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Real Results and Reviews with VitalSleep

The Vital Sleep appliance is superior in two distinct ways. First it stops my snoring completely and second, my mouth doesn't hurt after a night's use. Most anti-snoring appliances leave me with sore teeth from too much concentrated pressure. Dave Gliserman Oxford, CT
Since using Vital Sleep, my snoring has 100% stopped. I no longer gag and choke/snore. Most of all, my wife is able to sleep through the night without being woken up by the sound of my thunder snore. One other additional benefit, I also grind my teeth in my sleep. This not only has stopped my snoring, but is saving my teeth by protecting them against the midnight grind. Great product!! Martin P. Colorado Springs, CO
VitalSleep has literally saved my marriage, as dramatic as that may sound. Prior to receiving it, my husband had all but made the living room his home. He's been using it for almost a year now, and VitalSleep works better than anything we've tried to eliminate his snoring. Thank you VitalSleep! J. Gerstenberger Bowling Green, KY
I have tried other mouthpieces and they do not perform as well as Vital Sleep. Vital Sleep is simple to use and the key is, it's adjustable - unlike many other mouthpieces. You can refit the unit multiple times if need be unlike others and Vital Sleep does not require a long "break in" period. One day and you are ready to go. Vital Sleep has helped me sleep much better. Joe B. Dublin, OH
I received the mouthpiece on Friday. It has worked very well and my girlfriend says it is like a miracle: no more snoring.

Thank you Vital Sleep team. E. Tan Bellevue, WA
I have to admit I really didn't think this was going to help but I was getting a little desperate. I read many reviews about VitalSleep as well as others and based on the practical mechanics of the VitalSleep I chose it. As time goes on I adjust it back a little more but that's why i felt like this one could help - and it does.

My wife is a light sleeper, if she wakes up at anytime and I'm snoring even a little-she can't deal with it. Before using the VitalSleep I was waking myself up. Since using the VitalSleep I have not had that happen, my wife says that sometimes I do snore (lightly) but it doesn't wake her. Plus you gotta love the replacement guarantee. Thanks. Marc Brown Medford, OR
I could not sleep with my spouse due to her snoring. I did research and found your product. It works! My spouse could not believe it worked. Now we both get to sleep in the same bed and I do not have to leave in the middle of the night to sleep elsewhere or wake her up and tell her to stop snoring. Thanks for a good night sleep! G. P. Chesterfield, MO
Since using VitaSleep, breathing in any position has become effortless. I can even lie flat on my back again with no problem breathing. The product is not uncomfortable once I got used to wearing it, which only took a few nights.

I can tell you that in the time I have been without your product, I actually wake myself up constantly throughout the night because I hear my own thunderous snoring! I look forward to receiving another unit so I can get back to a good night's sleep. I am more energetic, more mentally alert and less cranky since using VitaSleep. Being without it for just a few short weeks has really impacted my quality of life. Thanks again for your help. Lisa Cochran Moscow, ID
I have used the device for just over a week and I feel it has helped me. Must not be snoring quite as much or quite as loud. Has not completely corrected the problem, but I intend to continue to tweak it a bit and hopefully soon I will be quiet at night. I told a co-worker about it just this week. Glad I found VitalSleep quite satisfied. S. Johnson Elba, AL
Thank you! I often read warranties such as yours and wonder about thier validity. You have truly impressed me. You certainly stand behind your warranty even under circumstances that were not the result of your product being faulty. Thanks again. T. Heinly Macungle, PA
This is an amazing product! It has been months since my wife would sleep in the same bed with me. She didn’t hear a sound last night and we were amazed! Thank you for saving my marriage! C. Dugas Little Elm, TX
I research and found Vital Sleep with the ability to adjust my lower jaw (this was my major cause of my snoring) and the difference was immediate, I woke from the first night using it (without any adjustments) feeling a lot better. I have since gradually adjusted my lower jaw out and both my wife and I hear/feel a big difference. B. Copland Concord, SC
I have tried other guards and yours is the most comfortable. Kurt F. Cedar Falls, IA
The size is small enough for my mouth and it is comfortable to wear. All the mouthpieces I have tried from other companies were bulky and too large and were not comfortable. They did not work as well either. Lynn C. Pebble Beach, CA
I was looking for something to help with my snoring and get a better nights sleep. As I was doing my research on several different devices I came across the Vital Sleep mouthpiece. I read all about it and decided to research other mouthpiece products that would offer the same type of results. I found that Vital Sleep could be molded to fit better had many more adjustments than any of the others. I figured that the more adjustable the mouthpiece was the better chance I hade to stop snoring and get a comfortable fitting mouthpiece.

"WOW" what a difference this made in my sleeping. I use to toss and turn all night long and keep waking myself up from my snoring. My wife was always complaining that I was keeping her up and kept poking me or leaving and sleeping on the couch. Not a happy time for us going to sleep together. When I started using the Vital sleep I set it to the neutral position to get started and just the first night using it was a world of difference. I couldn't believe that I slept almost all night and in the morning felt so much better. My wife even commented that I didn't snore most of the night. I left it set at the neutral position for the next few night while I got use to the mouthpiece and then did a small adjustment to move the mouthpiece a little more forward and that did the trick.

I am now sleeping all night and waking up refreshed and ready to get my day started. I know that I am breathing better at night and like the design of the opening in the front so you can breath through your mouth. My wife stated that this was a marriage saver and she also now gets to sleep all night. I cant believe that it took me this long to make a decision to purchase the Vital Sleep. It is definitely the best thing I ever purchased. I don't know how I did without one for so long. The Vital Sleep mouthpiece works fantastic and I will never be without one ever again. I will be a customer for life. I love sleeping all night and feeling great in the morning when I wake up. Thank you for creating such a wonderful and easy to use stop snoring mouthpiece. Matt Patzak Ormond Beach, FL
I've been using ZQuiet for about a year and it's been pretty effective, although it tended to make my gums swell and it does quit working after a few months. I've found a new plateau with Vital Sleep. It's just as effective, more comfortable and my gums are very happy now. Your customer service is first rate, too. Thank you. K. Mitchell Stone Mountain, GA
I have been snoring for months. My wife was getting no rest. We searched for a answer on the internet and saw vitalsleep. Since I have been using the device I have not snored. I have a happier wife and I am more rested. Mark McMahan McCalla, AL
With VitalSleep I am not snoring and am not tired during the day. My wife is not having to move to another room and she is sleeping through the night without my snoring waking her up. I now wake up more refreshed and not feeling like I need a few naps during the day.

I will highly recommend VitalSleep to anyone I run into who has a snoring problem. It not only works as stated but you are people of your word. Thanks again. P. Kosley Dallas, TX
I have tried several leading snore reducing mouth guards and while many of these products worked to reduce my snoring, the Vital Sleep product is as effective and is more comfortable than any of the products I've tried due to a less bulky and better air flow design. I have a wife and two toddlers who sometimes need to sleep be in our room (sickness, etc.) and without a product like Vital Sleep, no one in my family would be able to get a good nights sleep! One last perk related to Vital Sleep is the one-year free replacement warranty and their customer service which has been awesome! Brian Jonkman Lupton, AZ
The VitalSleep mouthpiece has certainly lived up to it's promise of reducing snoring and allowing for a better night's sleep. I had snored for many years, a problem for both me and my wife. With the mouthpiece it has been better sleep for both of us! It was simple to mold it to fit my mouth and, after a night or 2, I was used to it and felt very comfortable. It's easy to use, easy to keep clean, and really reduces snoring. When we go away there's no problem packing it with my toothbrush, etc. - it travels well in it's own little case.

