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Kate from New Zealand shares her success story from using VitalSleep to help her stop snoring, get better sleep and improve her relationship.


When I first began a relationship with Kate, 4 years ago, she wasn't a snorer. Over the years she began strange breathing and then full-blown snoring. I found that when I went to bed I was rushing to try to get to sleep before her in order to get some actual sleep. Kate would fall asleep and snore almost straight away. Her snoring would be so loud that I would lie awake in bed for hours. Even nudging her to roll onto her side didn't help! I ended up trying earplugs and could still hear the snoring. I purchased some expensive noise cancelling earplugs and these didn't work either.

I have shared care of my 6yr old son and on the nights he was at the other parent's house, I would go downstairs and sleep in his bed just to get some sleep. The snoring got worse as time went on..

I know that Kate was researching assistance online, and when she saw Vitalsleep online, with the super easy money back guarantee she thought she'd purchase the Vitalsleep mouthpiece. She was willing to give anything a go to help me get some sleep - I was pregnant and needed all the sleep I could get!Our baby boy was born

before Vitalsleep arrived in the mail. While we were in the Birthcare unit she was still keeping me awake – even though she was on the other side of the room in a separate bed. When we got home with our new addition, he was sleeping in the bedroom with us. Kate was waking BOTH of us up with her snoring! Unacceptable!

On the first night Kate received the mouthpiece she moulded it and it was ready to go. I was doubtful of it working and of her actually keeping a mouthpiece in whilst sleeping! I couldn’t think of anything worse than having something inside my mouth while I slept. When Kate started snoring that first night, I shook her and told her to put the mouthpiece in. The snoring stopped instantly. Initially, I thought she was lying in bed awake all night, to keep from snoring and that was why there was no noise, but eventually, I heard her relax with her breathing and fall asleep. I lay there anticipating the noise and wondering if I should go and sleep on the couch - I was exhausted and stressed... but, NO SNORING! I fell asleep and slept through the entire night!

I haven’t had ANY sleepless nights since as a result of her snoring. I would absolutely recommend the Vital Sleep mouthpiece to anyone who has snoring partners and anyone who wants a good nights’ sleep. Now I ONLY have to get up in the night and lose sleep feeding our baby boy!

Kate shares how she stopped snoring by using the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece.


My dad was an awful snorer and he also experienced the type of sleep breathing where he would stop breathing for long periods of time and scare my mother SILLY … with her thinking he had died in his sleep! He never did anything about it – I suspect that I have inherited his snoring! I was getting noise-control complaints from my partner, Amy, my 18 year old daughter, and my stepson. Amy said I sounded like a tractor! I had researched a number of ways to stop the snoring but they were either way too expensive or way too much of a hassle to try. I discovered Vitalsleep on the internet and noted the incredibly low price, AND the very simple money-back guarantee process – even to the extent that they offered a LONG trial period, AND they send you the packaging and pay for you to send it back if you are not satisfied. This was too good to be true – literally it would cost me NOTHING if it didn't work. It arrived in the mail from the States and I ignored it for a few days – I wasn't convinced anything would work so I guess I was delaying the inevitable. Also, I was concerned about sleeping with something in my mouth and waking up panicking that I couldn't breathe…

WELL… how wrong was I !! The first night I tried it I didn't snore. AND I could breathe the whole night through. I couldn't believe it. This Vitalsleep mouthpiece has never let me down. Now, I find that I can go to sleep without it and the moment I begin snoring my partner, Amy, wakes me up and I pop the mouthpiece in and everyone goes back to sleep INSTANTLY. I have no issues with breathing through it AT ALL. Once I got used to the feeling of it on the sides of my tongue, I was SET. And have never looked back. I almost feel like it has actually reduced my snoring as well… without me even using it the entire night! It's amazing.

They are an incredibly supporting company as well. I messaged them to find out what I could do as I have a crooked bottom tooth, and was finding that the outer plastic was pushing on this tooth. They immediately posted me a larger mouthpiece. Because the mouthpiece worked first time without even adjusting the plastic screws, one night a plastic screw fell out, and again they sent me a whole new replacement mouthpiece free of charge. They are hugely supportive and very generous. I think it would have been the beginning of separate bedrooms if it wasn't for Vitalsleep!

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