who snore, it's time to get help! According to survey results, those who don't seek treatment may be putting their relationships at risk.

Fortunately, effective treatments can significantly improve your standard of living and your relationships. To achieve peaceful slumber for you and your partner, give an anti-snoring mouthpiece or another treatment option a try.

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