Sincerely, S. Von Bargen Point Pleasant, NJ
I have been snoring for months. My wife was getting no rest. We searched for a answer on the internet and saw VitalSleep. Since I have been using the device I have not snored. I have a happier wife, and I am more rested. M. McHahan McCalla, CA
I really like your device - it is snug, but not too tight. Also it is low profile and doesn't feel bulky in my mouth. Most other devices I have tried are either too bulky or too tight - hurting my teeth. J. Williams Jacksonville, FL
This device is incredible and has worked wonderfully. I must have told 10 of my friends and family about it. Thanks. S. Flood Clements, CA
I am a 46 years old. My snoring began about 15 years ago and I remember nights when it was so loud that my husband and children could not sleep and had to head downstairs for any relief. As the years have gone by, it has become more and more burdensome for my husband, and he began sleeping in another bedroom of our home. This became a terrible strain on our marriage. We began to argue more and stopped speaking to each other about our day before going to bed because there wasn't time in our schedules. Since VitalSleep, that has changed. My snoring has stopped and my husband has moved back into our bedroom. We are able to connect again and neither of us feels abandoned.

Thank you for providing this wonderful product. I will continue to order and suggest it to my friends who also struggle with this problem. Dawn M. Utah
I love your product! It has been a lifesaver! M. Hoffman Bellefonte, PA
Thanks so much (for the free size exchange.) I didn't know there were companies like yours still around.

Regards, G. Woodard Porterville, CA
This is the best device I have ever used! I have tried everything and not only is it comfortable, but I don't even want to sleep without it when I am alone. It keeps me from waking me up from my own sound of snoring. Thank you thank you thank you! C. Muratoglo Foster City, CA
Three things have made VitalSleep my choice for a snoring aid mouthpiece. 1) It's adjustable, so you can be comfortable. 2) VitalSleep allows me to breathe through my mouth still - I have narrow nasal passages. 3) My wife is very happy and sleeps better as well! C. Harlow Dupont, WA
After years of trying different oral devices, I think you have a product that is better than all the others. The fact that it comes in two sizes and is adjustable and priced well is a real plus. It is also FAR more comfortable to wear than all the others. It seems that this device has made a big difference in my sleeping and snoring. A relief much appreciated. Thank you. L. Carmichael Pebble Beach, CA
I was skeptical about this product but having now used it for 3+ weeks I have to say that this product is amazing and really works. The effect was instant - I stopped snoring at night. I used to toss and turn and keep my wife awake but now I sleep through the night and so does she. My sleep quality is so much better. The dark rings have gone from my eyes. I feel more energetic. This product is easy to fit, comfortable to wear, and now when I wear it I can look forwards to a good night's sleep. A fantastic product that I recommend to anyone who snores - THANK YOU! Professor A. Hedge Ithaca, NY
Regarding free replacement - It helped tremendously with my snoring and I've been sleeping on the couch for the last two weeks since my last mouthpiece broke, because I snore too loudly without it. If this one doesn't work, I'd like to get back to sleeping in my bed as soon as possible. Thanks. C. Farr Eudora, KS
VitalSleep worked the first night I used it. I had been snoring for some time but lately my snoring had become louder. I thank you and my wife thanks you as well. Thanks again VitalSleep. A. Gama Los Angeles, CA
Great customer service! I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the product. I bought it to help my snoring and my sleep apnea. It worked instantly! For the first time in YEARS I am not snoring and I don't wake up 20+ times each night. I am truly amazed. R. Giroux Sumas, WA
Your FAQ page was very helpful as was your review page. The provided information answered all of my questions. I did question a co-worker about her mouthpiece device and found that she also uses Vitalsleep and this information convinced me to give it a try. C. Edwards Waynesboro, VA
I could not make it fit properly. M. Gerzich Canton, MI
Thank you so much. I have already recommended your product to 2 friends that have acquired it and their wives have thanked me. Now I can brag about your customer service. Well done. F. Convertino La Verne, CA
I've slept for two great nights using this and more important, so has my wife. K. Mitchell Stone Mountain, CA
I have to admit I was extremely skeptical about your product and I still don't completely understand how it could possibly stop snoring. That being said, THANK YOU! We just received it a few days ago and I have had two straight nights of listening to my husband fall asleep without the sound of thunder in my ear! So far, so good... thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! K. Kilpatrick Buana Vista, CA
Thank you so much [for my free replacement]! I love this mouth guard and company! M. Meyer Fort Loramie, OH
Snoring was beginning to deeply disturb our marriage. Nose strips and throat sprays helped me sleep better, but they actually made my snoring worse. After doing some research online I decided to try VitalSleep, and it worked from the very first night. The adjustable feature makes it a snap to work out the setting that is the best for comfort. Great product, great warranty, great company!! R. Gilbertson Winona, MN
Your product has helped my sleep immeasurably. T. Demalon Nashville, TN
I have been using Vitalsleep for 3 weeks now. My snoring has stopped completely and I am sleeping much better. C. Treece Lima, OH
Thank you so much for replacing my mouthpieces. To give you an idea about how they have helped me, all I can say is that after I got used to them my snoring almost completely stopped and my actual night sleep seemed much better. My wife described my mouthpiece to me in this way. Before, I wore them I kept her up at night and I sounded like what she called a "freight train." As soon as I started using them it was in her words "silence." Since wearing them, I awake much more rested after a nights sleep and right now really miss having them. Thanks so much. Ryan Sims Lakeland, FL
I love this product. It is very comfortable in my mouth. I have tried the chin strap, the serenity mouth guard and Pure Sleep. None of those worked as well as Vital Sleep. P. Benfield Stateville, NC
Just re-ordered for my husband. VitalSleep snore guard has quietened our home for a couple of years now. Hubby still can snore a little through guard but not nearly as loud as without it. You definitely stand by your replacement guaranty. Our doxie ate two of my husbands and you replaced no questions asked. Thanks for great customer service. J.M. Collins Midland, TX
I am very happy with the results from using my Vital Sleep mouthpiece. My wife is even happier! G. Waltz Shillington, PA
Now I have used Vital Sleep device after going through several other brands / design, I am happy to say I like the VitalSleep as the best for me, and I have recommended it to several other folks around me. I sent two last year to India and my family is successfully using it.
I have been snoring since around 2000 (approx 13 years). I started to look into snore guard for me due to my research work in sleep apnea. I have to say that my life has changed. Rupesh Tulsa, OK
I am an anesthesiologist by profession and I can tell you that this device has made a significant impact on my quality of sleep as well as my wife's quality of sleep. I have noticed the difference. B. Beal Carlsbad, CA
I feel like I have gotten better sleep than I have in years and best of all no snoring! K. Durham Valrico, FL
I use it every night and it works!! Melissa S. Charelston, IL
Thank you for your fast response and professional attention. I have recommended your product to several of my co-workers and friends. They all seemed very interested in seeking to purchase the device. Angelo M. Chicago, IL
Thank you so much for the quick and free replacement. I'm constantly kicking myself in the rear for not trying these years ago! I'm a big boy, 420lbs. Nothing will stop my ultra loud snoring, but these drop it to about half an air raid sirens decibel rating, which is mighty pleasant! Also, they are incredibly comfortable and allow lots of airflow through the mouth making them too easy to wear. Thank you for making such a fine product! I'll be passing along the good word and getting more when I lose them, 100% chance given my current eye glasses record, or finally chew through them! D. Lavelle Tacoma, WA
It does not stop my snoring. D. Whitney Santee, CA
The day I got VitalSleep I used it. I realized I should have bought this product years ago. L. Solomon Matawan, NJ
Thank you so much. VitalSleep has been a lifesaver for me. By the way - I have recommended it to others as well. M. Ready Cross Plains, WI
I have been using VitalSleep for about a year now and it works most of the time. When I'm really tired or inebriated that's when I start snoring again. But overall I'm satisfied with the product. Their customer service is top notch, their return/replacement guarantee is the best in the business, no questions asked. W. Balce Richmond, CA
The unit has been absolutely great as I had an operation on my knee and was forced to sleep on my back. I have not done so for over 25 years as my back sleeping snoring was so noisy that the whole house rattled. My wife claims that since I purchased your unit, I have never disturbed her sleep. J. Cochrane Las Vegas, NV
Thank you. I have recommended you to everyone including my dentist. K. Cohlmeyer Stockton, CA
The Vital Sleep works great for me and since I have been using it I do not wake up with headaches. A. Duffy Massapequa, NY
I received my Vital Sleep, and it has completely stopped my snoring. C. Longnecker Tampa, FL
Couldn't get used to it. J. Ring Venice, FL
Thank you so much! My dog chewed up my mouth piece. My husband has been miserable without it. Lol! I was prepared to order a new one when I saw your replacement policy. That is such a wonderful policy! S. St. John Tulsa, OK
It's awesome. That little device really helps my wife get a restful night of sleep. Paul H. Maryville, TN
I had recently been diagnosed with a form of obstructive sleep apnea and placed on a CPAP device which caused severe sinus irritation at least once a week. I mean, it was like having a serious allergy attack that lasted anywhere from 1-3 days and IT WAS HORRIBLE. I informed my sleep study doctor that I was going to look into the mouth guards as he said I was a candidate and could pursue that option as well. I finally decided to go with your product and I impressed. It has corrected my problem with both snoring and with my issue with gasping for air as the passage closed periodically during the night. I will certainly praise your product to anyone requiring relief. I can't say enough about it. M. Moss Jacksonville, FL
I have told my friends about VitalSleep. I had one that was much much more expensive, but again the dog chewed it. I found yours online and my husband says it works much better! Thank you. M. Thomas Lake Forest, IL
I really love your product. It has helped my marriage! Kristi B. Raleigh, NC
Thank you, My husband was SO much quieter the very first night we used them! I have been telling everyone who will listen to me about how great these are! I have actually fallen asleep snuggled up against my husband for the first time in a long time! D. Denton New Lebanon, OH
I love your product. I used the "Pure Sleep" before but this is much better. Thanks for making a great product. I'm sleeping better than ever. Much better than your competition. J. Johnson Smithville, MO
Honestly, this is the best and most comfortable device I've tried and I've tried them all, including a $700 dentist fitted device. It also happens to be the most affordable and easiest to fit. Simple and effective...great concept. R. Lorenzo North Palm Beach, FL
VitalSleep is a quality product. It will significantly decrease your snoring at night. It has been designed with comfort in mind and is easily adjustable. You will feel more refreshed in the morning after an uninterrupted night of sleep. Dr. Richard Koffler M.D. Board Certified PMMR
New York, NY
After molding it, the fit is surprisingly good. I will be keeping these. They seem to be working well after several nights of testing. S. Evans Saint Louis, MO
I've been a world class snorer for years and over those years, I have just gotten louder. Three years ago my wife moved into the guest room and vacations are always a chore to arrange because she can't sleep in the same room with me.

