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Sleep Library / Snoring Can Be Relieved By Adenoidectomy

Snoring Can Be Relieved By Adenoidectomy

Located at the back of the nose where it adjoins the throat, your adenoid is a tissue that is actually part of our immune system. However, when it becomes enlarged it can cause blockage in the back of the nose, thereby contributing to snoring - and in some cases severe sleep apnea.

How Do Large Adenoids Cause to Snoring?

When someone has loud snoring it can cause disruption of their sleep (and others in the household) that result in poor concentration during waking hours. The surgery is usually performed on children who suffer from this because in addition to the sleep apnea they often have frequent ear infections. That is because the adenoid is located next to the Eustachian tube which is responsible for healthy ears.

Therefore, blockage to the nasal passage is often responsible for ear inflammations and fluids resulting in ear infections. Without surgery to remove the adenoid the child can continue to exhibit poor sleep habits that often result in severe bed wetting and overall tiredness.

How Doctors Perform Adenoid Surgery To Stop Snoring

Surgery for removal of the adenoids is often done at the same time the tonsils are removed and is done under a general anesthetic. There are some instances when the adenoid grows back again but it is rarely required that it be removed again.

The actual procedure only takes approximately thirty minutes and often the child is able to go home the same day although if they are under the age of four they might require an overnight stay. The throat will be sore for a few days but an antibiotic will be prescribed to control nasal bacteria during the healing process which takes approximately ten days to completely heal.

In most cases the child can resume normal activities within two days. However, if there are any symptoms of head or neck ache or bleeding or dehydration or other abnormalities you should consult your physician immediately.