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Snoring Mouthguard Reviews - VitalSleep Stories

Dr. Alan Hedge

Cornell University professor, Dr. Alan Hedge struggled with snoring his whole life. It caused him to awaken throughout the night and disrupted his sleep to the point where he most often woke up exhausted.

His snoring also interrupted his wife’s sleep and Dr. Hedge tried a variety of different solutions to help, from nose sprays to breathing strips, but nothing worked.

His snoring problem was becoming such a problem that, feeling helpless, he began considering surgery.

Then he decided to try VitalSleep’s anti-snoring device with their patented Accu-Adjust System. 

“I couldn’t believe the results!”

From the first night he used VitalSleep, he did not snore and his wife was able to get the first good night’s sleep she had had in a long time. 

Dr. Hedge and his wife continue to enjoy peaceful sleep each night with his continued use of VitalSleep which he recommends to anyone who is suffering from snoring.

As Dr. Hedge Explains...

My name is Alan Hedge and I’m a professor at Cornell University. I just want to tell you about VitalSleep.

I’ve been a snorer all my life and it’s disrupted my sleep - typically I’d wake many times during the night - and I’d wake up feeling very tired. It also disrupted my wife’s sleep as well.

I’ve tried lots of things. I’ve tried throat sprays, nose sprays, breathing strips. Nothing worked.

In the end, I even thought about surgery.

But then I thought I would try VitalSleep, and I did and couldn’t believe the results.

The first night I didn’t snore. My wife slept through the night. I slept through the night. And it’s been like that every night since.

So VitalSleep is a product that really works. I strongly recommend that, if you are a snorer, don’t bother with surgery. Try VitalSleep first of all because it could make a dramatic difference to your sleep quality and to that of your partner or anybody else who might be in the bedroom.

I love my VitalSleep.

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Louise Rosen

Louise Rosen was not just disturbing her husband with her loud snoring every night, but also her children as well as herself. 

Diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, her snoring had her feeling tired each day from the frequent disruptions in her sleep.

At the suggestion of her sleep doctor, she tried a CPAP - as well as other sleep mouthpieces - but nothing worked.

Until she tried VitalSleep.

As Louise Explains...

Before I started using the VitalSleep anti-snoring appliance, I snored loudly - according to my husband and my children - and I often woke up several times during the night.

Oftentimes being awakened from my own snoring.

I started using the anti-snoring appliance about three weeks ago. 

The very first night, my husband noticed that I had stopped snoring. Over the next few days and weeks, I noticed that I was sleeping much more soundly, not waking during the night, [and] waking up much more rested.

I can only say good things about this anti-snoring device. It has changed my sleeping habits and the way I feel.

Thank you so much, VitalSleep!

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Patricia Green


My name is Patricia Green and about a year ago, I had a sleep test. And the news came back that I had mild to moderate sleep apnea.

I had 24 of what they call “events,” in the night and that seemed pretty serious to me. The doctor - the sleep doctor - said, “Well, you probably should go down and rent a CPAP.”

Which I did.

And I struggled to use it for a month or two but just realized that I could not deal with the CPAP and all the tubing all over my bedroom and everything.

So I brought it back.

And then I said, “Oh now what? Gotta do something.”

So I started experimenting with all of the, you know, pull the tongue forward, pull the jaw forward kinds of contraptions for the mouth and really didn’t find anything right away that I thought was comfortable and then I did try the VitalSleep.

And I have to say that it was the most comfortable one that I had tried. It was the most inexpensive one that I tried (most of them were in the $100-plus range and this was about $69 which seemed great to me). 

And I also liked the fact that you could easily adjust it to be farther forward and farther back. That seemed great to me.

So I decided that I was gonna go with the VitalSleep.

So I tried it for a while and then I decided if I could get my sleep doctor to give me a home sleep study with the VitalSleep in, to see, “Hey, is this thing working or is it not working?”.

He said, “Okay,” he would try it.

So I brought it home. You get it in this box and, you know, put all the things all over you and up your nose and everywhere and I slept through the night.

About a week later, I went to see my sleep doctor and was like, “Okay is this gonna do it or not?” and he said, “Well. You have now reduced your ‘events’ down eight events a night,” which means about one an hour.

“But the good news is, that the events are hardly events anymore because you’re getting 90 percent oxygen or better [during these short times that they call ‘events’].”

So I felt like that the VitalSleep had been totally successful, and he did, too. He said, “Keep using it. I think you’re doing fine on it.”

So that’s what I’ve done and I’m happy with it.

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Lorne Ray

Lorne’s snoring not just disrupting his sleep but was also putting a lot of strain on his relationship with his wife.

But Vitalsleep has restored his sleeping and his relationship.

In Lorne’s own words:

Hello. My name is Lorne Ray and I use the VitalSleep.

It has been amazing!

It has improved my relationship with my wife. I kept her up the whole time we’ve been together and now she can sleep!

Now, she says sometimes she hears me a little bit, but it’s unbelievable, the difference.

I feel better. It’s been the most amazing device that I have ever used, that I bought and wasn’t sure it was gonna work.

And it actually works.

So thank you, VitalSleep. 

You’ve made an incredible difference in my life and anybody out there that snores, should look into this.

Thank you very much.

Restorative Sleep For You And Your Partner

If snoring is causing a lot of strain on your relationship or has led to you sleeping in separate rooms, order your VitalSleep today so you and your partner can enjoy sleeping together comfortably again.

Karina Escobedo

Karina was desperate to help solve her husband’s snoring.