I've tried surgery and a number of mouthpieces, gargles, and spray remedies - nothing worked. Then I tried Vital Sleep and it worked from the very first night

My wife says that it hasn't completely eliminated my snoring, but it has reduced the frequency and volume to where it was 35 years ago when we got married and I weighed 30 pounds less. After three nights of checking up on me to make sure that I wasn't playing some kind of cruel trick, she moved back into the bedroom. Many thanks. B. Barbero Las Vegas, NV
I had my doubts about it at first but after using it I became a beliver. K. Waldon Ooltewah, TN
The VitalSleep piece has helped me stop snoring at night. My wife was really losing sleep before we bought this product, and now, if she cannot sleep, it is no longer MY fault!

It's simple to use, takes minimal maintainance, and does what it is advertised to do. It takes only a few days to get used to the piece, and by then my wife was already singing its praises.

Thanks for the great customer service and a quality product. P. Slis Palm Beach, FL
Thank you so much for your quick response and exceptional customer service. R. Christensen Yuma, CA
Thank you so much. I love your product. I am a customer for life. And I really do think it helped to save my life. B. Lepak Los Angelas, CA
Thank you for the replacement. I received it last night. My last one was stolen when my car was broken into. Family hasn't slept well since..everyone will sleep better now :) T. Adams Berkeley, CA
I recently ordered your product and it works so well that I am interested in helping you promote it. I'm a 63 year old man, and I've suffered from sleep apnea all of my adult life. Drafted into the army in 1970 and sent into the jungles of Vietnam, I always had to sleep next to the guard position so I could be more easily awakened when I started snoring. It's amazing how loud someone snoring in the dead of night can be in the wilderness, and I had no way to keep me from snoring. I was in a recon platoon...maybe 20 guys, and we were intent on NOT bringing attention to our presence.

