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"I love my mouthpiece. It’s changed my life, as well as my wife's. My focus is back. I have more energy in the day and morning headaches are gone. Thank you so much" - JD Williams

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Why VitalSleep?

"I love my mouthpiece. It’s changed my life, as well as my wife's. My focus is back. I have more energy in the day and morning headaches are gone. Thank you so much" - JD Williams

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An Open Airway Prevents Snoring

VitalSleep was created by a chronic snorer who couldn't find an effective solution for his snoring problems, leaving him feeling tired throughout the day.

After trying numerous devices with no success, he took matters into his own hands and developed VitalSleep.

Unlike typical solutions, VitalSleep targets the root cause of snoring, which is the narrowing or obstruction of the airway during sleep.

It works by advancing the lower jaw while you sleep to keep the airway open and prevent the soft tissues at the back of the throat from collapsing and obstructing airflow, which is a common cause of snoring.

Better Sleep Quality

Discover peaceful sleep for both you and your bed partner, free from the disruptive sounds and harmful effects of snoring.

Effortless Breathing & Quiet Sleep

VitalSleep effectively targets the root cause of snoring, enhancing breathing and halting snoring from the very first night of use.

Adjustable Jaw Positioning

Its patented and adjustable design is FDA-cleared to comfortably and optimally advance your jaw and tongue positioning to open your airway.

Customized To Your Teeth

It easily molds to your teeth at home for a personalized fit. This feature is similar to custom-made dental devices without the expensive cost.
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Customizable snoring device

How Do You Choose The Correct Anti-Snoring Device?

1. Is it available in more than 1 size and is it adjustable?

Yes. VitalSleep is now available in a men's and a women's size. With its patented Accu-Adjust System, you can get your optimal jaw positioning based on your snoring intensity.

2. Do you guarantee comfort and effectiveness for better sleep?

Yes. VitalSleep can be molded to your teeth for a custom fit to provide you with greater comfort and effectiveness without expensive costs charged by dental professionals

3. Do you offer free shipping, free returns, and free replacements?

Yes. You'll get free same-day shipping and a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You'll also get the best warranty in the industry that includes 1 year of free replacements.

Restful Sleep Guaranteed

Try it risk-free for 60 nights and start improving your sleep without timely and expensive doctor visits.

Made from FDA-Approved Materials

It's hypoallergenic, BPA-free, latex-free, doesn't contain any metal, and it's made in the USA. It has a remarkable lifespan of 1-3 years.

Sizes For Men And Women

Unlike competitor products, you can choose a men's or women's size (10% smaller) for your ideal comfort and effectiveness.

Micro-Adjustments Open The Airway

Achieve personalized advancement of your lower jaw by up to 8mm, enhance breathing, and eliminate snoring. Learn More

Works For 90% Of Users

End embarrassing and unhealthy snoring so you can stop feeling tired and wake up well-rested. Why It's Effective

Targets The Cause Of Snoring

Its innovative design prevents the narrowing of the airway, allowing for silent and tranquil sleep in any sleeping position.

Doctor Recommended

Trusted by healthcare professionals over the past ten years, VitalSleep has successfully helped hundreds of thousands of adults achieve improved sleep quality.

How To Fit and Adjust VitalSleep

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Customer Reviews

"My snoring is down to 1 minute a night on some nights."

"I'm getting much higher quality sleep at night."

Leon Sandoval

Oceanside, CA
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Try VitalSleep Risk Free
60 night money back guarantee


We guarantee that you'll sleep quietly with VitalSleep. If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know and you'll receive a full refund. Our warranty also provides you with free replacements for 1 year. You don't even have to return the used device. That's a promise!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that it will work for me?

We understand that trying a new product, especially one as personal as a sleep aid, can come with uncertainties.

Let's address some of the most common concerns we've heard from our community:

Proven Effectiveness: Hundreds of thousands of customers have found relief from snoring and improved sleep with VitalSleep. But don't just take our word for it; check out our extensive customer reviews.

Customizable Fit: Unlike other one-size-fits-all solutions, VitalSleep is available in 2 sizes, and can be molded to your teeth for a personalized fit, ensuring comfort and effectiveness.

