VitalSleep Vs. Zyppah

There are a number of different options for those who are trying to stop snoring (or help their partner stop snoring). In severe cases, medical intervention may be necessary but many have found the use of an adjustable snoring mouthpiece like Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) to be effective in stopping their snoring.

While all brands of MADs are similar, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. In this post, we will compare the VitalSleep mouthpiece and Zyppah.

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Starting With Customers

Today’s consumers have technology at their fingertips and companies are frequently providing reviews on their websites to show potential customers what real people are saying about their products and services. That’s because a large percentage of today’s shoppers seek reviews before making a purchase decision.

This is particularly true when it comes to medical decisions, including anti-snoring devices. Before purchasing any medical device, it is helpful to check reviews.

In the case of Zyppah VS VitalSleep, you won’t find any reviews on Amazon about VitalSleep (the product is not available on Amazon) but you will find that Zyppah has more than 400 ratings that result in an average of 2.5 stars

VitalSleep’s average reviews through TrustPilot shows an almost perfect 5-star rating from more than 700 customer reviews.

Further, a scan of the Better Business Bureau’s website shows VitalSleep’s parent company, has an A+ rating (the highest possible) and a three-star rating.

However, Zyppah receives a C grade from the BBB and an astonishing 1-star customer rating. According to the BBB, Zyppah has a “pattern of complaints concerning alleged failure to process refunds and customer service issues” and the BBB has tried to help them improve their customer’s experiences but have not yet heard back from the company.

Reading through the reviews, there appears to be issues with the Zyppah staying in the sleepers’ mouths, refund/customer service problems, and discomfort.

It is quickly evident that customers prefer VitalSleep over Zyppah.

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Both VitalSleep and Zyppah offer the boil-and-bite method of customization which allow you to have a better-fitting mouthpiece.

The most distinguishable physical difference between the Zyppah and VitalSleep MADs is the tongue strap on Zyppah.

The patented Z-Factor™ tongue strap on the Zyppah is intended to hold the tongue similar to the way a seatbalt holds you. Indeed, sometimes the tongue can come back and cause snoring and this design can be helpful.There are, however, many reviewers saying this tongue strap caused them to gag because either the device is too large or the strap is too far back on their tongue and Zyppah is very open about the way their product will cause drooling.

There are, however, many reviewers saying this tongue strap caused them to gag because either the device is too large or the strap is too far back on their tongue and Zyppah is very open about the way their product will cause drooling.

VitalSleep also offers two different sizes - Men’s and Women’s - so if you order a small and it doesn’t fit properly, you can exchange it for the larger one. This offers users a better chance at having a mouthpiece that fits their jaw size.


VitalSleep offers a unique Accu-Adjust System that allows users to gradually increase the length of lower-jaw adjustment with 1mm increments, up to 8 mm. This allows you to slowly get accustomed to the device without as much discomfort.

Zyppah does not have any adjustments available so if you receive it and it is too large or small for your mouth, you cannot make any changes to make it fit better.

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Since people have different size mouths having more than one size available to purchase is important. VitalSleep in two sizes: men’s and women’s, with the women's size approximately 10% smaller. Zyppah is available in 1 size.


VitalSleep offers a 60-night guarantee; if you are not completely satisfied, the company will refund the purchase price without question. Users simply need to contact their support to get a refund.

Zyppah offers a longer, 90-day guarantee but, based on the complaints by the Better Business Bureau, their complex, complicated refund policy has caused a number of poor customer experiences.

Indeed, if you read about their refund policy, Zyppah requires returns to be accompanied by an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) which is obtained by contacting customer service.

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Further, VitalSleep offers a full 1 year of free replacements if their MAD stops working for any reason. The process is a simple matter of emailing the company or visiting their returns web page.

Conversely, Zyppah claims on their FAQ page that with regular use, their device should be replaced every three to four months, although a number of Amazon reviewers claimed theirs broke or stopped working not long after a month.


Zyppah’s Terms & Conditions show that orders are shipped within three to five days and include a shipping charge. You can ask that orders be shipped by a faster method such as overnight shipping, but these orders must be completed by 3 PM, PST.

It is unclear whether the company offers international shipping or not.

VitalSleep offers same-day shipping on orders placed by 3 PM PST, with no charge and will ship to almost anywhere in the world.

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Both VitalSleep and Zyppah are FDA-approved but it is unclear what the Zyppah device is constructed of or where it is manufactured.

Conversely, VitalSleep is manufactured, assembled, and packaged in the U.S.A. with U.S.A- sourced materials.


While having a restorative, peaceful night’s sleep shouldn’t have a price, MADs come in a variety of costs.

For $99.95, you can purchase a Zyppah (or purchase two for $169.95). The company recommends against using toothpaste and suggests you use a special cleaner - also sold by them - for $17.95.

VitalSleep’s FAQ reveals the mouthpiece can be cleaned simply using toothpaste and a toothbrush but they, too, offer an OAP Mouthpiece Cleaner that kills 99 percent of germs and bacteria for $14.95.

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Considering the Zyppah recommends their device be replaced every three to four months, where VitalSleep offers free replacements for 2 years clearly VitalSleep appears to be the better deal, cost-wise.

When you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep, investing in a device that ends up disappointing, can be very frustrating - especially if the company does not keep their word about refunds and guarantees - so we think it is important to read the reviews and research the companies individually so you can make the best choice for yourself.

If you would like to find out more about VitalSleep, feel free to contact us today or take a look at our FAQ where we answer many questions. If you’ve already decided to give VitalSleep a try, order your MAD now.

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