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Pregnancy and Snoring

Pregnancy brings about many changes to your body some of which are back pain, nausea and feeling anxious along with the inevitable increase in your waistline. Another problem that frequently occurs is snoring.

Snoring during pregnancy can affect your energy level and generally lower your temperament. It can contribute to the tiredness already felt during pregnancy and it can cause difficulty in breathing and feelings of congestion. Studies show that approximately 25 to 30 percent of women develop pregnancy snoring.

One of the factors that can cause snoring during pregnancy is the gaining of too much weight especially during the second or third trimester. Obesity is a major factor in snoring. During pregnancy fat can collect around the throat and neck area thus causing an obstruction in the airways that leads to pregnancy snoring. Women with larger necks tend to snore but it can be reduced by keeping the neck stretched.

Also during pregnancy your blood flow increases to nourish your baby, but as your blood vessels expand the nose and throat also expand. In addition the mucous membranes in the area begin to swell. This extra mucous can cause difficulty breathing resulting in snoring.

Raising your head with pillows will help to pull the hyoid bone up and forward so that the neck is extended thus allowing better airflow. Sleeping on your side can also help to reduce the snoring. It is important to keep the respiratory tract clear so that the airways are free and breathing is easier thus minimizing snoring.

The degree of snoring differs with each woman but if you experience severe snoring while pregnant you should contact your physician as it could lead to hypertension or other health issues like maternal asthma that might affect the oxygen flow to the baby. With some women the snoring stops after childbirth, but with many the snoring can continue afterward.

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Pregnancy and Snoring