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4 Causes Of Snoring And How To Stop It

Are you trying to cure your snoring or your partner’s?   


Here are 4 common causes of snoring and how to eliminate them.   


  1. Sleeping On Your Back


When you sleep on your back, your throat and tongue muscles relax and fall backwards, blocking your throat which causes snoring.


Try sleeping on your side instead. And if you roll onto your back during the night, sew tennis balls to the back of your pajama top to prevent this. A body pillow can also help side-sleeping. 


  1. Alcohol Before Bedtime


Sleep relaxes your throat muscles. When you drink before bedtime, the alcohol relaxes them even more. The muscles expand and block your airflow as you sleep. 


Avoid drinking alcohol close to bedtime. Where possible, don’t drink four to five hours before hitting the sack. 


  1. Stuffed Nose


Nasal congestion can obstruct your nostrils and cause you to snore. To decongest, take a hot shower before bed. Try saline drops or a neti pot to clear out your nose. Nasal strips also help by expanding your nostrils. 


  1. Your Nose and Throat


Structural issues within your body can block your airway and cause snoring.


VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is designed to gently hold your jaw forward during sleep to keep your airway clear and alleviate snoring. VitalSleep is FDA-cleared and completely adjustable for maximum effectiveness and comfort.