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Benefits of VitalSleep

  • Effective results: Stops your annoying and unhealthy snoring by holding your jaw slightly forward to maintain an open airway.
  • Comfortable: Flexible, easy to use, adjustable and moldable to fit your mouth to help increase airflow into your lungs.
  • Available in 2 Sizes: Regular for men and Small for women.
  • Safe: FDA cleared, BPA and latex free and made in the USA.
  • Adjustable and Durable: 1 year warranty + free replacements, protective travel case and a 30 day money back guarantee.
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Benefits of VitalSleep Snoring Mouthguard

Reclaim a good night's sleep,
for you and your partner.

The patented, FDA cleared, VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is an effective snoring remedy. It's adjustable, easy to use, and comfortable to wear. Most importantly, it's guaranteed to work. Don't wait. Order today and start sleeping quietly.

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Only $59.95, 2 for $99.95 - Save!

How VitalSleep Stops Your Snoring - The Very First Night

snoring-mouthpiece-diagram Sleep as you normally do, in any position, breathing through your mouth or your nose.

Sleeping well is a vital to your health as is water. Research has shown that people who consistently fail to get enough quality sleep are at an increased risk of chronic disease such as high blood pressure, anxiety and stroke. Treating sleep problems as a priority rather than a luxury in an important step in preventing a number of chronic health problems.

The VitalSleep mouthpiece is designed to gently move and hold your lower jaw slightly forward at a more comfortable position, keeping your airway open.

With your airway opened, your loved ones won't hear you snore. This will give both of you more hours of restful sleep. Discover what quality sleep feels like again by ordering VitalSleep today.

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What You'll Experience

  • A free flow of air in and out of your lungs throughout the night.
  • The quality, restorative sleep you need to feel rested, healthy, and productive.
  • A grateful spouse or bed partner, who will also experience the benefits of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Days full of promise, as you awake alert, energetic and focused.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! A money back guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction.

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VitalSleep Customer Reviews

  • R. Hale
    Mt. Pleasant, TXStars

    "It's amazing what a difference a piece of plastic can make in your life! I have so much more energy through out the day from the better quality of sleep at night. I never realized I wasn't getting quality sleep. I haven't been waking up with those nagging headaches either. Thank you for this product!"

  • J. Gerstenberger
    Bowling Green, KYStars

    "VitalSleep has literally saved my marriage, as dramatic as that may sound. Prior to receiving it, my husband had all but made the living room his home. He's been using it for almost a year now, and VitalSleep works better than anything we've tried to eliminate his snoring."

  • C. Muratoglo
    Foster City, CAStars

    "This is the best device I have ever used! I have tried everything and not only is it comfortable, but I don't even want to sleep without it when I am alone. It keeps me from waking me up from my own sound of snoring."

  • S. Hoover
    Middlebury, INStars

    "I am surprised at how much better I sleep with this product. I did have lots of trouble with snoring and it must have affected my rest more than I realized. I would recommend this for anyone who has trouble breathing at night."

  • M. Haith
    Richmond, VAStars

    "Before VitalSleep, I never felt restful after sleep. Whether it was a full 8 hrs or a quick daytime nap, I never felt like my body was getting the rest it needed. The first night with VitalSleep, I woke with an unexpected amount of energy and clarity. There was no more 'morning fog' or tension headaches. I finally felt like sleep was doing my body good."

  • R. Lorenzo
    North Palm Beach, FLStars

    "Honestly, this is the best and most comfortable device I've tried and I've tried them all, including a $700 dentist fitted device. It also happens to be the most affordable and easiest to fit. Simple and effective...great concept."

  • J. Lisle
    Frederick, MDStars

    "I have been using the VitalSleep for about 1 year. It has allowed be sleep get great sleep again as well as sleep with my wife which has not been possible for over 5 years. Thanks for making that possible! The device is comfortable and durable. Thanks!"

  • Megan Parker
    Carrollton, TXStars

    "I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing! I sent in a request for a replacement a few days ago since my roommates dog ate my mouthpiece and I just got a replacement today. No questions asked. My boyfriend actually slept in the other room last night because of my snoring.We just wanted to say thank you for your amazing product and customer service. Thank you!!"

  • D. Wilson
    Ambler, PAStars

    "I love this product! I tried two other brands before finding the right one. As a female snorer, it's hard to find a device that fits the smaller mouth. VitalSleep offered just the right sized option for me and I'm very happy with the fit and comfort. My husband is thrilled that this controls my snoring so easily! Thanks much for a great product and wonderful service!"

  • J. Collins
    Redford, TXStars

    "Just wanted to say thanks again for the replacement for the one we lost moving. My husband has been wearing his new replacement guard since Friday night (Mar. 15) and I have been able to sleep in the same room with him again. We will definitely order again in the future when necessary. Your product really works. And David in customer service is a rock star. Thanks again VitalSleep."

  • J. Cochrane
    Las Vegas, NVStars

    "The unit has been absolutely great as I had an operation on my knee and was forced to sleep on my back. I have not done so for over 25 years as my back sleeping snoring was so noisy that the whole house rattled. My wife claims that since I purchased your unit, I have never disturbed her sleep."

  • Doug R.
    Tuscon, AZStars

    "The real benefit is I feel well-rested on up to two hours less sleep per night. On nights I sleep without it, I drag out of bed around 7am but on nights with it, even if I happen to wake up at 5am, I'm ready to get moving. (we usually get to bed around 11)."

  • G. Francis
    Baraboo, WIStars

    "The Vital Sleep mouth guard worked great. My snoring was very loud and would not only keep my wife awake but would wake me up as well. Immediately the mouth guard eliminated the snoring and we both could get a restful night sleep"

  • B. Freyer
    Tucson, AZStars

    "I was very surprised how well the mouthpiece worked. It fit my mouth and was not uncomfortable. It did take a few nights to get use to it, but that was not a problem as long as I stopped snoring."

  • Skib

    "I have tried other sprays, solutions and gimmicks but this mouthpiece REALLY WORKS! Jaw soreness was not any issue after 2 nights. I did readjust the mouthpiece after about a week and now I don't even know I am wearing it. AND my wife REALLY loves it!"

  • D.G.

    "A combination of my snoring and my wife's light sleeping had made it so that 80% of the time we slept in different rooms. The first night I put this in we both slept fine in the same room. That has continued for 3 months now. I can't believe it worked but we're both so happy it did. Worth the cost."

  • A. George
    Ocean View, NJStars

    "After my husband received your product, Vital Sleep, it worked the first night he wore it! His arm was no longer black and blue from me constantly shoving him to wake up; his snoring would wake me from a sound sleep. The mouth piece is so much better than me having to wear earplugs that give me ear infections! Thank you for being true to your promise of warranty."

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VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

In stock. Ships the same day. Only $59.95

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VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

In stock. Ships the same day. Only $59.95

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