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Smart Nora Snoring Solution Review

Snoring will disrupt the sleep of both snorers and their partners, resulting in inadequate, rejuvenating sleep. The effects of this are well-documented including mental, emotional, and physical damage, not to mention the strain it can put on even the healthiest relationships.


Smart nora pillow


Anti Snoring Devices

Anti-snoring devices run the gamut from nasal dilators to special pillows and the Smart Nora is a relatively new option available to snorers that may help eliminate or reduce the amount of snoring for those with sleep apnea.

It was developed by a group of Toronto-based designers, engineers, and data scientists to help reduce snoring in a non-invasive way. We also have another article you may be interested in comparing the Vital Sleep anti-snoring device and Snorerx.

How Does the Smart Nora Pillow Work?

Most snoring is the result of throat and/or tongue blockage from when the throat muscles relax during sleep, obstructing the airway. If you’ve ever slept with a snorer, you have likely nudged them in their sleep in an attempt to get them to change positions or stop snoring.

Smart Nora is designed to do pretty much the same thing with the assistance of Bluetooth technology. The Smart Nora comes with a number of components:

  • Air pump
  • Control dial
  • Charger
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • An air tube
  • Inflatable
  • Storage box with flip top

The concept is relatively simple: the Bluetooth receiver responds to snoring sounds when they happen by activating the air pump which pushes air to the inflatable underneath the pillow, raising the head of the snorer. This activates the muscles of the throat to stop the snoring before it becomes loud enough to wake the snorer or sleep partner.

There are multiple settings - from low to high - to determine the extent of inflation. The “high” setting will elevate the head approximately four inches and low being around three.

The sensitivity of the Bluetooth receive is also adjustable to allow for activation in a room that has noise such as a television or outdoor noises and is best used in rooms that are quiet so it can pick up the sounds of snoring more easily.

Does Smart Nora Work?

Since Smart Nora focuses on the throat muscles, it has been an effective solution for many snorers. For some, however, the anti-snoring option may not be the best choice. Specifically, it is not FDA-approved and is not recommended to treat medical sleep-related disorders so individuals with chronic sleep disorders such as sleep apnea may not benefit from using it.

The company does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Pros and Cons of the Smart Nora Snoring Solution

Each individual is unique so here are some things to consider before trying the Smart Nora.



The Smart Nora does not require you to wear any head or mouthpieces.


The Smart Nora comes with a rechargeable battery that is supposed to last for 24 hours so it is an ideal option for traveling.

Easy to Set Up

The Bluetooth technology is relatively simple to set up.


The device can be used by individuals with dental implants, dentures, or partials.

Can Sleep In Any Position

The inflatable sleeve slides beneath the pillow so you can use it in any sleep position.


Requires Acclimating

Immediate results are not common and getting used to using it may take a few days. You will need to play around with the settings to determine the most effective setting for you.

May Not Work

For many users, the inflatable moved around too much to be effective because it needs to be in a specific position to work.

Smart Nora Price

The Smart Nora has a price tag of $329 + shipping is not an ideal choice for individuals who are seeking an anti-snoring solution on a budget.

Could Disrupt Sleep

Many who have used the Smart Nora complain that the noise of the air pump kicking on woke them up throughout the night, resulting in irregular sleep.

Can Cause Soreness

Neck, back, and shoulder soreness have been reported as a result of the elevation and movement of the pillow.

Since snoring affects so many peoples’ lives, it is important to get to know as much as possible about the many anti-snoring devices and solutions available to you. The Smart Nora appears to be effective for many but is not recommended for those with sleep apnea or other sleep disorders.

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