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Snoring Husband Solutions for Wives

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 29, 2011
Some women search for something to make the bedroom a more enjoyable place for them and their partner, but it’s not what some people might think. It’s called an anti-snoring device and it’s a perfect solution for women who ever wondering how to stop a husband from snoring.

“Snorers never get restful sleep,” says entrepreneur David Hernandez, “but neither do the people who love them. In fact, men are twice as likely to be snorers than women. That means it’s a constant ‘battle of the sexes’ every night – a nudge here, a poke there – but VitalSleep ends the war some wives get a good night’s rest.”

Hernandez went about creating the VitalSleep stop snoring device when his dentist prescribed a mouthpiece that allows more air to flow freely to stop snoring. The problem is the device came with a huge price tag of $3,000. He asked his doctor for a more economical solution, but there wasn’t one, so that’s when Hernandez went to work.

He conferred with Dr. Richard Koffler M.D. to create this revolutionary device with three goals in mind. One, it had to help alleviate snoring, and two, it had be economical to produce. The third point was it needed to be affordable to buyers in a single payment; not an ‘installment’ plan that’s popular with many anti-snoring appliances. With their combined talents, they invented VitalSleep - an FDA cleared, fully customizable, anti-snoring intra-oral appliance. For patients on a tight budget, or those with no insurance, the cost for this anti-snoring mouthpiece is perfect at just under $30.

“What’s great about this device is the affordability factor. Too often couples suffer with snoring because the remedy is too expensive. Plus, with VitalSleep, it’s more than a ‘one size fits all’ type of appliance seen on late night T.V. because it can be adjusted to suit the severity of snoring.”

VitalSleep works by opening the mouth and positioning the lower jaw forward so it allows more air to flow freely. When this happens, it alleviates the pressure on the back of the throat, which is the cause of snoring. Again, since this appliance can be adjusted to the wearer’s mouth, it can be modified to how far forward the lower jaw sits, and that’s something that’s often lacking in other cost effective snoring devices.

Hernandez stresses that sleep apnea is a serious medical condition and a prescription is needed for this Class II medical device. However, once diagnosed, VitalSleep could be a low-cost solution to snoring for patients and their loved ones. Once a patient has his prescription from his local doctor he can order VitalSleep. In addition, if he decides before 30-days that VitalSleep isn’t for him, he can return it for a refund.

“We offer the warranty because we know how many couples VitalSleep can benefit if they’d just try it. Again, it’s not just patients who suffer, but the patient’s loved ones who have to sleep with a snorer every night,” explains Hernandez. “If you can’t spend $3,000 on an anti-snoring mouthpiece, VitalSleep is a realistically affordable option that’s worth exploring.”

For the countless number of women who spend the night nudging their husbands, VitalSleep provides them some much-needed rest, and without having to spend thousands of dollars in the process.