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Molding A Snoring Mouthpiece By VitalSleep


Step 1: Choose Men’s Or Women’s Size
Now available in 2 sizes. The women's size is 10% smaller to comfortably fit women's smaller mouths.

Each mouthpiece includes a protective travel case for free.
molding snoring mouthpiece
Step 2: Self-mold to your teeth
Heat in hot water for 60 seconds, cool in cold water for 3 seconds and then bite into the mouthpiece to create your individualized teeth impressions.

This self-molded fitting process provides a comfortable and secure fit.
getting custom teeth impressions snoring mouthpiece
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adjusting VitalSleep snoring mouthpiece
Step 3: Adjust The Lower Tray Forward.
With the patented Accu-Adjust System and the include adjustment tool, you can advance the jaw forward. Precise jaw advancement opens the airway for better breathing.

Each mouthpiece includes a protective travel case for free.
  • ​Simply turn the screws to advance the jaw forward.  
  • ​Position the tray based on your snoring severity.
Step 4: Go To Sleep With VitalSleep
Sleep like you normally do. With your airway opened, your snoring will be reduced.

You'll wake up feeling well-rested while improving sleep quality and relieving daytime sleepiness.