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Frequently Asked Questions

How does VitalSleep work?

VitalSleep is an adjustable, customizable boil-and-bite mouthpiece that gently positions your lower jaw forward (mandibular repositioning), to improve airflow into your lungs and allow for quiet breathing while you sleep. Learn more by visiting the How It Works page and watching the VitalSleep Video.

What materials are used to make VitalSleep?

VitalSleep is made of 100% USA sourced and USA manufactured flexible thermoplastic created by Dupont. VitalSleep is BPA-free and latex-free.

What is the shipping and handling cost?

Shipping and handling by USPS First Class mail cost $7.95, UPS Ground is $11.40 and orders shipped via these methods will be received in about 7 days or less. USPS 2-3 Day mail cost $18.90. For orders mailed outside the USA the USPS International Airmail shipping fee is only $9.90. We also ship to APO/FPO for $7.95. Times periods for USPS First Class and UPS ground are approximated and orders usually ship within 24 hours from NY.f

VitalSleep is FDA-cleared. What does that mean?

Is VitalSleep BPA free and Latex free?

Yes, VitalSleep is guaranteed BPA and Latex free. It is also PVC free.

Can VitalSleep be worn with Invisalign or braces?

No, VitalSleep can not be worn with Invisalign or braces.

Where is VitalSleep manufactured?

The VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is proudly manufactured in the USA, using all USA-sourced materials.

Can VitalSleep be purchased in a store?

No, VitalSleep can only be purchased through our website.

Is it common for VitalSleep to fall out of a user's mouth at night?

It may take a few days for a user's mouth to get accustomed to having a mouthpiece in it during sleep. As a result the body may push it out during sleep. This will lessen after a few days or regular use.

I am having difficulty affording VitalSleep. Can you help?

Yes, even though our product is competitively priced, we want everyone to have the opportunity to have quiet, peaceful sleep. We have a new financial assistance program available which could allow you to save money via greater discounts. Please contact us if you need help.

What comes with my VitalSleep?

-Protective, durable, secure storage case
-Instruction manual
-Sliding bite separator ensure proper fit

Can VitalSleep be used with dentures?

If the dentures are kept in the mouth while sleeping then VitalSleep can be used. VitalSleep can not be used if the dentures are removed when sleeping. If you wear partial dentures then you would need the majority of your front teeth if the dentures are removed at night. As always we offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason and 1 year of free replacements from date of original order.

Is there sales tax on VitalSleep?

There is no state or local sales tax on VitalSleep. There is a 2.3% federal exercise tax as of January 2013 for medical products such as VitalSleep.

Does VitalSleep open and close in a person's mouth?

No, it does not have the function of opening and closing. VitalSleep does allow for side to side jaw movement for greater comfort and effectiveness.

Can I sleep with my mouth open with VitalSleep?

Yes, you can sleep with your mouth open with VitalSleep. It allows for easier breathing if you are a mouth breather.

What do you mean by free replacements?

Just that! When you place your order, you will be directed to a page with your personal account number and purchase information. Print and save this information. If, for any reason, you need to replace your VitalSleep, we will send you replacements, free of charge, for one year from your purchase date.

What is your phone number for general questions?

You may call us from 8am-8pm EST at 866-530-1517. Our customer service representatives do not answer medical questions. Please consult your doctor or dentist. Ordering is not available by phone because completing our easy online health question form is required.

How does VitalSleep compare to the competition?

Please visit our comparison page by clicking here.

Tracking says my order was delivered, but I never received it

If your tracking number says that your package was delivered but you never received it, we have some suggestions:Give the package another few business days to arrive. Sometimes it is scanned at your local post office and will be delivered to your door shortly. Sometimes your package may be waiting for you at your local post office. Please physically go to your local post office to enquire whether they are holding your package. Be sure to give them your tracking number. If you live in an apartment building or apartment complex, enquire around to see whether a neighbor or the building manager is holding your package. If you live in a house, ask your surrounding neighbors if they took in your package, or if it was delivered to them by mistake. If your mailbox is in a bank of outdoor postal boxes, talk to your mail carrier to see whether your package was placed in a secure keyed-entry postal package lock box. If you believe that your package was stolen, you must notify your local postal inspector immediately, because mail fraud is a felony punishable to the full extent of the law.

Does VitalSleep come with a guarantee?

Yes, VitalSleep offers a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. And we will replace your VitalSleep with new devices for 1 year after purchase, for any reason, at no additional cost. We also allow free replacements for any reason for 1 year from your purchase date.

Is VitalSleep suppose to mold to each individual tooth?

No, VitalSleep provides a general impression and fit to a person's mouth.

VitalSleep is available in two sizes. Which one is right for me?

If you are not sure which size is right for you, we normally recommend the regular size for men and the small size for women. The smaller size is approximately 10% smaller in size than the regular size. If you purchase the wrong size, we will replace it for you immediately.

When does my 30-day guarantee start?

