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Ever Sleep 2 Personal Sleep Monitor

"Love this product! Easy to use, and provides clear feedback that has helped me improve the quality of my sleep."
- EverSleep User

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How EverSleep2 Works

Micro USB charging and Bluetooth uploading.

Mobile app seamlessly connects device, monitors sleep quality & coaches you in the morning.

Award & Nominations

National Sleep Foundation SleepTech 2017 Semi-Finalist

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Goal Tripled

IOT/WT Innovation World Cup 2017 Nominee

Arrow Electronics Technology Certification

Arrow Electronics 2017 Recipient $50K Flash Funding Grant

Product Details

    Fitness trackers only use movement to tell if you are restless. Eversleep answers the real question: Why are you tired?

    Eversleep is a highly specialized sleep tracker that analyzes complex relationships between:

  • Blood Oxygen - possible sleep apnea
  • Movement - restless sleep
  • Snoring - airway obstructions
  • Pulse Rate - autonomic disturbance
  • Insomnias - 5 different types

  • Eversleep is the ONLY tracker to give specific coaching for all of these different sleep disturbances!

Product Benefits

1. Minimal & Smart Design

2. Micro USB charging, Bluetooth uploading

3. Mobile app seamlessly connects device, monitors sleep quality & coaches you in the morning

4. Confortable design that doesn't pinch like others

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EverSleep?

    EverSleep is the world's most advanced consumer sleep tracker. We use hospital-grade infrared oximetry technology to monitor your blood oxygen level 30 times per second while you sleep. We combine this with pulse rate measurement and movement to generate a complete physiological analysis of your night.

Why is EverSleep different than other sleep trackers?

    Wearable trackers like the FitBit, Apple Watch, etc., can only measure your movement while you sleep - they rate your sleep by how much you move. Eversleep measures your blood oxygen level, pulse rate, AND movement to help you determine WHY you are sleeping badly.

What do we get when we order EverSleep?

In the package you get the EverSleep wrist device with attached finger sensor and a comfortable silicone strap, a USB charging cord, a small roll of medical tape (if the sensor needs a little help staying on over night) and the free app.

How do I know if I need Eversleep?

Snore? Light sleeper? Trouble falling or staying asleep? Tired during the day? Morning headaches? Does your spouse say you seem to stop breathing during the night? Have sleep apnea? Using a CPAP machine and want to monitor your oxygen levels over time? Are you losing weight and want to measure sleep improvements?

If you answered YES to any of the above, Eversleep is for you. Eversleep can do all of this in the palm of your hand because it is the only sleep tracker to measure your oxygen levels continuously during the night and coach you to better sleep in the morning.

EverSleep User Reviews

"I often sleep through the hypopnoeic episodes and even my wife has got used to them! I had my latest surgery in January 2019 and didn’t know whether it was effective or not. A single hospital sleep study doesn’t reflect normal nights. The anxiety about this affected my sleep. EverSleep has shown that I am now only having rare hypopnoeic episodes (AHI 2 - 4) and this knowledge in itself makes me sleep better."


Eversleep User

"Very good product. Provides excellent information, particularly on blood oxygen levels and heart rate. The information on sleep time and its breakdown is good but can be fooled if you lay very still like I do. The unit has been very helpful to me in better understanding my sleep apnea and insomnia issues. I am on a CPAP that has not fully resolved my central sleep apnea but has corrected my obstructive sleep apnea. Provides good information to discuss with your doctors. The product is worth the price."


Eversleep User

"Sleeping much better now - I've been using Eversleep for a couple of months now. It has really helped me figure out the reasons I don't sleep well and has guided me to make changes that result in a good nights sleep. I love the coaching feature. That's what helps me the most. I'm almost 60 now. While I don't now sleep as well as when I was a teenager, Eversleep has gotten me to sleep better than I have in the last 20 years."


Eversleep User