Since those days, I've dealt with this problem, but never fully realized the extent of the health dangers associated with my problem. In 2010, when I still had health insurance, I finally decided it was time to try to do something about my snoring problem. I did the sleep studies, had a CPAP machine set up for me and then learned that my insurance wouldn't pay for machine. Then I went to the VA and the VA set me up with a CPAP machine, state of the art, but it rubs the skin on my face raw. I began experimenting with plastic mouthpieces that I made myself. Your product represents the finish product that I worked on for many months. In other guys got it right. I can sleep undisturbed, without bothering my better half, and now know what it feels like to get a good night's sleep. Thank you thank you thank you. I can dream and everything. S. Telford Boise, ID
I love the product. It does not prevent me from snoring but reduces the loudness of my snore AND it stops the gasping for air at night and I feel refreshed finally! E. Weiss North Canton, OH
Thanks so much. I have used it two nights now and it seems to be working well. J. Castle Sarasota, FL
Thank you so much for sending out the extra order! I received it the next day in plenty of time for the trip. I am enjoying my time in Maui. The snore device seems to be working. My husband didn’t come on this trip so he is probably enjoying sleep without me. Thank you S. Smith Allenwood, NJ
Now that's what I call excellent customer service. Thank you so much. I will refer anyone in need to your company. Thank you again very much for your excellent service. J. Pena Hollywood, FL
I have been pleased with not snoring and feeling more rested in the mornings since using your product D. Smith Chapin, SC
Thank you for this great guarantee! We really appreciate this peace of mind with our purchases. What a great service you provide. Cathy Pitnick Pleasanton, CA
Unfortunately this product did not work for me. S. Burrows Fort Wayne IN
I purchased your stop snoring mouthpiece and it has made a positive difference in my snoring and sleeping patterns. The mouth piece worked perfectly when I boiled it for the fitting and had no problems with the adjustment. V. Hall Temecula, CA
Seriously, I am very aware of the problems with snoring and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a major cause of serious negative health consequences. My husband has to wear a custom made mandibular repositioner designed by a specialist, for his acute sleep apnea. Because of his potentially serious sleep problem, it has made me acutely aware of my own problem. Your product has helped me tremendously and my husband says he can tell a huge difference in the sound of my breathing during the night. He says it is smooth, consistent and I do not snore while wearing your product. It certainly gives me confidence in the ability to get a good night's sleep. C. Sullivan Kerrville, TX
Thank you for this great guarantee! I've seen BuySafe also on the site. We really appreciate this peace of mind with our purchases. What a great service you provide. C. Pitnick Pleasanton, CA
Thank you so much! You guys truly have an awesome product! I highly recommend it to all of my snoring friends!!! D. Sieveking St Louis, MO
I was able to adjust my mouth piece to fit pretty good and the material that it was made of was much better than others that I tried. M. Cesa Orland, CA
It does not fit my mouth. K. Siegel Cherry Hill, NJ
VitalSleep falls out of my mouth at night. A. Hollander Clearwater, FL
Thank you SO much. I look forward to trying this product and thanks to you it was more affordable as we live on social security. Big hugs of gratitude. Elizabeth L. Oro Valley, AZ
After my husband received your product, Vital Sleep, it worked the first night he wore it! His arm was no longer black and blue from me constantly shoving him to wake up; his snoring would wake me from a sound sleep. The mouth piece is so much better than me having to wear earplugs that give me ear infections! Thank you for being true to your promise of warranty. A. George Ocean View, NJ
Such a great company to do business with! I LOVE this product! It has changed my life! M. Mandile Derry, NH
I really appreciate the buySAFE Guarantee! L. McGovern Carol Stream, IL
Vital Sleep mouthguard has literally changed my life. I don't have to sleep downstairs on the couch anymore. When my family and I go to a hotel for hockey tournaments or on vacation, I can sleep in the room. I used to have to go sleep in the car, not just for my family, but for people in surrounding rooms. My snoring was THAT LOUD!! It had gotten worse over the years, but this mouthguard has changed my life. I'm not tired in the morning and have LOST weight with all the energy I have again! :) I was so exhausted all the time, I'd had my thyroid checked multiple times and everything was always normal. Thank god for this miracle! D. Finzel Livonia, MI
I have say your customer service is unreal! Thank you! We have been battling with Sprint for months on a billing issue. This rocks, thanks again! J. Neighbors Milford, MI
It works! It really works! I'm out of the guest room and back in my bedroom - and both my wife and I are finally getting a full nights sleep. Gary F New York, NY
The Vitalsleep mouthpiece helped my relationship!!! My fiance was losing a lot of sleep nightly, due to my snoring. This product is AWESOME! No more snoring! Thanks Vitalsleep!!! L. Vana Encinitas, CA
My dog chewed up my first VitalSleep. I would like a free replacement. I love the product!! T. MeGregor Kokomo, IN
It really helps! Thank you for a great product and for allowing me to sleep. E. Johnson Cary, NC
Your product worked well for me,unfortunately my teeth are apparently too sensitive and became sore after several days use. I was unable to correct this even after several adjustments. R. Gardner Carmichael, CA
Before VitalSleep, I never felt restful after sleep. Whether it was a full 8 hrs or a quick daytime nap, I never felt like my body was getting the rest it needed. The first night with VitalSleep, I woke with an unexpected amount of energy and clarity. There was no more 'morning fog' or tension headaches. I finally felt like sleep was doing my body good. M. Haith Richmond, VA
You and your company truly demonstrate customer satisfaction. L. Shepard Boulder, CO
Very satisfied with your product. Ordered one of each size, regular and small, not knowing what size I would need... The regular fit me great and we never tried or used the small. Would simply like to return the small and exchange for regular if possible. Wife does not want me to be without a spare AT ALL!!! THANKS! R. Bray Houton, TX
Thank you soooooo much!!! I only wish I had found you guys a lot sooner!! Wonderful product. It really has change my sleeping. S. James Palmetto, GA
I was close to going to a sleep study (I had it scheduled). After using the VitalSleep for one week I felt so good that I cancelled the sleep study. I am grateful to gain relief from snoring and to not be required to use a C-PAP! I think that the VitalSleep should be the first recommendation from sleep specialists but of course that may put them out of business! Thanks for making a product that actually works and for backing it with such a good no questions replacement policy. I definitely will encourage other snorers to try the VitalSleep. Doug N. Fairfield, OH
When I first received my mouthpiece I had my doubts concerning it's effectiveness. After the very first use I was amazed at how great I felt the next morning. For the first time in years I had had a restful, satisfying sleep. Even my doctor was very pleased to hear of the effectiveness of the mouthpiece. Great product. G. Vincelette Cranston, RI
I love my VitalSleep. Before we used VitalSleep my wife woke up me constantly. Neither of us really could sleep. Now I can sleep well and my wife too thanks to VitalSleep. Jorge R. Veja Baja, Puerto Rico
It worked perfectly, was comfortable to wear, and easy to clean. Not only did it stop my snoring, I told just about everybody I knew about it. I have a medical condition that requires testosterone injections every week. Somehow, these injections make snoring much more common. I'm part of an online community on Facebook of other men who suffer the same condition, and make sure they know about your product. It truly is a life changer! J. Ellis Warsaw, IN
I just want you to know that I absolutely Love my Vital Sleep snoring device -- I feel great now. Thank You. I have been telling everyone I know about this after just 1 week. 4 of my family members are ordering theirs today as well. P. Mohr Harrison, OH
You have the best product on the market. My wife thinks it should have been a wedding present. After 20 years she finally gets to sleep all night. Thanks. J. Maynard Wallkill, NY
I wanted to thank you for the smaller size. It seems to work for the snoring! Bruce M. Lees Summit, MO
The stop snoring mouthpiece by Vitalsleep has significantly decreased my snoring. My bed partner would often leave our bed during the more! I use an iPad app to record my snoring and I can not believe the difference. Affordable and worth every penny; I will never do without my mouthpiece! D. Meszarus Gainesville, FL
I placed an order back on 4/10/13 and have been using it since. I appreciate a product that does exactly what it advertises and my wife thanks you also. H. Kenyon Durant, OK
My snoring had gotten so loud that I was waking up people downstairs and my wife was having trouble getting enough sleep. My bother recommended Vital Sleep, so I tried one and it made an immediate difference. I was worried because my teeth are a bit sensitive in the morning, so I took the device to my dentist for an opinion -- he assured me that as long as I kept it clean, the device would have no impact on my dental health, and when he heard how well it worked, he asked me where to get one for himself! S. Gildea Eugene, OR
The piece works great and is very comfortable. I have recommended it to several other people. A. Wilcox Chicago, IL
So far VitalSleep has worked like a charm. I'm able to sleep in the same bed as my husband without waking him up with my snoring! A. Wolfe Las Vegas, NV
I recently ordered a VitalSleep mouthpiece because the one I was previously using is worthless. The following morning after using this device my fiance leaned over to me and said, "You did not snore one bit!" I woke up feeling like a new man, rested and refreshed.

