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Mandibular Advancement Devices For Snoring


VitalSleep is a boil-and-bite MAD or mandibuular advancemen device that takes customization to the next level. Available at a lower price than most other devices, the VitalSleep is a no-brainer for customers trying to solve snoring issues. 

The device offers a customizable fit and can easily be adjusted with the included allen wrench with VitalSleep’s patented Accu-Adjust system. This also allows for a slow, more comfortable fit as you can adjust by one millimeter at a time - up to 8 mm - as your jaw becomes more adapted to the device.

The VitalSleep is available in a larger men’s size and smaller women’s size for added customization; the company offers free exchanges if one size does not fit properly. 

Once the VitalSleep has been properly molded, wearers can sleep in any position and breathe freely through their nose and mouth. One advantage to VitalSleep’s boil-and-bite method is, if improperly done the first time, the device can be remolded as many as three times until you get the proper fit.

This device is backed by a 60-night sleep trial and full refund guarantee, which is twice as long as most of their competitors. 

The VitalSleep also comes with a 2-year warranty, meaning it can be replaced for any reason within one year. Most anti-snoring mouthpieces do not come with any sort of warranty coverage.

VitalSleep offers free, same-day shipping, including international shipping to most countries across the globe.

The VitalSleep is ideal for:

  • Those who prefer a customized fit
  • Sleepers with varying jaw advancement preferences
  • Those who need to sleep in any position (side, back, stomach, combination)

Since the VitalSleep MAD is said to last for a year with regular use, and comes with a one-year warranty, users are guaranteed to get what they pay for with very little risk.

As with many MADs on the market, VitalSleep is made and manufactured in the U.S. with FDA approved materials.


The Zquiet MAD offers two sizes that come in a twin package so users can use whichever size suits them and their sleep style. 

While the Zquiet MAD is not customizable with the boil-and-bite molding ability, each twin package comes with two different hinged mouthpieces, each with a different degree of mandible adjustment.

Although the Zquiet does not include the boil-and-bite customization method, users can cut the plastic of the device by themselves if it is too large, to fit comfortably in their mouth. One drawback to this method is the risk of having an ill-fitting device due to over-cutting which can be uncomfortable to wear and is not repairable.

Many devices are made with a hard plastic but Zquiet’s device is made with a soft plastic with “living hinge technology” which is supposed to allow you to sleep with your mouth opened or closed, and provide comfort and flexibility.

Zquiet offers a 30-night guarantee and, if dissatisfied, customers can fill out a return authorization within 30 days to receive a refund on the product (shipping and processing fees are not included). The cost of the Zquiet 2-size mouthpiece system is $74.95.

Additionally, Zquiet offers a $9.95 (plus shipping and processing) free trial period of 30 days so if you are new to MADs, you can take advantage of a 30-day trial before a one-time charge of $79.95 is billed to your credit card.

The Zquiet is suitable for:

  • Those who do not require a customized fit.
  • Sleepers who predominantly sleep in one position and/or use a chin strap or other aid 
  • Those who do not have dentures, partials, or implants.
  • Individuals who want to have a free trial before buying.

As with many MADs on the market, Zquiet is made and manufactured in the U.S. with FDA approved materials.


Zyppah’s anti-snoring device is a boil-and-bite, customizable anti-snoring device. However, it also has a unique design of MAD that includes a tongue elastic that is intended to hold snorer’s tongues away from the back of their throats. 

With a $99.99 price tag, unlike traditional MADs which aim to adjust the mandible, the trademarked Z-Factor™ addition of the tongue elastic makes it uniquely helpful for those whose snoring is the result of the tongue falling to the back of the throat. The tongue elastic works similarly to a seatbelt, preventing the blockage.

The Zyppah MAD does not allow for mandible adjustments so you must be sure the device fits your mouth properly and comfortably as is. If you are a denture wearer, Zyppah suggests wearing your dentures to bed after fitting the device or, alternatively, purchase a chin strap if using the device without your dentures.

Zyppah promises a 90-day money-back guarantee, provided you request your Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. If it is found the device was molded improperly, Zyppah will send you a replacement device for free.

Zyppah recommends their devices be replaced every three to four months and they offer a “loyalty program” where they send a new replacement device every few months at a discounted rate.

Zyppah is an ideal choice for:

  • Sleepers without a sensitive gag reflex
  • Sleepers who sleep in a variety of positions
  • Sleepers whose snoring is the result of their tongue blocking the throat

For many Zyppah users, a combination of nasal strips and the chin strap have been effective at preventing breathing difficulties. Their FAQ indicates that many users will close their throats and nose to close as part of a protective instinct so these additional aides may be necessary for optimum results.


PureSleep is another boil-and-bit, customizable MAD that is also adjustable. However, the PureSleep offers only three adjustments which can be difficult for those new to using a mandibular adjustment device because the adjustment can be too abrupt, resulting in jaw pain and discomfort. 

While the company claims the device can be molded up to three times, customer reviews indicate multiple times this is not the case and that remolding after the first time was ineffective.

Also, when you find the correct jaw advancement setting with the PureSleep device and complete the molding, that setting cannot be changed for the life of the product, according to their FAQ.

PureSleep offers a 30-day back guarantee and provides customers with a return shipping label, which makes returns easy. If the product is returned within the 30-day time period, a refund is provided.

It is recommended that your PureSleep device be replaced every six to nine months with normal use but individuals who grind their teeth may need to replace it more often.

At $59.99, the PureSleep MAD is among the least expensive anti-snoring devices on the market. 

The PureSleep MAD is usually received within two weeks of ordering for those living in the continental U.S. but orders taken over the phone can take as long as four weeks. Rush shipping is also available for an additional cost.

The PureSleep MAD is ideal for:

  • Individuals experienced with boil-and-bite molding techniques
  • Those on a leaner budget
  • Sleepers who have used a MAD before and are experienced with their most effective mandible adjustment

If you are familiar with how a MAD works and have experienced mandible adjustment before, the PureSleep device may be an appropriate choice for you or your sleep partner.


The purpose of a MAD is to prevent snoring and the way it is accomplished is by moving the lower jaw forward slightly. For many, however, this can be an uncomfortable solution and for some, it can make the devices unbearable.

SnoreRx, like VitalSleep, attempts to resolve this issue with their 1mm incremental adjustment capabilities, up to 6 mm (VitalSleep is up to 8 mm). The advantage of this is being able to slowly acclimate your jaw to the new position, rather than abruptly as with un-adjustable MADs.

SnoreRx is designed for the boil-and-bite customization, to allow for a more comfortable fit.

The SnoreRx device is available in one size for $99.99 or two for $154.00, plus shipping. The device ships on the same day for orders placed by 2 p.m., PST, during business days.

The SnoreRx is expected to last from nine to 11 months, but may need to be replaced sooner for individuals who grind their teeth or use the device more often than normal.

SnoreRx offers a 30-day guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with their product, return it within 30 calendar days (postmark on returned item must be on or before the 30-day period) and they will refund the purchase price, minus shipping. However, the refund is only applicable to devices purchased directly from their website. 

SnoreRx is suitable for:

  • Individuals new to MADs who need a gradual adjustment.
  • Those who prefer a molded, customized fit.
  • Individuals without false front lower and/or upper teeth.