A Review OF The Good Morning Snore Solution

When you or your sleep partner snores, you will likely be tempted to try just about anything to resolve the issue. However, what works or doesn’t work will depend on the individual - as well as what is causing the snoring - so it is important to get as much information about a product as possible. 

good morning snoring solution

What Is Good Morning Snore Solution?

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a “tongue retention or stabilization device” (TRD) that has an appearance similar to an infant’s pacifier. The device fits in your mouth, between your lips and teeth and is used to stabilize the tongue through a vacuum.

A bulb on the device is squeezed which causes the tongue to be “sucked” into the bulb where it is supposed to prevent you from snoring by preventing the tongue from relaxing back into the throat.

The product is made with a plastic resin that is reported to be BPA- and BHA-free, sourced and manufactured in the U.S. and is FDA-approved. However, the wording is a bit tricky. Experts point out that TRDs are not FDA-approved and that is why most of these anti-snoring devices are not sold on Amazon (it’s against Amazon’s selling policy). Indeed, a search through the FDA Label Search yielded zero results for Good Morning Snore Solution.

But because they are not considered high-risk to consumer health, they are FDA approved for selling and marketing.

While it is a mouthpiece, it is not the same as a mandibular adjustment device (MAD) or other anti-snoring devices because it does not change your mouth or jaw.

Does Good Morning Snore Solution Work?

With the product unavailable on Amazon, it is difficult to find authentic product reviews.

For many, the Good Morning Snore Solution device was effective in helping to reduce their snoring. However, as with most mouthpieces it does take some getting used to and for some, it was not an ideal solution.

The Good Morning Snore Solution can be effective for people who snore but is not as effective for those with sleep apnea or other sleep conditions. The device is touted to last up to a year and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee   (minus shipping and handling).

They claim the device can fit anyone’s mouth because the material can be trimmed if it is too large to fit. However, trimming it improperly will render it useless so you will need to be careful if you find you need to reduce the size to fit.

Pros and Cons of the Good Morning Snore Solution

As with any anti-snoring device or solution, there are both pros and cons.


Works with denture-wearers

Since it does not attach to the teeth, dental work is unimportant.

Simple design

Since it is just one piece, there are no technical or complicated skills needed to use it.


The device is supposed to last for one year, up to two years, with regular use.


Tongue soreness

Some users have found the device’s suction is too hard on their tongue and made it quite sore. Additionally, the design of the device means your tongue is pulled to rest between your top and bottom teeth as you sleep.

Ineffective for those who snore due to sleep apnea

Sleep apnea 

For snorers with sleep apnea, the device is not effective.

Won’t work with congestion

Since the mouthpiece fits against your teeth, you will need to be able to breathe through your nose through the night. This means it won’t work if you are congested. It has also caused some users to wake up with nasal congestion.

Gum soreness/recession

The plastic pieces rest against the gums which can result in soreness and/or discomfort. It has also been reported that it can result in the gums around the lower canine teeth to recede.

Excessive Saliva

Many users complain of excessive saliva as a result of using the Good Morning TRD but the company explains this is expected but assures after the sleeper gets used to the device, the excess drooling will diminish.


The company sells their device through their website for $89.94 or a two-pack for $129.94, plus tax, shipping, and handling. 

When you are choosing an anti-snoring solution, be sure you know as much as possible about the product before buying. If snoring is causing a lot of strain on your relationship or has led to you sleeping in separate rooms, order your VitalSleep today so you and your partner can enjoy sleeping together comfortably again.
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