Being a Competitive Raw Powerlifter, my rest and recovery are absolutely critical to not only my strength gains but my health.

This literally is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am a customer for life. PLEASE do not EVER stop making this devices!!!!

*Y'all REALLY should look into advertising this device to Strength Athletes including Powerlifters, Strongmen, Bodybuilders, Olympic Lifters and Crossfitters! B. Knust Houston, TX
Thank you for replacing my VitalSleep. It is incredible how well I sleep with it. These last few nights and mornings have been hard! Angela W. Houston, TX
For years I snored like a train. I went through sleep studies, and of course, was put on a BiPap machine. This machine was AWFUL. It dripped water into my nose and down my neck at night, waking me up. If i did not use the mist, my nose got so dry it bled. Nighttime was AWFUL! Before the BiPap machine, my wife was unable to sleep at night and for awhile just poked and jabbed and pinched and pushed me around, trying to wake me up. Neither of us was sleeping. After the BiPap i was quieter but only until i ripped it from my face in the night - night after irritating night! My wife was about to move to the other bedroom, when in desperation, I tried your product. IMMEDIATELY, ON THE VERY FIRST NIGHT, I COMPLETELY STOPPED SNORING! I could not believe it. My wife was ecstatic and thought this was a religious experience. I continue to sleep peacefully. As does my wife. Thank you for an ingenious product. J. Frye Akron, OH
I appreciate your willingness to send the replacement mouth pieces. We will be recommending your company to others! D. French Greenville, OH
Thank you so much!! I really like the product... I'd like to add that your customer service is wonderful! I really appreciate your prompt response! J. Webber El Cajon, CA
The product does not fit my mouth. L. Lujan Albuquerque, NM
Thank you! I love the Vital Sleep and my wife really loves it too. K. Waldon Ooltewah, TN
I have recently started trying your product after trying another popular brand for the past few years. The other one wasn't as comfortable, as durable, as snug a fit as yours,and consequently I would spit it while sleeping every night and this would defeat it's purpose. Your device is so well made that it fits comfortably and tightly without making me gag, droll, or spit it out and I have been getting the most restful sleep for over a month now without snoring. I can't thank you enough for a product that now only serves a great purpose, but is a joy to wear. Thank you. R. Bonavolante Lemont, IL
It's a great feeling to know I'm not only getting a great product, but your here to back me up and give me the peace of mind against the 3 biggest worries when buying goods online. Thank you! L. Ackermann Mount Prospect, IL
My dog thought he would like to give it a try. Opps! Love the product by the way. It works awesome! R. Rorbet Corvallis, OR
Thank you. The item arrived and it works great. Thanks again. P. Millikan California, MD
I received my VitalSleep snore mouthpiece yesterday and immediately followed the directions to correctly fit it to my mouth. I haven't slept so well in months! My husband said I didn't snore or have any difficulty breathing during the night. I did not have any discomfort in the morning and had more energy throughout the day. I even skipped my allergy meds today and I did not have the usual symptoms of runny nose and watery eyes. P. Ribaudo Peekskill, NY
I am a repeat and HAPPY customer. It works. W. Haynes Wilmington, DE
My husband's snoring has been a source of contention for us throughout our ten year courtship and marriage. We have gone through several periods where we slept in separate rooms so that I could get a decent night's sleep. THE FIRST NIGHT that my husband used the VitalSleep device, he did not snore ONE SINGLE TIME. I kept waking up and looking at him, expecting him to be awake. But he slept the entire night through, without snoring, and woke up feeling more refreshed that he can recall ever feeling.

While I am not an excessive snorer, I do snore a bit; I am so envious of his restedness and great morning mood that I have just ordered my own device. Even if my issue doesn't turn out to be snoring, VitalSleep has given us back our marriage. We now sleep in the same room again, and it has brought back the affection and closeness that we experienced early in our relationship. I can't believe it took us ten years to discover this inexpensive solution to a problem that could have potentially lead to the end of our relationship.

Thanks, VitalSleep. Why doesn't everyone know about this product? Elizabeth Bills Nashville, TN
You are a high class company! J. Sernovitz Bonita Springs, FL
I have been using the VitalSleep for about 1 year. It has allowed be sleep get great sleep again as well as sleep with my wife which has not been possible for over 5 years. Thanks for making that possible! The device is comfortable and durable. Thanks! J. Lisle Frederick, MD
I love this product! I tried two other brands before finding the right one. As a female snorer, it's hard to find a device that fits the smaller mouth. VitalSleep offered just the right sized option for me and I'm very happy with the fit and comfort. My husband is thrilled that this controls my snoring so easily! Thanks much for a great product and wonderful service! D. Wislon Ambler, PA
I had no idea how sleep deprived I was before I started using my VitalSleep mouthpiece. The first night, I woke up feeling like I had actually slept deeply -- a feeling I haven't had in a long time. No one in my house has heard peep out of me at night ever since. After using it for a few weeks, my dog got his paws on it and chewed it up! (Yes, it comes with a case for a good reason). VitalSleep sent me a new one, free of charge.

This is a fantastic product from a company with outstanding, attentive customer service. Thank you so much for the gift of restorative sleep. Ilse T. Portland, OR
I have been using my Vitalsleep anti-snore device for six months. I am delighted to have found this effective, affordable solution to my snoring problem. It took me about a week to get used to it, but once I did, my breathing was better, snoring subsided, and both my husband and I started sleeping through the night. I had ordered a size regular at first but decided the small would be a better fit for me. The customer service department responded quickly and professionally to this request and I had a replacement mouthpiece shipped free to me within days. I would recommend this product. Karen Terrebonne, OR
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making the best anti snoring mouthpiece I have ever tried. I know I sound ridiculous but I have tried so many of these types of things that are all so bulky and uncomfortable. I am very pleasantly surprised by this product and so glad I took a chance on it. M. Liss Eden Prairie, MN
I rave about your customer service. It's the best in the business. C. Chamberlin Zelinople, PA
I have gotten my life back. Thank you, over time my snoring got progressively worse. Over last two years it has been very bad. After two weeks of using your product, I feel like I have my life back - I wake up refreshed. J. Brannan Frederick, MD
I have been a snorer for many years. I even was diagnosed with sleep apnea and eventually had surgery to correct that, which cured the sleep apnea but not the snoring.

