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VitalSleep Complaints and Why It May Not Help

VitalSleep is an FDA cleared mouthguard for snoring that helps over 90% of the users stop or significantly reduce snoring. It does not help 100% of snorers who have try it and the reasons vary based on the individual and their specific snoring conditions.

We want to be upfront with you and below is a list of the main reasons and complaints we have received from customers for whom VitalSleep was not effective.

  • - Product did not fit user's mouth properly

  • - User did not follow fitting instructions properly

  • - Snoring was caused by a condition in which mandibular advancement was not effective

  • - Forward movement of lower jaw by VitalSleep was not great enough

  • - User had hyper-sensitive gag reflex

  • - Discomfort, soreness and/or pain in teeth or jaw

  • - Contraindications prevented user from using device

  • - Poor user compliance

Every buyer received a 60 day money back guarantee and a 1 year of free replacements for any reason.

Please contact us with your questions regarding VitalSleep. We can help determine for you if VitalSleep will be a suitable treatment for your snoring.

As with any product people will have justified complaints. Please let us know how it helps you or how VitalSleep has not so we can make improvements to our products and business.

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VitalSleep Complaints and Why It May Not Help