100% Money Back Guarantee• 1-Year Warranty • Free Shipping

100% Money Back Guarantee • 1-Year Warranty • Free Shipping


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Finally, Treat Snoring And Wake Up Feeling Well Rested

The fully customizable anti-snoring mouthpiece that has helped
over 300,000 snorers get a restful night's sleep.

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Choose from 2 sizes. Guaranteed to fit.


Tired of sleepless nights due to snoring?

Better sleep is possible with the patented, adjustable VitalSleep mouthpiece. Treat snoring and improve your breathing with the doctor recommended, FDA-cleared snoring solution.

You'll wake up feeling well rested with the custom molded VitalSleep snoring remedy without costly doctor visits or uncomfortable contraptions.

Yes! End My Snoring Problem

It's As Easy As

Order your size

Choose men's size or women's size. Your order ships same day when received by 4pm EST.

Custom fit to your mouth.

Boil and bite fit creates custom teeth impressions for a comfortable fit.

Wear to bed and get quiet sleep

After adjusting it for comfort go to sleep to wake up feeling refreshed.

Enjoy the Health benefits of quality sleep

Improve your breathing and get the quality sleep that you deserve. VitalSleep gives you and your partner peaceful sleep together. Try it for 60-nights risk free. Includes a 1 year unlimited warranty. 


Sale Price: $69.95
Men's Size Women's Size

Ships the same day. 1 year warranty.


The hundreds of thousands of satisfied users are the best measure of VitalSleep’s success.

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How is Vitalsleep different?

The patented Accu-Adjust System adjusts to your snoring needs to  open your airway.  Watch the 35 second video to learn how VitalSleep willl work for you the first night. 

Snoring has met it's match

Restore harmony in bedroom

Stop keeping your loved one awake and share peaceful sleep together.

Fully adjustable fit

Lower jaw positioning can be adjusted to your snoring needs.

Custom Teeth Impressions

Easy boil-and-bite fit creates a personalized, comfortable fit.

Breathe Easily & Sleep Quietly

Opens your airway, improves your breathing and reduces annoying snoring.

1 Year Warranty & Money Back Guarantee

Unconditional product warranty to ensure your satisfaction.


Helps improve the quality of your sleep.

Stop keeping your loved ones awake.

Personalized fit with custom teeth impressions.

Choose from men's or women's size.

Adjustable positioning for your snoring severity.

Guaranteed to fit or your money back.

FDA-cleared for effectiveness and your safety.

Proudly made in the USA of medical grade materials.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know within 60 nights and we'll refund your money. If we can't help you sleep better, we don't deserve your money. You don't even have to return the used device. It's a promise!

Yes! End My Snoring Problem