My partner would wake many times throughout the night to try to stop my snoring. It was getting to the point of choosing separate bedrooms! After one particularly bad night, I started surfing the net and found your product. After comparing with others I decided on Vital Sleep and ordered it last Saturday. It arrived Thursday night, I customized it and STOPPED SNORING the very first night. J. Flescher Monrovia, CA
I have definitely bragged on your product... anything to keep from using a CPAP is the bomb. I will order more in the future I am sure. Your Customer service is top notch too. Please convey my thanks and appreciation to your manager/owner. M. Thompson Pemiscot, MO
I have had a snoring issue for years. I can across Vital Sleep online and have been using it for 8 months. I have DEFINITELY noticed a difference with sleeping better and having more energy in the morning. My wife is sleeping better as well. I HIGHLY recommend the Vital Sleep mouthpiece for your snoring issues. Tom W. Lawrenceville, GA
This product does not work for me A. Gad Madison, WI
I have been using the VitalSleep mouth guard for over a year and now my wife and I can sleep the same bedroom. The product is confortable to use and easy to "custom" fit. S. Zurita Wichita, KS
Using Vitalsleep I have started to have a longer and more restful sleep because my air passages are always open and I can breathe freely. Just as important my wife sleeps MUCH better since she no longer has to listen to my incessant snoring. I would recommend the Vitalsleep dental device to anyone looking for a solution to their snoring problems!!!! F. Gorman Marlton, NJ
My husband complained that my snoring was getting so loud, he couldn't sleep. Because of a serious medical condition, his need for sleep in very important. I ordered the device in November 2012. The very first night, my snoring was gone. My husband was thrilled, to say the least. Every morning for three weeks, I would take the device into the bathroom, clean it, and put it into the storage container. One morning, I set it on my night stand. My American Foxhound loved the texture and chewed it into unrecognizable pieces. Within a few days, I was back to snoring and my husband was back to not sleeping. I started sleeping on the couch. That wasn't acceptable to my husband, so back to bed and snoring. Because the device was so effective, I ordered a new one today. Wasn't the Christmas gift I was expecting, but my husband will be much happier. J. Swetham Lakeport, CA
Thanks for all your help solving this issue. Your company should be the benchmark for providing great customer service. Tim Hine Rogersville, AL
Our dog got ahold of my mouth piece and chewed it up. Please send a free replacement, it works great. It has virtually stopped my snoring and I am sleeping through the night. T. Gilmer Tupelo, MS
I stumbled across the VitalSleep device on the Internet and was interested, but skeptical. Even the price, when compared to other anti-snoring devices, seemed 'to good to be true'. The first night I used it, I had a great nights sleep and I was very impressed at how easily I was able to adjust it to fit my needs perfectly. If you snore, you have to try this, especially if you are sleeping next to someone you care about. Royal Riedinger Orlando, FL
I just wanted to tell you that I've been using your product for 2 weeks now and am INCREDIBLY happy with the results! My husband used to complain about my snoring nightly. I felt horrible that I was disturbing his sleep but didn't know what to do (other than lose weight). WHAT A DIFFERENCE Vital Sleep has made!!! I even find that I sleep more soundly when I use it... Thank you, thank you, thank you! M. Stewart Round Hill, VA
I first ordered my mouthpiece last year. What a difference. My husband was sleeping in another room, because of my snoring, I woke up every morning tired. I would doze off watching TV. The FIRST night I used my mouthpiece my life changed. I slept soundly, I didn't wake myself up and my husband said I did not snore once. He moved back in our room. And life is great! I cant wait to get my new one! WHAT A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!! M.B. Owens Columbus, OH
Best product ever- besides a good mattress. What else could you want? J.D. Greenwich, CT
It doesn't stop my snoring Y. Pan Okemos, MI
Thank you very much! I bought it mainly because I bite my tongue while sleeping. I used the retail night guards for a while and the were working. Somehow, my evil sleep control guy figured out a way to still bite my tongue even with the upper only guard. I was in complete despair as I cannot afford a $600 guard from the dentist, and my poor tongue was a mess and I could not sleep. I saw that this had a guard for the upper and lower and hoped it may work, and I snore pretty badly as well so that would be a double bonus! My wife often ends up in the other room.So far after 3 nights my wife has not really heard me snore at all and my tongues is bite free and healing well finally!! I will be a long time customer. M.K. Omaha, NE
Had a similar device that worked quite well. However it was more uncomfortable and more expensive. Should have bought VitalSleep first. W. Day Pensacola, FL
My first night with your Vital Sleep mouthpiece was, as your testimonials claim, snore free! My husband finally got a good night’s sleep, as did I. D. Carbrera Marlboro, NY
I would just like to say that Vital Sleep saved my marriage. I guess I have snored for years and would never admit. My husband continuously made comments to me about it and it all came to head about 3 weeks ago. I spent many nights on the couch because of my stubbornness and then one day came across your website. I ordered the mouthpiece and haven't regretted it one bit. I would highly recommend this to all my friends and family. It truly saved my marriage as many words were said that were hurtful. Thanks again Vital Sleep! M. Gamble Brunswick, GA
First night I used Vital wife got a full nights sleep...and so did I!!! I feel like I don't want to try and sleep without it!! This is the one....tried others....this is it!! Thanks Vital Sleep...for my SLEEP!!! And my wife thanks you too! Tom H. Absecon, NJ
Thank you for your excellent customer service from start to is appreciated. (You could give lessons to some other companies). Sincerely,
J, Peterson Travel Nest, SC
When the snore guard was too large for my mouth, you returned my payment (postage was subtracted, of course)> Then, in August, you sent me a smaller version. Thank you for that. It really seems to work. I have intended to send you back the money you had returned to me but failed to do that in a timely manner. However, I am sending it with my thanks for your faithfulness. Thank you for your product and for being generous with me. Terri F. Wichita, KS
The Vital Sleep mouth guard worked great. My snoring was very loud and would not only keep my wife awake but would wake me up as well. Immediately the mouth guard eliminated the snoring and we both could get a restful night sleep. G. Francis Baraboo, WI
I am surprised at how much better I sleep with this product. I did have lots of trouble with snoring and it must have affected my rest more than I realized. I would recommend this for anyone who has trouble breathing at night. Very Good! S. Hoover Middlebury, IN
I have been utilizing the device and already notice a difference in my sleeping ability. I can't wait to receive a new device and I am hopeful that this can occur without lost sleep time while waiting on the new device to arrive. Kenny H. Jenks, OK
Thank you very much! I love my VitalSleep. I haven't slept this good in a very long time Teneane S. Elk Grove, CA
Out of desperation, I got onto the Internet, looking for snoring remedies. My sweet husband was kept awake by my snoring. He would go to the sofa to sleep. I looked at your product and was very skeptical, but because of the 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I thought I had nothing to lose. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it that following Monday. My husband commented to me tonight that he is getting such restful sleep now. I have had it for several weeks now, I'm happy, best of all my hubby and I can sleep together! Thank you so much!! Irene L. Carlise, PA
I started snoring in the past year because I was on a bunch of steroids for various medical conditions. I had gained weight in my face and I was snoring even on my side. I tried nose strips, adjusting my sleeping position, and a host of other things without any success. I went through the procedure and shaped my mouthpiece yesterday, so it was the first night I slept with the device. HOLY COW!!! What a difference one night makes. My wife was so excited because I wasn't snoring laying on my side. She could just hear my breath. I woke up feeling as if I actually got a full nights sleep. It was wonderful. This device worked wonderfully. Thank you so much. G.M. Fort Wayne, IN
Thank you very much for replacing my VitalSleep even though it was no fault of yours that it was destroyed. I can tell you that I have tried 2 other brands and you can ask my wife as my witness that nothing works as well as your product.

As for it being destroyed, it seems my dog wanted to try it out also while my back was turned, didn't quite fit her though, but she sure tried, after it being gone for a week now and getting punched from the wife several times during the night, I will guard the new one with my life, I sure am glad you are a great company. I will make a habit of referring you to everybody. Thanks again, S. Estep Alvin, TX
Several months ago I awoke to an empty bed. My girlfriend arises prior to me two mornings a week to meet with her personal trainer. So, at first, I didn't think much about her absence. It was only when I walked down the hallway on the way to kitchen that I realized my girlfriend was sleeping in one of the spare bedrooms.

