VitalSleep Vs. PureSleep

When you - or your bed partner - snore, it can put a strain on your life and relationship. Inadequate sleep results in a number of mental, physical, and emotional health risks.

From anti-snore pillows and nasal clamps to CPAPs and surgery, it’s often difficult to determine which solutions are the best for your personal case.

When comparing products or services, before you spend your hard-earned dollars, you want to know which option is the best choice for you.

When it comes to choosing the right Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD) for you, there are several factors to consider:

  • Materials and Manufacturing
  • Customization
  • Adjustability
  • Guarantees
  • Refund/Exchange Policies
  • Shipping
  • Customer reviews

Looking at customer reviews as well as other impartial reviews is the best way to find out. When it comes to comparing VitalSleep’s and PureSleep’s MADs, there are more differences than commonalities.


Having a fully adjustable lower tray makes VitalSleep more effective than ZQuiet's design. With VitalSleep's Accu Adjust System, the lower tray can be adjusted 1 mm at a time up to 7 mm, by easily turning two screws. Increasing the forward position of the mouth guard's lower half will increase the opening of your airway and improve your breathing during sleep.

One of the benefits of having an Accu Adjust System is that VitalSleep users are able to slowly adjust the extent of advancement allowing them to transition slowly to the most effective distance of adjustment with minimized soreness that is common when beginning use of a MAD. VitalSleep is the most adjustable MAD on the market.


Using the boil-and-bite method, users are able to mold the devices to fit their teeth which helps deliver a custom fit.

However, PureSleep reviews indicate their boil-and-bite material cannot be redone after one fitting, despite their claim this can be done up to three times if the customer gets it wrong the first time. Some also assert that the material is very heat-sensitive and report that their “own body heat during sleep gradually deformed the fit.”

Another issue reported with PureSleep is the boil-and-bite method is said to be “tricky” and reported to be “confusing.”

VitalSleep’s boil-and-bite method is simple and allows users to customize the fit comfortably without much fuss. Further, VitalSleep offers two sizes: male and female (large and small, respectively), allowing an even more customized fit.


When using an anti-snoring mouthpiece, some users may have discomfort in the beginning. That’s where devices that offer adjustments are helpful in making the adjustments more bearable.

Both of these products are adjustable but different in the way they adjust.

PureSleep has three settings that allow users to either loosen or tighten their device. However, they warn that once the device is molded, no further adjustments can be made.

The U.S. Food And Safety Administration has released a troubling consumer complaint that shows PureSleep’s adjustment process is far too abrupt and “can cause serious injury to the temporomandibular joint.” In this patient’s particular case, it took only five uses of the PureSleep device to result in months of pain and, ultimately, surgery.

With VitalSleep’s patented Accu-Adjust System, users are able to slowly adjust the device 1mm at a time with the turn of a couple of screws. This significantly reduces the amount of pain and discomfort and decreases the risk of damage to the temporomandibular joint because of the small incremental increases.


Since people have different size mouths having more than one size available to purchase is important. VitalSleep in two sizes: men’s and women’s, with the women's size approximately 10% smaller. PureSleep is available in 1 size.


When trying out a new product, the guarantee is important. Being able to return or exchange the device safeguards you against losing money and precious sleep.

PureSleep has a 30-day back guarantee and provides customers with a return shipping label. If the product is returned within the 30-day time period, they provide a refund.

VitalSleep offers its customers a 60-night, 100% money-back guarantee. However, the company goes further by offering a one-yearm free replacement guarantee, no questions asked.

Exchanges and Returns

It is unclear whether PureSleep offers the chance for buyers to exchange the mouthpiece within 30 days or 60 as their FAQ reports a 30-day guarantee but their website’s front page shows they offer a 60-day guarantee.

However, VitalSleep’s one-year guarantee - and offering of two different sizes - increases the chance that you can get the right size for you. If you order the wrong size, you can easily exchange it for another size.


Both companies offer free shipping but are vastly different.

PureSleep offers free shipping and online orders are received in one to two weeks with regular shipping and one week with express. Phone orders are said to arrive in three to four weeks or two weeks with express shipping.

They claim to provide international shipping on a “select list of countries” outside of the U.S.

VitalSleep provides free shipping anywhere in the world and ships on the same day the order is placed by 4 PM, PST.

Customer Ratings

When it comes to buying a new product, customer reviews are crucial to finding out more about it as well as the company and customer service.

TrustPilot - a third-party, independent review platform - allows companies to accept and display actual customer reviews and both VitalSleep and PureSleep have high TrustPilot reviews.

PureSleep has a 4-star (“Great”) TrustPilot rating while VitalSleep comes in with an almost 5-star (Excellent) TrustPilot rating.

Reviews of VitalSleep through an additional customer review platform, shows another nearly 5-star rating with over 700 customer reviews.

Further, the Better Business Bureau gives both companies an A+ rating (the best possible), however, PureSleep has a BBB customer review rating of only 1.5 stars compared to VitalSleep’s 3-star rating.


PureSleep suggests their product be replaced every six to nine months although some users may need to replace it more often if they grind their teeth.

VitalSleep suggests their product 1 year or more with regular use but longevity will vary depending on the amount of use. However, with a one-year replacement guarantee, individuals who grind their teeth are guaranteed to have a device that helps even if it wears out within that one year’s time.


PureSleep offers their device at a lower cost of $59.95 for one with their 30-day guarantee.

VitalSleep offers their mouthpiece for $69.95 with their one-year replacement guarantee, but they go further to offer a second mouthpiece and include a free anti-bacterial cleaner and sleep mask for $49 more for a total of $118.95.

While each product has their pros and cons, it is clear that VitalSleep wins this round with a better guarantee, free replacements, worldwide, same-day shipping, and exceptional customer reviews.

If you want to find out more about VitalSleep, visit our FAQs page or contact us today. If you are ready to begin getting a full night’s, restorative sleep, order today.

If you have questions about VitalSleep's adjustable and custom molded snoring device, visit our FAQ page or reach out and contact us today.

If you are ready to start having a full night of restorative sleep every night, place your order today.

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