Vital Sleep

Improve Your Sleep And Relieve Annoying Snoring

  • Restful Sleep Guaranteed: VitalSleep quiets snoring and improves your breathing.
  • FDA-Cleared and Effective: Treats the root cause of snoring by opening your airway.
  • Improve Relationships: Stop snoring from waking your bed partner and breathe quietly.
  • Comes in 2 Sizes: Adjustable and customizable snoring solution for men and women.

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Sale Price: $59.95, 2 for $99.95

1 Year Warranty and Free Same Day Shipping

VitalSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

VitalSleep® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

Sale Price: $59.95, 2 for $99.95

1 Year Warranty & Free Same Day Shipping

End the Frustration of Sleepless Nights Due to Snoring

The personalized snoring solution that's adjustable and comfortable to wear. Watch the 30 second video to see how VitalSleep® provides great sleep.

  • Restore Harmony in the Bedroom
    Stop keeping you loved one awake and share peaceful sleep together.

  • Adjustable and Customizable
    Moldable device with gentle adjustable jaw positioning to open your airway.

  • Comfortable and Effective
    Flexible, easy to use and fit, plus it's re-adjustable if needed.

  • Not All Mouths Are The Same Size
    Available in regular size for men and small size for woman for improved fit.

  • 1 Year Of Free Replacements
    365 night unconditional product warranty & 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Effective Way to Treat Snoring

We understand how snoring can cause strain in a relationship.
Finally treat your snoring problems and have natural snore-free breathing.

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The Only Snoring Solution With The Accu-Adjust System

Allows for personalized jaw advancement to keep your airway open and unrestricted while you sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is caused by a narrowing of the upper airway during sleep. This causes air to vibrate creating the harsh sound of snoring. Stop losing sleep and join over 200,000 satisfied ex-snorers who improved their sleep and relationships with VitalSleep® - an effective solution to unwanted snoring and irritated bed partners.

A better night's sleep means you have more energy during the day and improved overall health.

Quality Sleep is Vital to Your Health

While snoring can be annoying to your partner and yourself, it can also severely affect your health, your performance at work and your enjoyment of personal activities. Snoring can be robbing your body of the vital rest it needs to repair and recharge itself, leaving your low on energy and mentally foggy throughout the day.

Unlike ineffective nose strips, sprays or chin straps VitalSleep's micro-adjustability repositions your jaw and tongue to open your airway so you'll have deep, restorative sleep.

  • Guaranteed to effectively treat snoring.
  • Adjustable to open your airway.
  • Active-hinge opens and closes with your mouth.
  • FDA-cleared to reduce snoring
  • Free same day shipping.
  • Free replacements for any reason for 1 year.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Available in 2 sizes. Regular for Men and Small for Women.
  • Includes a protective case to hold your mouthpiece for snoring.
  • Proudly made in the USA of FDA-approved medical grade materials.
  • Vital Sleep

VitalSleep® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

60-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free Same Day Shipping

Sale Price: $59.95

Breathe Easily, Sleep Quietly

Over 30% of all people snore, regarless of age, sex or weight and it dramatically affect your health

  • Breathe naturally with improved airflow in and out of your lungs.

  • VitalSleep Provides the restorative sleep you need to feel rested and productive.

  • Have a grateful partner, who will also benefit from uninterrupted sleep.

Reviews And Testimonials From Real Users

Join the hundreds of thousands of snorers who have been achieved healthy sleep with VitalSleep®.

  • Dr. Alen Hedge, Cornell University

    Ithaca, NY

    "I've been a snorer all of my life. I've tried throat sprays, nose sprays, breathing strips and nothing worked. I couldn't believe the results with VitalSleep. The first night I didn't snore, my wife slept through the night and I slept through the night"

  • S. Hoover

    Middlebury, IN

    "I am surprised at how much better I sleep with this product. I did have lots of trouble with snoring and it must have affected my rest more than I realized."

  • R. Lorenzo

    North Palm Beach, FL

    "Honestly, this is the best and most comfortable device I've tried and I've tried them all, including a $700 dentist fitted device. It also happens to be the most affordable and easiest to fit. Simple and effective."

  • J. Lisle

    Frederick, MD

    "I have been using the VitalSleep for about 1 year. It has allowed me to get great sleep again as well as sleep with my wife which has not been possible for over 5 years. Thanks for making that possible! The device is comfortable and durable. Thanks!"

  • Megan Parker

    Carrollton, TX

    "I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing! I sent in a request for a replacement a few days ago since my roommates dog ate my mouth guard and I just got a replacement today. No questions asked. We just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product and customer service. Thank you!!"

  • D. Wilson

    Ambler, PA

    "I love this product! I tried two other brands before finding the right one. As a female snorer, it's hard to find a device that fits the smaller mouth. VitalSleep offered just the right sized option for me and I'm very happy with the fit and comfort. Thanks much for a great product and wonderful service!"

  • Doug R.

    Tucson, AZ

    "The real benefit is I feel well-rested on up to two hours less sleep per night. On nights I sleep without it, I drag out of bed around 7 am but on nights with it, even if I happen to wake up at 5 am, I'm ready to get moving. (we usually get to bed around 11)."

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