VitalSleep Exclusive Snoring Bundle Kit

"VitalSleep has improved my sleep, my health, and how I feel in the morning. Most importantly, I am not bothering my wife any longer." - Dave P.

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"VitalSleep has improved my sleep, my health, and how I feel in the morning. Most importantly, I am not bothering my wife any longer." - Dave P.

  • Treat the cause of unhealthy snoring and get restful sleep.
  • Improve your breathing and get quiet, snore-free sleep.
  • Adjustable to open your airway for improved breathing.
  • Custom molded teeth impressions for a comfortable fit.

Personalized Fit & Guaranteed Comfort

Its patented and adjustable design opens your airway to improve breathing and stop unhealthy snoring.


1-Year Warranty & Complimentary Replacements

You'll get the best warranty in the industry that includes free replacements for any reason, and a 100% money-back guarantee.


Free Same-Day Shipping & Free Returns

We'll pay the shipping cost to you. Your order will ship the same day when ordered by 1 pm eastern time for fast delivery.

Save Your Relationship

Help you and your bed partner sleep peacefully without the annoying sounds and unhealthy effects of snoring.

Effortless Breathing & Better Sleep

VitalSleep works the first night to target the cause of snoring to improve breathing.

Adjustable Jaw Positioning

Its patented and adjustable design is FDA-cleared to comfortably and optimally advance your jaw and tongue positioning to open your airway.

Customized To Your Teeth

It easily molds to your teeth at home for a personalized fit. This feature is similar to custom made dental devices without the expensive cost.


The VitalSleep Difference

Restful Sleep Guaranteed

Try it risk free for 60 nights. Start improving your sleep the first night without timely, expensive doctor visits.

Safe And Effective

It's hypoallergenic, BPA-free, latex-free, doesn't contain any metal, and it's made in the USA.

Now Available In 2 Sizes

Unlike competitor products, you can choose a men's or women's size (10% smaller) for greater comfort and effectiveness.


Personalized adjustment for your lower jaw up to 8mm. Targeting, and eradicating snoring.

Works For 90% Of Users

End embarrassing and unhealthy snoring so you can stop feeling tired and wake up well-rested.

Targets The Cause Of Snoring

Its innovative design will help prevent the blockage of your airway so you can breathe easily and quietly.

Doctor Recommended

Used by medical professionals for 10 years, VitalSleep has helped hundreds of thousands of snorers get better sleep.


Real User Reviews

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How VitalSleep Works

Snoring interferes with the normal sleep cycle. Even worse, you'll fail in achieving the most important sleep cycle of them all, the REM sleep cycle. This is the restorative, deep sleep state that is necessary for healthy brain and body health.

VitalSleep was created by a long-time snorer who wasn't able to find an effective solution to his snoring problems leaving him feeling tired. Before creating VitalSleep he tested all other devices on the market.

Most snoring solutions don’t target the source of snoring as VitalSleep does. A good anti-snoring mouthpiece like VitalSleep advances the jaw to open one's airway. It adjusts in 1mm increments for optimal jaw positioning for improved breathing and superior comfort.

Proudly Made In The USA For A Decade

VitalSleep is manufactured in the USA under strict production guidelines. Its materials are safe and FDA-approved for use in oral appliances. Help strengthen the US economy by supporting American jobs and companies.

How Do You Choose The Correct Anti-Snoring Device?

adjustable snoring device

1. Is it available in more than 1 size and can it be adjusted?

VitalSleep is now available in a men's and a women's size. With its Accu-Adjust System, you can get the optimal jaw positioning based on your snoring intensity.

putting device into mouth

2. Do they guarantee comfort and effectiveness?

A mouthpiece that can be molded to your teeth will provide you with greater comfort and effectiveness. VitalSleep's boil-and-bite fit easily molds to your teeth for a custom fit.

fast shipping guaranteed

3. Do they offer free shipping, free returns & free replacements?

You'll get free same-day shipping and a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. You'll also get the best warranty in the industry that includes 1 year of free replacements for any reason.

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One Of The World's Top-Rated Anti-Snoring Devices

537,824+ snorers and growing have experienced improved sleep quality in the past 10 years with VitalSleep. Join them today!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that you'll sleep quietly with VitalSleep. If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know and we'll give you a full refund. You don't even have to return the used device. It's a promise.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fit VitalSleep?

It's easy. Heat it in hot water for 45 seconds. Cool in cold water for 3 seconds. Bite into the mouthpiece to create your custom teeth impressions for a comfortable fit.

VitalSleep can be remolded and readjusted if necessary.

How do I adjust it based on my snoring level?

VitalSleep uses the same method of jaw advancement that dentists and doctors use to treat snoring which costs thousands of dollars.

You can adjust the lower tray forward or backward using the included adjustment too.

Turning each screw clockwise advances the jaw to increase the opening of your airway and help stop snoring.

What is your guarantee?

If for any reason you are not happy with the result that VitalSleep is providing, we will provide you witha refund. Used devices to not have to be returned to receive a refund.

What size should I order?

We recommend men order the standard Men's size and women order the smaller women's size that is approximately 10% smaller in size.

Men's Size - L 1.87" x W 2.47" x H 93"

Women's Size - L 1.80" x W 2.28" x H .86"

Your order will include free size exchanges if your selected size does not fit.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Your order will ship for free by USPS mail the same day Monday - Saturday when ordered by 1 pm eastern time.

USA orders arrive in 2-4 days.

Orders shipped outside the USA arrive in approximately 7-14 days.

What is it made of?

VitalSleep is made in the USA of premium medical-grade, FDA-approved, hypoallergenic materials that have undergone biocompatibility testing for your safety. It does not contain BPA, latex, or metal.

Avoid made-in-China products that may contain harmful materials and that don't have any quality control processes or guidelines.

How long will my VitalSleep last?

VitalSleep's durable design normally lasts 2-3 years with normal use.

Your order includes free replacements for 1 year for any reason.

Need a replacement? Simply contact us and we'll ship it to you for free.

You don't even have to return the used device.

Does VitalSleep treat sleep apnea?

VitalSleep is FDA-cleared for the reduction of snoring.

It has helped many users with snoring-induced obstructive sleep apnea, but you should speak to your medical doctor to determine if would be helpful for you.

There are numerous medical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of oral appliances like VitalSleep in reducing sleep apnea.

Since each user is different, we recommend consulting with your doctor to determine if a product like VitalSleep would be suitable for you.

Users who have central sleep apnea should not use VitalSleep.

The Best Warranty In The Industry

We want you to experience improved sleep with VitalSleep so you'll get 60 nights to try it. You'll also receive a 1-year warranty that covers free replacements for any reason for 365 days.

If for any reason you don't love VitalSleep simply contact us at and we'll guarantee a fast and full refund to you within 24 hours.




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