"Thank you very much! I love my VitalSleep. I have not slept this good in
a very long time."

Teneane S.
Elk Grove, CA
Vital Sleep
Stop Embarrassing Snoring with VitalSleep

VitalSleep is an effective FDA cleared snoring remedy. With the innovative VitalSleep patented anti-snoring mouthpiece you can expect:
  • A free flow of air in and out of your lungs throughout the night

  • The quality, restorative sleep you need to feel rested, healthy, and productive

  • A grateful partner, who will also experience the benefits of uninterrupted sleep

  • Mornings full of promise, as you awake alert, energetic and focused
Sleeping well is as vital to our health as is water. Research has shown that people who consistently fail to get enough quality sleep are at an increased risk of chronic disease such as high blood pressure, stroke and anxiety. Treating sleep problems as a priority rather than a luxury is an important step in preventing a number of chronic health problems.

Snoring affects a large part of the population - as much as 30 percent of people aged 30 and above snore. At middle age, it rises to 40 percent. This is cause for concern, as mild snoring can cause sleep deprivation, irritability, daytime drowsiness and an inability to focus.

Did you know that snoring can also cause marital problems? The Mayo Clinic has found that spouses of snorers wake up an average of 21 times an hour. According to a recent UK survey, ten percent of couples have considered breaking up or living separately because of snoring.

But there is good news. The adjustable FDA-Cleared VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece help to increase airflow into your lungs immediately, allowing for quiet breathing and a peaceful night's sleep.

Vital Sleep
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