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VitalSleep Vs. ZQuiet Which is Best for You?

For individuals who snore, full, restorative sleep can be elusive, resulting in many different negative mental and physical effects.

Consequently, they will often seek out remedies to help prevent the snoring but not all are created equal and some may not work at all.

Beyond snoring nasal strips and expensive anti-snoring pillows, there are special devices called Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). In fact, experts report there are over 100 different types of these dental devices and while all are designed with the same solution in mind, not all provide the same quality.

For frustrated snorers and their bed partners, determining which MAD to buy can be a challenge. Here we will discuss the differences between the ZQuiet and VitalSleep patented MAD


Having a fully adjustable lower tray makes VitalSleep more effective than ZQuiet's design. With VitalSleep's Accu Adjust System, the lower tray can be adjusted 1 mm at a time up to 7 mm, by easily turning two screws. Increasing the forward position of the mouth guard's lower half will increase the opening of your airway and improve your breathing during sleep.

One of the benefits of having an Accu Adjust System is that VitalSleep users are able to slowly adjust the extent of advancement allowing them to transition slowly to the most effective distance of adjustment with minimized soreness that is common when beginning use of a MAD. VitalSleep is the most adjustable MAD on the market.

In addition, VitalSleep allows customization so the device fits perfectly to your unique mouth size, shape, and your teeth with the boil-and-bite method. All you need is a bowl of hot water to put the device in for 10 seconds, a pair of tongs to lift the device out and move it to a bowl of col-6d water for a few seconds, and then to bite down slightly on the device to create a mold that fits your teeth.

ZQuiet does not allow for adjustments or custom fit. Rather, they provide two different fixed sizes just in case the first one doesn't fit and, if you want to change how it fits, you can cut it yourself, which risks making the device completely unusable. This can result in having an ill-fitting, uncomfortable device while trying to sleep.

Additionally, without having a customizable molded fit, ZQuiet is more likely to slide out of your as you sleep.


ZQuiet offers a 30-night, money-back guarantee but you don't get back your original $9.95 or shipping cost for the return.

However, VitalSleep offers twice this with a 60-night guarantee with an additional guarantee to fit, which ZQuiet does not offer.


Sometimes it's impossible to know if a device will fit until you receive it and it is certainly disappointing when you discover the size you ordered, is too big or small to work.

While ZQuiet does not offer free exchanges, VitalSleep provides the option of exchanging the product for a different size.

ZQuiet comes with two, uncustomizable sizes while VitalSleep offers both male and female options with the female option being smaller and the male being larger.

This means if the male version is too large, you can simply exchange it and try the smaller, female version at no extra cost.

Free Parts For A Year

With such a dynamic device, it's possible to experience breakage. For this, VitalSleep offers free replacement parts for a full year after purchase, further ensuring a great customer experience. ZQuiet does not offer any free replacements.

Usability with Dentures/Partials

ZQuiet does not work for individuals with dentures, partials, or implants, although there is no mention of this on their product page.

VitalSleep, however, can be worn by anyone who has dentures, implants, or partials. We recommend partials be secured and at least one year old.


VitalSleep provides same-day free shipping throughout the U.S. as well as to many other countries worldwide.

ZQuiet ships only to the U.S. and offers limited international distribution, while not guaranteeing same-day shipping.


In stark contrast to VitalSleep's admonition of gimmicks, tricks, and hidden fees, you can see for yourself how ZQuiet offers 20 percent off for customers who pay $9.95 plus an undisclosed amount for shipping and processing.

After their 30-day trial, customers who do not return the product within the right time frame will be charged an additional $79.95.

This means you pay a total of $89.90 plus the hidden S&P fee.

VitalSleep's products are straight-forward with no hidden costs or surprise charges. When you order either the men's or women's MAD, you pay a cost of $69.95 and your order is shipped right away, for free, worldwide (note that some countries may charge taxes or duty).

Customer Satisfaction

VitalSleep boasts a near-perfect, 4.7 customer review rating with Trustpilot.

While ZQuiet does not have a Trustpilot rating, its Amazon rating is just barely over 3 stars, indicating the device is not as satisfactory as VitalSleep.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau gives VitalSleep's parent company - The Snore Reliever, LLC - the highest possible rating of A+.

And while ZQuiet receives the same BBB grade, customer reviews of ZQuiet on the BBB official site suggest their experiences overall are certainly sub-par, with an average of nearly 2 stars.

Choosing The Right Product

MADs have been around for a long time and helped countless people begin enjoying more hours of restful, restorative sleep.

We understand how a lack of quality sleep can disrupt your lives as well as affect the relationships with your sleep partners and their lives.

Choosing the right MAD is about more than just the product but also the company and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

VitalSleep is passionate about ensuring a positive customer experience from beginning to end. Our US-manufactured products are BDF- and latex-free and are made from medical grade materials that are FDA-approved.

If you have questions about VitalSleep's adjustable mandibular adjustment device, visit our FAQ page or reach out and contact us today.

If you are ready to start having a full night of restorative sleep every night, place your order today.