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Sleep Apnea Mouthguard | Does VitalSleep Treat Sleep Apnea

No question, just a testimonial. I am a middle-aged male and have been a snorer all of my adult life. My situation worsened nearly a year ago when I suffered an apnea-induced panic attack. I had never heard of these types of attacks, but they are real and terrifying! I woke up during the night out of breath, sprung out of bed and had, as studies call it, a "feeling of impending doom". I literally thought I was dying. A short time later, I saw my doctor and was placed on Temazepam and then went through a sleep study. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea (18 breathing events per hour) and fitted for a C-pap. I eventually got off my medication (which is another horror story with the withdrawals), but never could sleep all night.

Every night I woke up at some point with feelings of slight panic or apprehension and at times had shallow breathing. Over several months I tried everything from Nyquil, Melatonin, propping up pillows, sleeping in a recliner - never a full night's sleep. After all of this physical and emotional stress, I made the call to Vital Sleep.

Even though the representative said that this product was not approved for apnea patients, I was willing to try anything. Well, it's a miracle! I slept all night the very first time I used it. My wife said that she had to put her hand on my chest to see if I was even breathing. I've been using the mouth guard a little over a month now and I have slept throughout the night nearly ever night. No more waking up out of breath - no more watching TV till I get sleepy again - no more fighting the feelings of anxiety. I'm starting to have vivid dreams, which is something I have rarely done in the past.

Not to sound cliche, but this product truly has been a life changer for me and my wife. Too bad I had to go through thousands of dollars for multiple sleep studies and a C-pap machine when I could have spent less than $100! Thank you!

Josh Q.
Jan 25 2020