How To Get Your Spouse To Stop Snoring


Snoring is the most common cause of disturbed sleep in adults. Researchers have proved that people may wake up as many as 30 times during an hour because of snoring as they cannot experience peaceful sleep. This may not only hinder their effectiveness but also keep them tired throughout the day. Why does snoring occur is answered by both physiological and functional reasons.

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Physiological and Functional Causes:

The physiological reasons may include obstructive sleep apnea is lack of oxygen occurring from the excessive amount of fat tissue in the neck or in the abdomen, which may put additional pressure on the diaphragm during lying position ultimately obstructing the breathing pattern. In contrast, the functional causes may include loss of tone of the structures in the back throat resulting in the vibrational sounds.

These structures are under the control of the autonomic nervous system specifically the IX (glossopharyngeal), X (vagus) and the phrenic nerve. Any dysfunction in the conduction of these nerves may result in the disturbance of the breathing mechanism of lungs and breathing especially during sleep ultimately producing snores. These nerves and the autonomic nervous systems are mostly affected by Thiamine deficiencies, in diabetic or prediabetics and people having insulin deficiencies. Why this happens is because of the reason that all these pathological conditions may end in peripheral neuropathy affecting the autonomic nervous system.

Medically and scientifically, people reporting with snoring are generally found to be obese and are advised to reduce weight. This is because obesity produces extra fat on the muscle mass. Second, most obese people are either prediabetic or are generally thiamine deficient, ultimately supplementing the causes behind snoring.

Solutions to Prevent Snoring:

If sleep apnea is present then improving breathing while sleeping is necessary. It can be achieved by using certain devices causing a wider opening of the jaw to allow more space for breathing or CPAP which may provide additional oxygen. However, either of the devices can apparently cause discomfort in the people and may not turn out as a long-term sustainable solution because of the difficulty they possess. Hence, among all major therapeutic options for snoring the major solution lies in the intake of Vitamin B1 as it has several functions in the body.  

First, it strengthens the autonomic nervous system. Second, it helps the breathing centers of the brainstem and third; it facilitates the diaphragm in the breathing processes. In addition to its intake, the other option includes the reduced intake of carbohydrates and modifications in the dietary patterns as an excessive amount of carb can hinder the B1 uptake in the body.

One of the good options can be to opt for intermittent fasting or a healthy keto diet. Both may serve two functions: reducing the intake of carbohydrate and reducing the excessive weight, the two major causes behind the problem. Not to ignore, vitamin D3 also plays a significant role in declining the delta wave curve of the sleep, thereby allowing the person to have a peaceful resting time without the repeated episodes of wakefulness. It also maintains the circadian rhythm during sleep, and that is why people who tend to work more under the sun are observed to have a peaceful sleep.

All these solutions, if better implemented, can definitely create an impact that will be positive, healthy and snore-free.



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