Best Foods That Help You Sleep Through The Night


How well did you sleep during the night? Not able to sleep until the wee hours of the morning? Well what you had in yesterday’s dinner, or even breakfast, could be blamed for your groggy eyes today. Many people face difficulty falling asleep. And a number of them while managing to fall asleep cannot stay asleep for long. Then there are those who face a problem in turning life “off” and going to sleep at a practical time.

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However, the health advantages of a fine night’s sleep are innumerable. Sleep helps in:

  • Keeping you happy
  • Keeping your brain sharp and active
  • Making sure that your immune system remains strong
  • Keeping your waistline trim and smart
  • Ensuring your skin is glowing and fresh
  • Lowering the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure

To solve all of the sleep related problems take a good look at what you are eating. Consuming the correct products in the hours prior to hitting the hay might lend a hand in helping you fall into a deep sleep faster and in addition to that most importantly this can even improve the quality of your sleep.

Bear in mind to stop eating approximately two hours ahead of your bedtime to present your body with enough time to digest the consumed food. 

The Food-Sleep Cycle

In the most recent years, the link connecting what we consume and the sleep cycle has surfaced as a vital piece in the corpulence puzzle. Not only can the correct food assist sleep, it can help you to lose weight.

Deficiency of sleep, on the other hand, has been discovered to stimulate the production of the appetite hormone Ghrelin, which leads to overeating.  Facts show that the longer, you sleep the smaller amount of calories you consume the subsequent day.

This shows that consuming the correct food for an enhanced night’s siesta is actually a win-win. It will assist you to sleep, which consecutively should help you to stay smart. Therefore, can you gobble your way to calmer and more peaceful sleep? Yes, you can! 

Foods Which will Help You Sleep Better

Numerous foods contain naturally occurring minerals that will help you sleep better. Here are a number of some good options to help you snuggle down for a night of calm and tranquil sleep.


A good number of fish and in particular tuna, halibut and salmon contain vitamin B6, a vitamin required to produce melatonin which is known to be a slumber inducing hormone which activates in the dark.


fish for sleeping better


Fish also contain DHA and EPA which are well known to diminish norepinephrine levels. Norepinephrine is an anxiety inducing hormone related to the fight-or-flight reaction and labors to raise the heartbeat rate amongst various other things.


Hard Boiled Egg

If you face problems in staying asleep during the night, it might be for the reason that you did not eat a dinner with high rates of protein, or maybe your dinner was excessively concentrated with plain, high-sugar level carbohydrates for instance candy and cake.

The problem of simple carbohydrates is that they place you on a high ‘sugar roller-coaster’ and then plummet your blood sugar level down while you are in a deep sleep, which then causes you to wake up at two or three in the morning.

A better option would be to have an egg, nuts, cheese or any other snack rich in protein as an alternative which would help you in not only falling asleep but remain so.

Pretzels and Corn Chips

Foods similar to corn chips and pretzels sport an elevated glycemic level. Once you have eaten them you will increase your insulin levels and blood sugar normally and thus decrease the time it usually takes for you to fall in a deep, peaceful sleep.

Usually, you would like stable levels to steer clear of insulin resistance and mood swings. Nevertheless for a good night’s rest, the insulin and blood sugar boost aids tryptophan to penetrate through your brain and hasten sleep.

Cherry Juice

A tall glass containing cherry juice would help you fall in a deep and calm sleep quicker because cherries, predominantly sharp-tasting ones, naturally enhance levels of melatonin.

In addition drinking tart cherry juice twice a day can lend a hand to help you nap just about ninety additional minutes each night.

The Top Tricks Leading to Better Sleep

Eat Early

Steer clear of eating your dinner later than four hours before going to bed, since this is going to optimize your melatonin and blood sugar levels. Eating too near to your bedtime, or extremely late during the nightime when you would usually be resting, may confuse the body’s inner clock and might lead to overindulging as well as weight gain.

Keep Away From Fatty Meals

Not only will oily takeaways destroy your diet, they will also keep the sandman away. Research has proven that people who consume greasy foods in the night clock less hours of sleep than the people who do not, therefore, stick to meat along with an abundance of vegetables.

Drink a Lot of Water

Researches portray that keeping hydrated leads to more sleeping hours. Endeavor to down approximately seven to nine glasses of water each day. However, if getting up to use the bathroom disturbs your sleep; evade liquids for at least three hours prior to your bedtime.

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