The Impact Of Snoring And How It Can Be Stopped

The effects of snoring can result in poor quality sleep, embarrassment and daily fatigue. Affecting 1 in 2 adults, snoring can cause issues in sleep health, relationships, and energy levels.

Snoring is caused by obstruction of the air passageway between the throat and nose. As you sleep, the muscles in and around the throat area relax and cause narrowing of the airway. The snoring sound is caused as air is pushed through the obstructed area, causing the soft throat/nose tissue to vibrate.

While snoring is more prevalent in men than women, snoring can be a chronic problem or may occur intermittently.

It can become a serious medical issue for a person of any age or gender. The two most common concerns directly caused by snoring are daytime drowsiness and heart disease often associated with sleep apnea. And about 50% of those who snore may be affected by sleep apnea. There are common issues that can either cause snoring or make it significantly worse shown below.

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Getting Older

The aging process can lead to decrease muscle tone of throat and airway muscles leading to an increased occurrence of snoring

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Sleeping positions

Sleeping on your back can lead to an increased incidence of snoring due to the effects of gravity on the tongue and soft tissues of the throat.

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Alcohol consumption

Alcohol is a powerful muscle relaxant. Drinking alcohol before bed can cause an increased likelihood of snoring.

Anatomical abnormalities

Several anatomical abnormalities that can cause a higher prevalence of snoring. Issues such as: nasal polyps, enlarged tonsils, adenoids,
or a deviated nasal septum.

Functional abnormalities

Functional abnormalities can also cause snoring issues. These include:
inflammation of the throat or nasal passages, allergy symptoms, respiratory distress.

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This is one of the largest risk factors. Excess fatty tissue deposits around the neck and throat area cause disruption in air flow, leading to snoring.

Occasionally, the throat muscles, including the tongue, intermittently relax and block your airway during sleep

This can be a serious medical condition called obstructive sleep apnea. This occurs in roughly 50% of snoring cases. If you suspect you or your loved one is suffering from sleep apnea, it's recommended that you see a medical doctor.

Dentists and medical professionals are beginning to recommend anti-snoring mouthpieces, specifically designed to move the jaw forward for better airflow. These devices can reduce and stop snoring,

Choosing the right anti-snoring mouthpiece is important. Below, we will discuss how the VitalSleep® mouthpiece works to reduce snoring and how you can try one.

How Does the VitalSleep Snoring Solution Work?

The patented VitalSleep® mouthpiece was designed to improve sleep by reducing snoring.

From its custom molded adjustable tray to the FDA certified medical grade materials used, it's one the the world's most popular anti-snoring devices. Here’s how it works

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Better Breathing

VitalSleep opens your airway: so you can breathe quietly without snoring and without waking your loved ones.

Fits Men and Women

Easy to use: it's adjustable jaw placement functionality quiets annoying snoring the first night, by targeting the cause of snoring unlike other products.

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Personalized Fit

Custom boil and bite fit: personalized teeth impressions comfortably and securely hold your mouthpiece in place for an effective snoring solution.

Adjustable Design

Patented Accu-Adjust mechanism: allows for precise lower jaw advancement according to your snoring level and allows you to readjust as needed.

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VitalSleep is easy to use and effective. It has helped over 400,000 snorers in the past 10 years.

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves a restful nights’ sleep. With the correct help you can achieve that goal.

The internet is full of substandard appliances, often manufactured in countries with no safety regulations, that can be inexpensively obtained but pose a substantial health risk.

At VitalSleep®, our mouthpieces are proudly manufactured in the United States and it is FDA-cleared, plus it's made of medical grade, latex-free, and BPA-free materials that are safe for use in oral appliances.

Click here to order your VitalSleep® mouthpiece today or call us at 866-753-3780.

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Why should I Try It?

Choosing the best and most effective snoring mouthpiece to stop snoring can seem confusing.

What features make it effective? What are the best and safest materials for an appliance that will be in my mouth during the night?

How will I know if it will fit?

These are some of the many important questions we see here at VitalSleep®.

Here are some of the criteria we believe makes our mouthpieces superior to other anti-snoring devices on the market.

Adjustable jaw advancement of up to 8mm: Advancing the lower tray opens the airway in your throat and improves breathing while you sleep.

Guarantee to fit: With a slim profile plus an adjustable and moldable fit, VitalSleep is guaranteed to fit comfortably or your money back.

Custom Impressions: Our moldable trays provide a custom and individualized fit to the user’s teeth for optimum comfort.

Materials: We utilize only materials that have been certified for medical use by the FDA. Substandard appliances, often manufactured in countries with no safety regulations, can be inexpensively obtained but pose a substantial health risk.

Versatility: VitalSleep® allows you to sleep comfortably and soundly in any position, breathing through the mouth or nose.

Durable, high quality material: Using only the finest materials means you will get at least 2 years of relief with a VitalSleep®.


Easy to use and highly comfortable, you can’t afford to spend another night without the VitalSleep® mouthpiece.

Selecting the most effective mouthpiece doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right information, this should be the easiest decision you ever make. Combing FDA approved materials with our innovative design gives you a highly versatile customized mouthpiece that will provide you with a more restful, quiet and happy nights’ sleep.

Try VitalSleep® And Reclaim A Good Night's Sleep

A restorative & deep sleep will aid mental function, help maintain a healthy weight and increase energy and physical function. With our 60-day money back guarantee, you could be well on your way to a more restorative, peaceful nights’ sleep. At a fraction of the price you would pay for professionally manufactured mouthpieces, our patented VitalSleep® mouthpiece will open your airway and effectively curb your snoring habit. Visit us today at to order.

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