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How it Works

The Big Picture

When bedtime comes, you want to sleep well and wake up feeling great. But, lots of things can make that hard.

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People have tried many ways to stop snoring, spending time and money, but often they don't look at the real cause of their snoring.

Common Myths and Misguided Attempts

There are many snoring fixes, but they're not all helpful. Some are pricey, complicated, or over the top. The frustration in dealing with snoring can lead us down different paths.

You may have even tried some of these remedies:

  • Propping up: Using pillows or wedges to lift your head and body.
    • Rolling over: Sleeping on your side, or even tying a ball to your shirt to keep off your back.
      • Losing weight: Snoring happens in people of all sizes, not just those who are overweight.
        • Nasal strips: These help open your nose but don't solve snoring itself.
          • Spending more: Buying a fancy mattress or adjustable bed.
            • Surgery: Nasal and throat surgery, but they can have risks.

            Often, bed partners end up using earplugs or white noise machines for some peace.

            A Simpler Way to Understand Snoring

            As you sleep, your throat muscles relax, which can partly block your airway. This causes the snoring sound.

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            The best way to stop snoring is to deal with its cause. VitalSleep helps by moving your lower jaw and tongue forward, making more space to breathe and reducing snoring.

            It's like what doctors and dentists do for snoring, but cheaper.

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            A Proven Snoring Solution

            Using VitalSleep is simple. Mold it to your teeth, adjust it for your snoring level, and sleep. You'll wake up feeling well-rested.

            We've been making VitalSleep for 10 years. It's FDA-cleared, high-quality, and comes with the best warranty in the industry.

            It's designed to be comfortable, help you breathe better, and not hurt your jaw.

            Our goal is to give you the best snoring solution.

            For most users, it works the first night. Soon, you'll sleep better, snore less, and be glad you chose VitalSleep

            Ready to try it? We're here for you.

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