When I asked my girlfriend about the occurrence she explained that my snoring was keeping her awake. I like waking up to a soft, warm body so something needed to change.

I performed an exhaustive internet search of snoring (causes and cures). I read the reviews of at least a dozen products before I decided to try VitalSleep. I ordered your product. It arrived promptly. I fit it to my bite following the directions meticulously. Long story short, it worked immediately. Happy girlfriend = better tasting food + warmer bed.

There are mornings when I wake with some soreness in my lower jaw. It dissipates within minutes of removing the VitalSleep device and brushing my teeth, however.

I do wish there was a way to better fit the device to one's teeth. It would be nice if the device somewhat "snapped" onto your teeth and fit more like a bruxism mouthpiece. I state this because there are times when the lower teeth can slip out of the device while sleeping. A better way to fit the VitalSleep snoring aid to one's dental structure would be welcome.

T. E. Johnson, Ph.D., Esq. Cullman, AL
This product saved my relationship. Thanks! No more couch for me. D. Alves Flushing, NY
The real benefit is I feel well-rested on up to two hours less sleep per night. On nights I sleep without it, I drag out of bed around 7am but on nights with it, even if I happen to wake up at 5am, I'm ready to get moving. (we usually get to bed around 11). Thanks! Doug R. Tucson, AZ
I was very surprised how well the mouthpiece worked. It fit my mouth and was not uncomfortable. It did take a few nights to get use to it, but that was not a problem as long as I stopped snoring. B. Freyer Tucson, AZ
You guys are great. I want to let you know the VitalSleep mouthpiece is the one that's worked the best for me as far as comfortable and effective. That's why I didn't hesitate I buy from you again when my dog wrecked my old ones. Jorge N. Maple Grove, MN
Thank you for the great service. I'm sorry VitalSleep wasn't a good fit for me. I'll certainly recommend the product to others to at least try. Sincerely, T. McCarthy Saginaw, MI
VitalSleep changed my life! I was considering surgery for my snoring! I had been checked for sleep apnea and I didn't have it. I just had a snoring problem. My family said I snored like I rhino!! It was embarrassing and humiliating. On more than several occasions it caused arguments with my wife. She often had to sleep in another bedroom to be able to rest with my loud snoring. It was beginning to cause a huge rift! VitalSleep changed all that instantly! After reading the review on Consumer Reports and how highly they recommended it I ordered it not expecting much. I'd already tried all the other fixes for snoring: sprays, tablets, other mouth guards... But VitalSleep did work!! It worked from day one and continues to work for me! It was so easy to use and adjust for my mouth and most of all it was comfortable! Thank you soooo much VitalSleep - I wanna give you a high five! Edward H. John Island, SC
Thank you very much!!!! This sounds like a cliche and you have probably heard this from most of your customers - but your product WORKS!!! This is going to be my 3rd night using it and there is now peace in my marriage. Just so you know how bad my snoring was... last week, I was sleeping on a couch down stairs in our living room and the bed in our bedroom is basically above the couch on the second floor; my wife sleeping in our bed with an earplug, came down waking me up at 4.00am complaining I was waking her up!!! What was I suppose to say to her since at that time I was only sleeping and not doing much of anything else.

Needless to say, now I am back sleeping in my bed next to my lovely wife and loving every minute of it. Also when I first got my product 3 days ago... when I mold the second mouth piece, I ruined it. I send and email and immediately got a reply stating you will be sending me a replacement free of charge. I just got the replacement today. I am very impressed with your customer service and your product. That being said, I highly recommend the product not only because it work and the price is right, but the phenomenal customer service I have just experience!

Rating for the company, the product, and the price is a BIG 5 Stars. P.K. Fairfield, CT
I purchased a more expensive one two weeks ago {SnoreRX} and it doesn't work at all... VitalSleep worked well.

J.N Olympia, WA
Thank you! I must say your product does work my wife is very happy and can now sleep in the same room. Took a little while to get use to the piece but over all happy.


R.Q. Lebanon, ME
I ordered two VitalSleep devices and found them easy to fit and use. It prevents my snoring and helps me get a better sleep. My wife reminds me to put it in each night. I have ordered 2 more devices because the dog chewed up the other one I had for the past year.

Phillip H. Keller, TX
Greetings, I just recently purchased your product Oct 12th. I am very pleased with the product as it does work. After the first 2 nights I asked my wife if I snored at all. She said that I did just a little.

Frank B. Fort Collins, CO
I received this product two days ago and have used it two nights. The first night I used it just to see how comfortable it was and if I could sleep with it in. The first night went ok and my jaws were a little sore like the brochure said. The second night I set up a video camera and turned it on right before I went to sleep. NO SNORING at all! I couldn't believe a device so simple could be so effective. I am passing the word along. Barry S. Hildebran, NC
I have a bad snoring problem. I've tried everything and then I was reading about a new adjustable snore guard. I was sort of desperate. See I had met a wonderful lady in Scotland and I had been flying back and forth but my snoring was so bad. She had to wear ear plugs and she could still hear me. I have a snore that would wake the dead. When I sent her the info on VitalSleep she was thrilled. So I ordered it in just two days. It arrived at my door. So the next day off I went to Scotland to my future wife and spend the next six months with her. Well the first thing she asked was if my VitalSleep mouthpiece came in. I said Yes it did! You could see the relief in her eyes. Thank you for saving my future and people can't go wrong with the product. You have the best customer care that I have ever had.

Thanks again,

W. P. Hampton
I just wanted to let someone know that I just love your product! It has saved my marriage so to speak. My snoring was so bad it kept my husband awake most of the night and he was pulling his hair out. I have even tried pallet surgery, with a lot of pain but to no avail. VitalSleep works 100%. It is our little miracle. My brother also uses one and also has great success with it. Thanks so much to VitalSleep. K. R.
Today I'm using your device, everyday with excellent results:
    - I do not snore any longer.
    - I have my sleep cycle completed and uninterrupted.
    - I fell myself much better and I'm not tired in the morning anymore.
    - I can share back a bed with my wife.
    - My family stops complaining about my loud snoring at night.
    - I had recovered my mental concentration and focus.

As an interesting fact, when I decided to buy your product my personal dentist was a "little skeptic" and she was not believing, however as I am a Mechanical / Electronic engineer who loves new ideas, I started to analyze your product in the outlook of functionality, practicability and realistic price, then I took my own decision and bought as a test.

As I said in the beginning even following your direction I think that my physical Skull vs. Jaw characteristic and my infant bad habits to suck my thumb, which cost me a long treatment to turn back my lower dental in my 20's.

Also after 3 months of continuing using your product, for your information I had tested some days without sleeping with Vitalsleep and my snoring had decrease significantly.

I do believe in a two years period my jaw and muscles will accommodate better not requiring a daily usage anymore. This is just a guess and expectations.

My dentist is completely amazed by my test and your product, and she is researching your product based in my experience.

This message has the only purpose to thank you all for supplying an excellent product (Vitalsleep Mouthpiece), also I'd like to say that you have a loyal customer and I'll buy more of your Vitalsleep in the near future.