Your 30 day guarantee starts the day you receive your order. Unlike our competitors, we do not begin your guarantee period on the day the order is placed. Request for a refund must be made within this 30 day period. Shipping and handling is not refundable and the buyer is responsible for returning the product to us.

How long will it take for my VitalSleep to arrive?

Most orders are received in 7 days or less. Orders usually ship out within 24 hours M-F. Delivery times depend upon the shipping option you select during checkout:

What countries do you ship to?

VitalSleep ships internationally to all countries. Simply select your country in the drop-down menu during the checkout process. If you have any questions or do not find your country, please contact us for help at support@vitalsleep.com. PLEASE NOTE: Shipping and handling total presented at checkout does NOT include duties, tariffs or related brokerage fees.

I am having trouble affording VitalSleep. Can you help?

Yes, we want people to receive the best support available for better sleep. Please contact us at support@vitalsleep.com with your financial hardship request. We will review each request individually.

How do I get a replacement?

When you purchase your VitalSleep, you will be directed to a page detailing your order. Save, print, and file this information. When you require a replacement, simply go to our Returns and Replacements page and submit your request. If you have any difficulty or questions, please contact us: support@vitalsleep.com

What are the major complaints about VitalSleep?

We understand that VitalSleep will not help every user and that is why we offer a money back guarantee. The reasons vary based on the individual and their specific snoring conditions. The main complaints we have received include and are not limited, product did not fit properly, snoring was caused by a condition in which mandibular advancement was not effective, forward movement of lower jaw by VitalSleep was not great enough to reduce snoring, user had hyper-sensitive gag reflex, discomfort, soreness or pain in jaw or teeth, and poor user compliance.

How do I clean my VitalSleep?

We recommend cleaning your VitalSleep before and after each use, with warm water, a toothbrush and toothpaste. You may also use denture cleaner. Store in the included protective case.

How do I return VitalSleep?

You may return VitalSleep for any reason within 30 days of receiving your order. Please click here for instructions. S&H costs are not refundable.

Do you pay shipping costs on returns?

No, return shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility. S&H costs are not refundable if a refund is requested. If you request a free replacement to be sent, we will pay the shipping cost for the free replacement.

Do I pay shipping for free replacements to me?

No, VitalSleep will cover the shipping on all free replacement devices to you.

Do you accept checks and money order

Yes, we do. Please contact us at info@vitalsleep.com so we can send you the correct information for you to pay by a check or money order.

How long will VitalSleep last?

Your VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece last at least a year and depends on frequency of use and each individual. We will send you free replacements for up to 1 year for any reason.

Can I breath through my mouth or my nose with VitalSleep?

Yes, you can sleep as you normally do, breathing through your mouth or nose, and in any position.

How do I insert the separator and what is it for?

Insert the separator through the back side of the device, so that the handle sticks out the front. It must be securely in place when biting into the device in order to prevent the top and bottom from bonding to each other as you mold VitalSleep to fit. Remove it after fitting and wearing to sleep.

Does VitalSleep treat sleep apnea?

VitalSleep is indicated only for the treatment of simple snoring. It is not intended to treat any other sleeping disorder, including sleep apnea. Please consult a medical doctor for the treatment of other sleep disorders.

I grind my teeth at night. Will VitalSleep help me?

Although VitalSleep is not for the treatment of teeth grinding (bruxism), it may help reduce the effects.

Why must I fill out VitalSleep's health questionnaire?

VitalSleep is designated by the FDA as a Class II medical device. It is not available in stores. Before you purchase VitalSleep, we must make sure that you are at least 18 and that it is appropriate for you. VitalSleep is indicated only for simple snoring, and no other medical condition. VitalSleep is not responsible for damages or injuries that result from false or erroneous information provided by the purchaser.

How is my privacy protected?

We don't sell or trade with third parties in exchange for your personally identifying information for any reason. We share your personal info only when legally required. We retain your personal info for no more than 30 days after you request deletion. We only make public information you have explicitly given us permission to use, such as for testimonials or reviews. Learn more about how your privacy is protected via our TRUSTe link.

What if VitalSleep is not molded correctly?

If an error is made while fitting or molding VitalSleep, you may repeat the molding process up to three times. Bear in mind that overheating will damage your VitalSleep, so make sure it is cool before immersing it in boiling water. If you still have trouble, please let us know and we will guide you through the process or send you a free replacement: support@vitalsleep.com

What if I order the wrong size?

If you believe you ordered the incorrect size VitalSleep we will gladly send you an alternate size free of charge.

I am experiencing tooth or jaw pain. Is this normal?

When you first start using VitalSleep, you may experience some jaw or tooth discomfort as you adjust to your mouthpiece. This is due to a slight shift in the position of your bite. However, you should not experience physical pain in your teeth or your jaw. If you are in pain, stop using your mouthpiece immediately. Contact support@vitalsleep.com for a refund and consult your doctor or dentist if it continues.

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