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What Causes Snoring in Women?

When you think of snoring, you probably imagine most snorers to be older men. However, a number of women snore as well. While many of the reasons that women snore are the same as men, there are a few reasons that only impact women. Here we will discuss what causes snoring in women.

Pregnancy Causes Snoring in Woemen
Pregnancy can definitely cause women to snore. During this time in a woman’s life her body is undergoing a number of changes. As the estrogen levels go up, blood count rises as well. Both of these things cause mucus membranes to secrete more often. This leads to nasal congestion which causes women to be more likely to snore.

Weight Gain Causes Snoring in Women
Weight gain happens naturally at a couple of points in a woman’s life. Pregnancy and menopause are both periods in which a women’s metabolism changes. Additional weight can cause excess skin to build around the neck area. In turn, the throat becomes blocked by this tissue. As the woman breathes, air is being forced into a smaller space in the throat causing vibrations. This is what creates the snoring sound.

Exhaustion Causes Snoring in Women
Women are very busy people. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave a person feeling completely worn out. Once a person becomes overly exhausted, their bodies typically fall into a very deep sleep and their muscles become lax because they have limited energy. Once this happens, it makes it more likely that the person will breathe through their mouth or that their tongue will fall to the back of their throat which will block air from passing through easily. The result of course, is snoring.

Sleep Apnea Causes Snoring in Women
Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects men and women alike. This disorder may be difficult to detect because often, many people are completely unaware that they have it. This disorder is when breathing becomes irregular either because of a blockage in the airway or because the brain is not getting the appropriate messages to continue breathing naturally during sleep. While it may be difficult to detect, there are some signs that may indicate that sleep apnea is the problem. A few signs are: waking up throughout the night for no apparent reason, feeling tired even after a good night’s rest, dry throat, snoring. Sleep apnea should be monitored to see how serious it is.

Men and women are both affected by snoring. There are some recommendations to help stop snoring such as: altering sleeping position, losing weight, and avoiding alcohol at bedtime. While it may not bother some people to snore, other people have legitimate concerns of how to stop it or what it means for their health. For many people, snoring is not a serious problem, but there are some a case in which snoring is a sign that there is a much more serious problem going on. It is important to have your sleep patterns monitored to ensure that you are healthy and getting enough sleep.

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What Causes Snoring in Women?