Affordable Solution: We strive to provide a premium product at a fair price. VitalSleep is US-made and costs 80% less than most dentist-fabricated mouthpieces.

Trust in Us: We pride ourselves on being a family owned company in the USA with a real mission to help. Our team is always here to assist, answer questions, and ensure you're satisfied.

Fast Worldwide Shipping: No matter where you are, we work to get VitalSleep to you as quickly as possible with complimentary worldwide shipping and efficient same-day shipping when ordered by 1 p.m. EST.

Clear Product Details: We provide detailed information throughout our website about how VitalSleep works, how to use it, and what to expect, so there are no surprises.

Still have questions? Our team is available at for guidance.

How is VitalSleep different from other products?

VitalSleep offers a unique, personalized fit by easily molding to the user's teeth for comfort. Proudly made in the USA and FDA-cleared, it's made of medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials free of BPA and latex. Many competitors source overseas. Unlike other solutions that merely suppress the noise, VitalSleep targets the root cause of snoring for more effective relief. Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction is highlighted with a generous 1-year warranty, a testament to the product's durability and efficacy.

How does VitalSleep work?

When you sleep the muscles in your upper airway and throat relax. The tongue can fall back causing your airway to narrow. VitalSleep moves the lower jaw and tongue forward to keep the airway open. Its lower tray is adjustable based on your snoring intensity to improve breathing and stop snoring.

How do I mold VitalSleep to my teeth?

Heat it in hot water for 45 seconds. Cool in cold water for 3 seconds. Bite into the mouthpiece to create your custom teeth impressions for a comfortable fit. VitalSleep can be remolded and readjusted if necessary.

How soon should I expect to see results with VitalSleep?

You should expect to see results the first night you use it. Optimal results are achieved after determining the amount of jaw advancement that works best for you.

How do I adjust it based on my snoring level?

VitalSleep uses the same method of jaw advancement that dentists and doctors use to treat snoring without costing thousands of dollars. You can adjust the lower tray forward or backward using the included adjustment too. Turning each screw clockwise moves the jaw forward, which helps open your airway and stops you from snoring. How To Adjust

What size should I order?

We recommend men order the standard Men's size and women order the smaller women's size that is approximately 10% smaller in size. Men's Size - L 1.87" x W 2.47" x H 93". Women's Size - L 1.80" x W 2.28" x H .86". Your order will include free size exchanges if your selected size does not fit.

What is VitalSleep made of?

VitalSleep is proudly made in the U.S.A. of premium medical-grade, FDA-approved, hypoallergenic plastic. It has undergone biocompatibility testing for your safety. It is also BPA and latex-free. Avoid made-in-China products that may contain harmful materials and that don't have any quality control processes or guidelines.

How often do I need to replace VitalSleep?

VitalSleep's durable design lasts 1-3 years with normal use. The lifespan of the mouthpiece will depend on various factors such as how frequently it is used and how well it is cleaned and maintained. Your order includes free replacements for 1 year for any reason. Need a replacement? Simply contact us and we'll ship it to you for free. You don't even have to return the used device.

Contraindications of Use

Do not use if you have central sleep apnea, severe respiratory disorder, loose teeth, or advanced periodontal disease, temporomandibular disorder, have a dental implant less than 1 year old, or are under the age of 18. Use of this device may cause tooth movement or changes in dental occlusion (bite pattern), tooth or gum soreness, pain or soreness of the jaw, obstruction of oral breathing, and excessive salivation.

Does VitalSleep treat sleep apnea?

VitalSleep is primarily for the reduction of snoring. It has helped users with snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea however we recommend speaking to a medical doctor to determine if it would be helpful for you. There are numerous medical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of oral appliances like VitalSleep in reducing sleep apnea.

Personalized Fit & Guaranteed Comfort

Our patented adjustable design gently opens your airway, improves breathing, and puts an end to unhealthy snoring.

1-Year Warranty

You'll get free replacements for any reason and a 100% money-back guarantee. Details

Free Worldwide Shipping

Get free shipping on every order. Order by 1pm EST for same day shipping for fast delivery.