Not only was it keeping her up, but her husband was tired, restless, and unhappy throughout the day from his lack of restful sleep.

Thankfully, she ran across VitalSleep’s anti-snoring device and their lives have changed for the better. 

In Karina’s Own Words:

Hello. My name is Karina

A couple months ago, I came across VitalSleep. I was searching for something for my husband to help with his snoring and it was getting to the point where it was really bad.

He would be restless the next day [and] he would be grouchy.

I was a little skeptical ordering one but I’m glad I did. I’m glad I gave this product a chance. 

It’s the best thing I ever did for him and for myself as well. I would wake up at night with his snoring.

If you or anyone that snores, you know, let them know about this product.It’s really good.

I recommend it 100 percent.

Thank you.

Start Sleeping Peacefully

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Andy Bass

Andy didn’t even realize how badly snoring was affecting his quality of life.

In fact, it wasn’t until he tried VitalSleep that he discovered that he had not been getting a good night’s sleep for at least 20 years!

In His Own Words

Good Morning.

Today is December 27, 2019.

It’s almost the end of the decade and I have stumbled on the solution to my snoring problem, which has gone on for probably 20 years, maybe longer.

It has disturbed my wife sleeping for 20 years and I didn’t think there was anything I could really do about it.

So I was on the internet and I stumbled on the - I was looking up snoring solutions - and I stumbled on the VitalSleep website - and I read about it, watched some of the videos. It sounded too good to be true.

I was using a snore lab app and I’d been tracking my snore graphs and the “before” and “after” is amazing!

It’s taken a little time to get used to sleeping with a mouthpiece in my mouth, but I’m getting used to it and my snoring is effectively gone.

It is quite miraculous.

So if you are motivated to want to solve your snoring problem, I would encourage you to try this. You’ve got nothing - you really have nothing to lose - and the customer service has been--

I sent a few emails, but they were very responsive and very helpful, and they have my endorsement.

So I would encourage you to try VitalSleep. It’s very simple to use - the instructions are very clear - and you might surprise yourself. You’ll get a good night’s sleep for the first time in many, many years.

Or you’ll find out what you’ve been missing, which is a good night’s sleep. That’s what I found out. 

I can’t quite believe it but it’s worked. So give it a try.


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Brian’s snoring problem was wreaking havoc for his and his wife’s sleep. She was waking him all through the night, every night, unable to sleep because of his “obnoxious” snoring.

When he discovered VitalSleep, the snoring was immediately gone and he and his wife continue to sleep peacefully through the night and enjoy feeling more revitalized and refreshed during the day.

Brian’s Own Words


My name is Brian and I just wanted to share a story about my VitalSleep mouthpiece.

I’m a big-time snorer, so I decided to give this a shot.

I would wake my wife up all night long with my obnoxious snoring and, in turn, she would wake me up and nudge me, and tell me, “roll over, you’re snoring, I can’t sleep,” etc.

So we both really weren’t getting a good night’s sleep.

So I decided to purchase this, and the first night I wore it, she told me absolutely zero snoring, which, I could tell, because she wasn’t waking me up.

And after a couple weeks of wearing this now, still no snoring! She sleeps like a baby every night. I sleep like a baby every night.

So this thing, for me and for my wife, has been a total game-changer.

Before wearing this, snoring all night long and interrupted sleep, I was always tired. Now since I’m wearing this, I’m never tired anymore. I wake up in the morning rested, I don’t feel like I need to take naps after work anymore. 

Sometimes I’m waking up an hour before my alarm goes off so I definitely think the anti-snoring mouthpiece is definitely the reason why because now I’m sleeping sound throughout the night and I’m getting quality sleep

I just can’t even believe how good this thing works, and everybody should buy one of these if you have a snoring problem or you know someone who has a snoring problem, I definitely recommend this.

It’s been a total game-changer in my life. I feel awesome.

Like I said: You can’t go wrong and it’s a money-back guarantee so you got nothing to lose, so check this out.

Ready To Wake Up Refreshed?

If you are feeling exhausted and cranky during the day - needing naps like Brian did before he started using VitalSleep - order your VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece today.

Tina Mulder

Like many VitalSleep customers, Tina’s snoring was resulting in she and her husband sleeping in separate rooms.

Desperate for a solution - but skeptical - Tina researched the many available anti-snoring devices, finally choosing to purchase a VitalSleep mouthpiece since it was rated number one.

She has not regretted it once.

Tina’s Story

Hi. My name is Tina Mulder. I live in South Carolina.

I’ve been snoring for quite a few years - my husband was having trouble sleeping, as was I. We were starting to sleep in separate rooms because my snoring was so bad.

I decided to look for something on the internet that maybe would help with my snoring. I was very skeptical - there was a lot of devices out there - so I started looking up different devices.

I found VitalSleep to be voted as number one, so I started looking at the reviews. [I] found that everybody was very happy with the device, it was very easy to mold to your mouth, so I decided to give it a try.

I figured, what do I have to lose?

So I purchased the device, got it in the mail very quickly, there’s very easy instructions on how to mold it to your mouth, and after the first night, my husband actually said he couldn’t believe it.

I didn’t snore all night.

And subsequent nights after that, there was no snoring.

So, yeah. I am a satisfied customer. I would buy it in a heartbeat. It works!

And so, yeah, if you need something to help you stop snoring, that’s your device.

The Gift Of Sleep

VitalSleep provides relief not only to snorers, but to their sleep partners as well. If you or your sleep partner are losing sleep due to snoring, order your VitalSleep mouthpiece today and give yourself the gift of sleep.