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What Is The Best Aid For Snoring?

The National Sleep Foundation conducted numerous Sleep in America polls in the early 2000s. They found that 37% of people reported that they snored at least a few nights each week. In the same poll, 27% of people reported that they snored loudly leach night. Many people have tried various snoring aids over the years to help them cope with snoring. In these polls, people reported trying over the counter stop snoring aids like nasal strips and homeopathic remedies to help them deal with their snoring. Many of these so-called “snoring aids” provide minor relief but are not viable long-term solutions.

What Causes Snoring?

Generally, there are four factors that can contribute to snoring:

  • Aging: As a person ages, the throat muscles tend to relax more frequently during sleep, facilitating snoring.
  • Anatomical: Enlarged adenoids or tonsils, nasal polyps, or a deviated septum cause the airway to shrink at night, causing snoring.
  • Respiratory Issues: Allergies, inflammation of the airway, and respiratory infection can cause snoring.
  • Lifestyle Choices: Alcohol, sleep position, muscle relaxants, and obesity are also known to cause snoring in adults.

Snoring can also have an adverse impact on how people feel throughout the day. People who snore may:

  • Experience sleepiness throughout the day
  • Have headaches in the morning
  • Notice fluctuations in their weight
  • Wake up not feeling rested
  • Notice lapses in their attention, concentration, and their memory
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How To Fix Loud Snoring

If you suffer from loud snoring, you are probably also keeping your partner up at night. According to Psychology Today, 20 to 40% of couples sleep in separate bedrooms because of loud snoring. Snoring is frequently a focal point of frustration and shame within a relationship. The person who is kept awake by loud snoring tends to grow resentful of their partner. The snorer will often feel guilty, ashamed, and helpless about how their snoring keeps their partner up at night. In fact, the snorer will often avoid seeking help because they are feeling ashamed.

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There are many different solutions to help fix loud snoring:

  • Lose weight: A doctor or nutritionist can help set a diet plan to get your weight under control. Losing weight will reduce the amount of tissue that compresses your airway while you sleep.
  • Change your sleeping position: Elevating your head at night or sleeping on your side might help keep your airway open at night, reducing snoring.
  • Treat allergies or respiratory issues: Have your doctor look at the medications you take for your allergies. By getting your allergies under control, you will be able to breathe easily through your nose while you are asleep.
  • Stop using alcohol: Limit alcohol consumption to at least two hours before you go to sleep. Alcohol causes your airway to relax, contributing to snoring.
  • Choose a snoring aid mouthpiece: VitalSleep® offers a snoring mouthpiece to help people stop snoring immediately.

How To Stop Snoring Immediately With A Snoring Aid

Lifestyle changes, such as weight loss, often take time to reduce snoring. You might also find that different sleeping positions are not comfortable for a good night’s rest. Snoring aids, like the VitalSleep® anti-snoring mouthpiece, work the first night you use them. Here are some tips for choosing the right snoring aid:

  • Choose a snoring mouthpiece that his micro-adjust capability: The VitalSleep® anti-snoring mouthpiece has up to 8mm of adjustability and is the only snoring aid on the market with the Patented Accu-Adjust System.
  • Choose a product that has a “try before you buy” policy: VitalSleep® has a night money back guarantee and also comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty.
  • Look for snoring aids that are customized to fit: VitalSleep® comes in two convenient sizes and can be easily fit with the boil and bite method.
  • Use a snoring aid that has a larger mouth hole: The VitalSleep® mouthpiece has a large opening for better breathing while you sleep.
  • Chose a snoring aid made from the best materials: VitalSleep® is manufactured with materials that are certified for medical use by the FDA. Our product is manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the USA.

VitalSleep® Is the Best Snoring Aid for a Good Night’s Rest

People who participated in the Sleep In America poll reported being happier and healthier once they stopped snoring. People who found relief for their snoring reported:

  • Rarely feeling tired when they went about their day
  • Felt more optimistic about life and were generally happier
  • Were more relaxed and peaceful at work
  • Experienced a 75% satisfaction with their life when they no longer snored.

Choosing the right snoring aid will also help you improve your health and performance at work. People who get a full night’s rest report:

  • Not getting sick as often
  • Easily maintaining a healthy weight
  • A lower risk of serious health problems
  • Better attention, concentration, and memory
  • Lower stress levels at work and the ability to get along better with family and friends

People who use VitalSleep® as a snoring aid experience relief from snoring. VitalSleep® provides snoring relief by gently moving your jaw forward, effectively enlarging the oropharyngeal airway.  With its easy to use adjustable lower tray, two size choices and comfortable fit, VitalSleep® is the best stop snoring product on the market. VitalSleep utilizes a boil-and-bite method for the initial fit which allows for the best, most customized fit available. Ranked as the best snoring aid, VitalSleep® offers a 60-night money back guarantee and a full year unlimited warranty. Feel free to compare VitalSleep with our top competitors to see the difference for yourself.

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