My Best Regards and Sincere Gratitude,
S. M.
Over the past year, I developed a serious problem with snoring. It got so bad that I would go to bed with my wife, but when I wake in the morning she wasn't lying beside me. She would be disturbed by my snoring to the point that she would simply get up and go sleep in the spare bedroom. She couldn't sleep with the sound of me sawing wood all night long. I always felt so guilty for disturbing her sleep. It was so frustrating for both of us.

I ordered your "Stop Snoring Mouthpiece" about 10 weeks ago, and I have to tell you (and others) that since the very first night that I used it, I wake every morning to find that my wife was still beside me in the bed. During the first week, I would ask her when we would wake if I snored at all, and she said that if I did snore, she couldn't hear it. I wake feeling more refreshed from getting a better night sleep too.

Thank you for a terrific product! B.M. Greenwood, IN
I look forward to trying your product - from what I see it is a bit smaller and a little softer than some of the competition's pieces, and I like that it is micro adjustable. I've tried a couple of other mouth piece options and did not have much success. The pieces were bulky, hard, and uncomfortable. I like that Vitalsleep is FDA cleared, made in USA and with the design and micro adjustments seems like it will be more comfortable. Robert T. Lima, OH
I have been using Vitalsleep for the past few weeks and have found it to be helpful. In comparison to other mouthpieces I have used, Vitalsleep has been the best choice for me for a number of reasons. One reason is that it is an adjustable device. It gives you the ability to adjust the mouthpiece to suit you. Other products I have tried do not have this feature, which has been an enormous restriction for me.

Another reason I prefer Vitalsleep over other mouthpieces is because of the way it is actually made. I have found the material to be quite flexible and comfortable, but sturdy at the same time. It was also pretty easy to mold to my mouth. I did do it twice, but I believe if you make sure you have allowed the water to come to a full boiling point, where it is hot enough to be molded, you should not have any difficulties. Overall, it is a well-made product and has been a significant aid in giving me a more restful sleep. P. S. Long Island, NY
Just wanted to say thanks again for the replacement for the one we lost moving. My husband has been wearing his new replacement guard since Friday night (Mar. 15) and I have been able to sleep in the same room with him again. We will definitely order again in the future when necessary. Your product really works. And David in customer service is a rock star. Thanks again VitalSleep. J. Collins Redford, TX
It's absolutely incredible! I can finally sleep comfortably in bed next to my fiance. We just recently moved and somehow it got damaged during that time. I was so relieved that you have your awesome one year replacement rule!

Thank you so much!

Melissa Thousand Oaks, CA
My spouse suggested that I look into a way to relieve my snoring which was threatening to drive her to sleep in the other room. After much research I found your product and decided to give it a try. You have saved me from long lonely nights but more importantly my breathing while asleep is less labored and I wake up with more energy and rested.

Your customer service is great and your product is affordable. This will spell relief for millions who suffer from snoring and a sleep restricted airway. Thank you VitalSleep!!! A. G. San Diego, CA
WOW! Thank you for such a great product. It was easy to fit and adjust. VitalSleep worked the first night and every night since.

It has brought me back to bed with my wife, NO MORE COUCH!! Thanks! A lifetime customer,

A. T. Aurora, CO
Last night was my first night using Vitalsleep and woke up this morning feeling rested. I went to bed late just to try to see how it would work and so far it did fine. It's been a long time I sleep thru the night without waking up several times.

Follow Up EmailAfter 1 week of using Vitalsleep I have noticed more energy, not falling asleep watching TV at night. I wake up rested not dragging in morning or afternoon. My wife says I don't snore anymore, even after staying up late and having a few drinks. My wife is getting better rest at night now. The Vitalsleep is well worth the money. My Doctor was right in telling me to go on line and purchase this, I feel much better now if my hair would grow back I would have it made.

T. A. West Covina, CA
I received my VitalSleep and I LOVE it. I finally don't snore and my wife is thrilled. Dave C. South Lyon, MI
First of all let me tell you, Thank You! I am finally sleeping soundly and with my wife for the first time in 4 months. I purchased the mouthguard with mixed reservations. I tried the nose strips, throat sprays, everything. I came across the VitalSleep mouthguard while searching for something, anything that would help me sleep and feel rested! Thank God for this product! I have told my fellow employees, friends and brother who has a snoring problem also. You have a customer for life! (Just ask my wife!!)
D. B. Kingman, AZ
I love the product (and so does my fiance). Good customer service is hard to come by and you have been excellent! Much appreciated! J. Watercott St Cloud, MN
My snoring had gotten so bad that my wife started sleeping in another room, so I figured I would give this a try. I have been using the Mouthpiece for 4 nights now and can report that my wife tells me I have completely stopped snoring. It does take a few days to get used to and I experienced some teeth sensitivity, but I feel much more rested in the morning, since I've been using my VitalSleep mouthpiece.
G. K. Macomb, MI
I have tried other sprays, solutions and gimmicks but this mouthpiece REALLY WORKS! Jaw soreness was not any issue after 2 nights. I did readjust the mouthpiece after about a week and now I don't even know I am wearing it. AND my Wife REALLY loves it!

Skib Wisconsin
We have been married 27 years. My husband Todd has snored for a long time. He tried one of the other mouth guards that was advertised on TV an online. He had trouble fitting it correctly, it hurt his jaw terribly, plus it was too big for his mouth so he could not wear it. He went back to not sleeping well. I could see it in his face. He recently tried your VitalSleep stop snoring mouthpiece. It is less bulky than the old one. He really liked that he could move the bottom in little increments at a time with that little plastic wrench thing, so he could slowly get used to the mouthpiece. I will tell you that within the first week of wearing yours, he stopped taking naps and has a lot more energy.

Within a short time, he is now out all day doing physical labor on our ranch, without naps. He is having fun in his retirement instead of not sleeping at night and taking naps during the day. He is like a new person! His face now looks younger, he has a lot more energy, and no naps!! Plus he is in better moods now.

Thank you for a wonderful invention.

S.O. Aguana, CA
I have used this for nearly a month now and it works great. I will definitely buy this again. My one and only complaint is the nooks and crannies make this difficult to clean well. I dip it in mouthwash every night for a clean fresh taste. Kevin Northern California
The VitalSleep mouthpiece allows me to breathe easier throughout the night, giving me a more restful sleep, especially when I have nasal congestion due to allergies. A. Murakami Port Angeles, WA
The piece is uncomfortable in my mouth. I truly wanted it to work because the alternative is too expensive for my family, but this just will not work for me. It is in virtually brand new shape and I will return immediately upon receipt of RMA#. Thank you for your work in the area of sleep disorders, I am sure many homes have been helped by this product. R. Moore Weatherford, TX
A combination of my snoring and my wife's light sleeping had made it so that 80% of the time we slept in different rooms. The first night I put this in we both slept fine in the same room. That has continued for 3 months now. I can't believe it worked but we're both so happy it did. Worth the cost. D.G. Massachusetts
This is fantastic. My friend, who is a dentist, told me about a mouth guard option he provides to eliminate my snoring. It was going to be several hundred dollars. VitalSleep is a perfect substitute, as it even has adjustment options, without the higher price. My wife thanks you, VitalSleep, for helping her sleep through the night and not be woken up by my snoring any longer. Worth every dollar and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a very high quality product for a fraction of the costs of inferior products. Jonathan R. Statham, GA

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