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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does VitalSleep work?

    VitalSleep is an easy to mold and adjustable mouthpiece that holds your lower jaw forward to keep your airway open and reduce snoring. By helping to keep your airway clear you'll experience increased airflow and quiet breathing as you sleep.

  • What is your money back guarantee policy?

    Try VitalSleep for 60 nights. If you are not happy with it we'll provide you with a 100% refund. Simply visit with your refund request.

  • How do I get a free replacement?

    Your VitalSleep order includes 100% free replacements for 2 years for any reason. Please visit or contct us at if you would like a free replacement.

  • How do I get a refund?

    Please email us at or go to to request your refund or free replacement.

  • When does my 60-day money back guarantee begin?

    In order of you to get the greatest length of time to try VitalSleep, your money back guarantee will begin the day your order is delivered to you.

  • When will my order ship?

    Your order will ship the same business day when ordered by 4pm EST Monday-Saturday. Shipping is currently free for all orders and delivery takes 2-4 business days within the USA. Order shipped outside the USA take approximately 7-14 business days.

  • Are there any custom fees or taxes for orders shipped outside the USA?

    We pay the shipping cost for orders shipped outside the country. However, the buyer is responsible for any and all customs fees, handling fees, or import taxes that a government may charge.

  • Do you ship to countries outside the USA?

    Yes! We ship to most international countries for free. Your will receive your order in approximately 7-10 days. Due to COVID-19 mail delays international orders may require a few more days for delivery. Buyers outside the USA are responsible any custom fees.

  • Do I have to return VitalSleep when I request a refund or free replacment?

    No. If the mouthpiece has been molded and used, then you do not have to return it for sanitary reasons. We will process your refund or send you a free replacement.

  • How can I track my order?

    Once we ship your order you will receive an shipping confirmation email with a tracking link. You can use the link provided to check your order status at anytime. Please check your spam box if you have not received it.

  • How long will VitalSleep last?

    Your VitalSleep device is durable and will last approximately 2 years with normal use. Longevity is dependent upon frequency of use and each user's individual conditions. We will replace your device for free for up to 1 year for any reason.

  • What is VitalSleep made of?

    VitalSleep is made of a durable outer plastic and inner thermal plastic that softens to mold to your teeth after heating it in hot water for 60 seconds. The 3 materials are Polypropylene (PP), and Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) The screws are nylon. All of the materials have undergone extensive testing that includes toxicology, sensitivity and biocompatibility assessments. It does not contane BPA, latex, silicone, or metal. The materials are made in the USA, and are formulated for medical applications that require FDA compliance.

  • I grind my teeth. Will VitalSleep help?

    Although VitalSleep is for the treatment of snoring, some users do experience decreased teeth grinding (bruxism).

  • Does VitalSleep replace a C-PAP?

    VitalSleep FDA-cleared to be sold over the counter for the reduction snoring so it is not a replacement for a C-PAP or other sleep apnea machine. Some medical professionals recommend mandibular advancement devices like VitalSleep for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and you should speak to your doctor to determine if a product like VitalSleep is suitable for you.

  • Can I wear VitalSleep with braces or retainers?

    Unfortunately, it can not be worn with braces or retainers. The mouthpiece will not fit properly.

  • What size should I order?

    VitalSleep is available in 2 sizes. Men should order the regular size and women should order the small size.

    We offer free size exchanges for any reason. Please contact us for a free size exchange or replacement.

  • Do you accept insurance?

    Sorry, we currently do not accept medical insurance.

  • What is the size difference between the men's and women's size?

    The smaller size for women is approximately 10% smaller in size.

  • Will it work with dentures, partials or crowns?

    You will need a majority of your teeth for VitalSleep to fit. Partials and crowns must be secure and at least 1 year old. VitalSleep will not fit unless the dentures are worn with the mouthpiece, however wearing VitalSleep with dentures may be uncomfortable and not recommended.

  • What if I do not fit VitalSleep properly?

    We will replace it for free. Each order comes with free replacements for 2 years. Simply email us at Used products do not have to be returned.

  • I am a man with a small mouth. What size should I order?

    We still recommend that you order the men's size. If it is too large please contact us and we will send you a free smaller size.

  • How do I fit VitalSleep?

    Simply immerse VitalSleep in hot water for 60 seconds, let it cool for a few seconds more, insert it into your mouth, gently bite down and press against your teeth. Please follow the instructions included with your order.

  • How do I adjust VitalSleep?

    VitalSleep has a left and right plastic, medical grade screw that are easily adjustable to move the lower half of the device forward or back. An adjustment hex tool is included with your order. Turning each screw clockwise brings the lower jaw forward and increases the opening of your airway.

  • How do I clean VitalSleep?

    VitalSleep can be cleaned by using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Denture tablets can also be used. You can also kill 99% of germs and bacteria by purchasing the OAP Mouthpiece cleaner. Click here to learn more.

  • How can I tell what size I received?

    The men's size will have a R+ on the right side of the mouthpiece and on the case it will be labeled Regular+ on the bottom of the case. The women's size would have a S on the right hinge of the mouthpiece and the word Small on the bottom of the case.

  • Can I breathe through my mouth with VitalSleep?

    Yes. VitalSleep will allow you to also breathe through your mouth if needed. Many snorers experience nasal congestion or blockage and therefore are required to be able to breathe through their mouth.

  • Are the any delays due to COVID-19?

    Deliveries within the USA are not delayed however some orders shipped outside the USA may be delayed multiple days due to mail restrictions.

  • Will VitalSleep work if I have an large overbite?

    We do not recommend VitalSleep for users with a large overbite.

  • Does VitalSleep treat sleep apnea?

    Unless otherwise directed by a dentist or physician, VitalSleep should only be used to reduce snoring.

    Some medical professionals recommend mandibular advancement devices like VitalSleep to treat obstructive sleep apnea and you should speak to your medical doctor or dentist to determine if a product like VitalSleep is suitable for you.

  • What are my payment options?

    We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal as forms of payment.

  • How do I check my Online Order Status (Tracking info & more)?

    Once we receive your order, you will receive an order confirmation with a tracking link. The link will be updated with a tracking number when your order is shipped.

  • Can I receive my order the next day?

    We're sorry but we do not offer next day delivery at this time. USPS first class mail orders usually arrive in 2-4 days within the USA and we will ship your order the same day when your order is received by 4pm eastern time.


We're convinced you'll sleep quietly with VitalSleep that if for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know within 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your money. You don't even have to return the used device. It's a promise.

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