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Vital Sleep Device For Snoring - Customer Reivew

This video shares the Vital Sleep snoring mouthguard review from an actual user.

Customer Review

Hi there, my name is Jeanette and I'm here to do an honest review of a product that I followed that is really helping a situation that I'm sure a lot of people in this country are dealing with.

So, within the last six months, my husband has told me that my snoring has become a very huge issue for him and he is a truck driver and has to get up at 430 in the morning and so me keeping him awake at night is dangerous. Because if he gets behind his head, the wheel of his truck, you know, hauling 80,000 pounds, it could be deadly for him or for anyone else.

So, anyway, I downloaded an application on my Android phone, and I'm sure it's available on Apple as well, to record and score what my snoring looks like and I was shocked to play it back and listen to what he's been dealing with listening to me. Anything over a 50 is considered loud and it reads it from like that when it's quiet, sleep, loud and epic and I had many episodes where I was considered epic, which is very loud, very consistent for a long duration of time. So, when I listened to it back, I felt so terrible. So, I started doing the research, trying to find something that would help me. 

A lot of people said I should go to a sleep study, but I also have a Fit bit and my oxygen levels never, you know, seem to be dipping to where I would think that I was stopping breathing. I think what was happening for me is everything was relaxing in my throat and it just caused that rumbling and that sound to come out.

So anyway, right before Christmas, I got a new product. Now prior to that, I did try a couple of different things that did not work for me and I'm going to name them because I returned them after just a couple nights, they did not work. But I found this product and because it had talked about placement of the jaw and things like that this could be the answer for me. It is called vital sleep and I got it right before Christmas and I decided to use it one night with my snore score thing. So they can monitor the difference between not having the vital sleep, and then having it in to see if there was a difference and the very first night, my score dropped from almost 60 was like 59 down to a 30. Now mind you I was sleeping on the couch still. So I was not in my normal habit in my normal bed.

So I you know attributed that could be part of it. The second night using this product, it dropped to a 14. Now let that sink in. It dropped from almost 60 to a 14. I went back and listen to it and literally, the spots that it said it was picking up was just soft breathing, there was no snore coming from this device at all. So that to me, meant that this is obviously going to be a win for me. So, it's got a few design things that are really great. I did that try any other mouth guards and that's actually what it is. It is a mouth guard. It's got a boil and bite system. So this blue.

Actually, if you look closely, it molds to your teeth. So you boil it for three minutes and you want to use a tongue and you dip it in the boiling water and then you dip it in some cold water for just a few seconds. You put it in your mouth and you bite down on it and it forms to your teeth and then you put it back in the cold water and carts. No it's not. You know, if you don't do it right the first time, you're not out of luck, because you can boil it again, and then re bite. So here was my experience. I boiled it the first time and I used it for two nights, and my jaw was sore and my teeth were sore and I feel like I didn't bite hard enough on it.

So there wasn't a whole lot of room for everything to you know it's kind of crunched in there. So I did boil it again and that time I really get the heck out of it to get nice deep impressions. So since then, the only thing that I've noticed as I have a front crown and that is a little tender in the morning, and I think I probably bite down on it in the middle of the night and so that could have something to do with it.

But comfort wise it has this little hole in the front so that you can breathe through it and it just keeps everything where it's supposed to be. My job is fall back anymore. But the other nice thing is, I haven't had to do any adjustments on it. But if you needed to, there's a couple little screw holes in here and that will actually advance the bottom job portion forward. So you can make adjustments if having it just normal isn't working for you can make some adjustments to it. But again, for me, I did not have to do that.

It comes with a nice little carrying case that you can keep it in to help keep it nice and high jet hygienically stored. All I do with it is I use my toothbrush and toothpaste and I cleaned it out.

But you could use you know, a denture cleaner or something like that as well to keep it nice and clean. It comes with a money back guarantee 60 days to try it and make sure that it works for you and if you find out that it's not working, you send it back.

There's no questions asked. Because I only tried a couple other things, there are lots of mouth guards on the market. I haven't tried them, because I landed on this one and when I see that it drops my score from almost 60 to the lowest it's been was 10 and that, to me is amazing and it's funny if I could show it to you, I would but it shows you the spikes. In the beginning of the night, my husband is one who falls asleep with the TV on.

So you'll see all the spikes on that end, and then it's completely leveled off the rest of the time and there's just no sound, it's peaceful and I'm sure he loves me for it because I'm not keeping him awake anymore. So, if you or someone you know needs this product, I have attached some affiliate links for you. I would love for you to click on it, give it a try. It's worth it to at least try it. There's no risk 60 nights to try it and you can send it back for a money back guarantee. I hope this review was helpful. Thank you.


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