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Sleep Position Trainer - Snooor Positional Trainer

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How do you stop snoring using the Snooor wearable?

The anti-snoring Snooor solution blends wearable technology with positional therapy. This non-invasive and lightweight anti-snoring device will train you to sleep on your side to breathe right, snore less or even stop snoring.

How to prevent snoring? Simply place the Snooor stop snoring device on your breastbone (or forehead) before sleeping.

Whenever you sleep on your back, your Snooor anti-snoring wearable will gently vibrate, prompting you to move your head or body to the side. This is how you and/or your partner can stop snoring.

So, while you’re sleeping:

  • You’ll benefit from improved breathing.
  • You may stop snoring or may snore less.
  • You’ll (finally!) enjoy restful nights for you AND your partner which leads to … a vastly improved life.

To view your daily progress, you can connect the Snooor wearable with the free Snooor App. The app will display your daily sleep position data and will enable you to enhance your sleeping experience by personalizing the predefined training program. The Snooor App does not need to be connected via Bluetooth to your Snooor wearable during the night to receive sleep position data.

When you use the Snooor wearable consistently, you’ll begin to see results* after about a week. Make sure to only use the medical-grade and hypoallergenic Snooor stickers which are specially designed for the Snooor wearable. First month's supply already included.

While some users start breathing better and snoring less within the first few nights, most users need time to adjust to the new sleeping position.

To realize the cumulative benefits of the Snooor wearable, there is an adjustment period. The average adjustment period is 7-10 nights with consistent usage.

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