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What stage of sleep do I snore in?

What stage of sleep do I snore in?

There are four stages of sleep: 

Stage one

When we are beginning to relax and our muscles and brain wave activity begin to decrease and our eye movement begins to slow.

Stage two

Deeper state of sleep where our heart rate slows and our body temperature decreases. It is more difficult to be awakened by external disturbances than in stage one.

Stage three

This stage is considered the deepest, most restorative stage and it is during this stage that awakening is most difficult. It is also during stage three that sleepwalking, sleep-talking (or somniloquy) and night terrors occur.

REM (Random Eye Movement) 

The REM stage is commonly when we dream. It is easy to be awakened during the REM sleep stage and our brain waves and eye movements increase.

According to experts, Conventional snoring is most likely to occur in stages three and four and also likely to occur in stages one and two, and snoring associated with sleep apnea is most likely to occur during REM sleep, and least likely to occur in other stages.