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Snoring During Pregnancy

There are a number of women who snore during pregnancy. While it may not be the most attractive thing in the world, it is fairly common with one out of five women transforming into snorers typically during the third trimester of pregnancy.

Many women may be curious to know the causes of snoring during pregnancy. Here is a few reasons that you may have started snoring as well as a few tricks to limit how often (or loud!) you snore.

Increased Levels of Estrogen
Being pregnant certainly increases level of estrogen in the body. When this happens, it contributes to the swelling of the mucous membranes within the lining of the nose. When your produce more mucus then your nasal cavity is more congested which is a top reason that people snore.

Increased Amount of Blood
When you become pregnant, the blood in your body naturally increases. More blood in your body means that your blood vessels have expanded. When doing this, your mucous membranes are also more likely to swell and create the nasal congestion mentioned above.

Pregnancy is very taxing on your body. You may often find yourself very tired because your body is going through so many changes. Sometimes, when the body becomes overly exhausted, it relaxes the muscles and causes a very deep sleep. When this happens, your body becomes less in control of the throat muscles which may become too lax as you sleep. The throat muscles then obstruct the airway, and when you breathe it creates a vibration and turns into a snoring sound.

Weight Gain
It is only natural to gain weight while you are pregnant. As you do so, the extra tissue around your neck can create difficulty in breathing and cause you to snore which can cause snoring during pregnancy.

Sleep Apnea
While many women who are snoring during pregnancy do so simply because their bodies are changing, in some instances sleep apnea may be the cause for snoring. If you suspect that you do not breathe regularly while you sleep, then you may be suffering from this disorder. It is always important to discuss sleep apnea with a medical professional, but especially during pregnancy.

Now that you are aware of what may cause snoring during pregnancy, it is also important to discuss some things that could limit or stop snoring. One of the most common things that help many women is sleeping on their side because it reduces the likeliness of your throat becoming restricted by your tongue or extra tissue. Also, elevating your head with a pillow or your hand will also ensure a more open airway. While gaining weight is certainly a part of pregnancy, it is also important to make sure that you are gaining the appropriate amount of weight that is outlined by your doctor. Excessive weight gain during pregnancy not only increases snoring, but can cause other health problems post pregnancy. If you are really concerned about snoring in pregnancy or want to learn more about the possibility of having sleeping disorder, you should always discuss your options with your doctor.